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Year 5/6 School Closure

This is the page where you will find some links with specific activities that you can complete with your child who is in either year 5 or year 6 during these times at home.

Obviously you have all been sent home a learning pack as well which you can complete as and when you feel necessary but, please remember, you’re doing a fantastic job with your children and predominantly your children learn from you all day every day so whether you’re teaching them some fractions or you’re teaching them how to cook Spaghetti Bolognese it is all learning and we are all in this together!!

Creative ideas

Make play dough or slime

Drawing and painting

Set yourself a 30 day lego challenge

Design and make cards for your loved ones/for a local care home

Story/poem writing

Origami/paper planes


Basic home science experiments

Design a magazine/newspaper

Make a time capsule

Make a happy thoughts jar/boxes/journals

Fill a jar with the things you’re missing e.g. playing football with your friends, going to see your Nanny or Grandad

Make a scrap book of your happiest memories


Physical activities


Exercise (Youtube workouts) or The Body Coach is doing a daily PE lesson at 9am on his Youtube channel

Obstacle courses indoor or outdoor/the floor is lava is one of your favourites I know!!


Learn or make up a dance routine


Life skill activities

Cook dinner/make a pudding for your family

Sort/organise a room at home

Reorganise your cupboards/drawers/rooms so they’re tidier

Learn some DIY skills

Practice basic mathematics with money such as budgeting

Help with the cleaning/hoovering, it’s annoying but we’ve all got to do it!

Learn to use the washing machine/hoover/cooker/oven

Learn how to change your bed sheets

Get the garden ‘summer ready’ hopefully for when this is all over and we can enjoy a nice BBQ and a kick about!


Quieter activities

Send emails/letters/pictures to your friends and family – keep them updated with what you’re doing

Play some board games and jigsaws – yes that’s right, we all have to take turns!

Learn more about a topic that interests you and make a presentation – it could be on any subject!

Handwriting practice – to do lists/ shopping lists – don’t lose that beautiful writing you all have!

Read a book a week and do a book review – this will help keep your mind stimulated!

Start a book club with friends and discuss the book together online/through texts

Have a pyjama day or a movie day – this is okay every once in a while and I know Disney+ has just been released!

Look through old photos and memory boxes

Make a random act of kindness list of things you can do when this pandemic is over


Wellbeing activities

Have a tablet/console/phone free day – your eyes need the break!!!

Limit your screen time each day and be strict with yourself!

Mindfulness exercises

Pamper evening


Research and find your favourite positive affirmation or quote

Learn a new skill or try something new

Teach someone in your family a skill

Make yourself a daily routine

Support your parents or carers to implement a rules and boundaries chart at home – similar to the routine you keep at school

Start finding podcasts to listen to – grow your knowledge and look after your mental health


Curriculum based activities

Mr Raynor has made his very own teaching Youtube channel – he’s uploading videos daily so follow the link below:


These are also some useful websites:


Practical/outside activities

Stay at Home Survival Guide


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