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Year 3/4 School Closure

To support children’s leaning at home during this difficult time there are links below, these will gradually be added to, so keep checking back,  they  cover a wider range of subjects  both curriculum based and just fun! As well as the packs already sent home, additional ‘school work’ will follow-we will keep you updated.

Reading is of vital importance, read together, read separately, swap books, complete book reviews,  make your own quiz, ask the children to make a quiz for you, ask questions about the character’s choices and author’s choices! Lots of authors have websites with information and activities that you could complete some of which are below.

Remember to get your children involved in their learning and do some of the work! What do they want to know? How will they find out? What can they teach you?

There are no pages that include ‘flash’ as this is being phased out and isn’t supported by many browsers, so the page should work with Chrome or on a tablet. Pages have been checked at the time the link was made but we can not guarantee contents of outside websites.



There are 2 months of daily tasks for the children to complete, the activities vary from writing 3 happy notes for someone to watching a kids Ted Talk. Are they brave enough to complete each one – even if it isn’t their favourite!

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 

Use the links below to find activities that will help with spelling and grammar.

Pick a Top Marks spelling or punctuation game. If it has ‘flash written next to it it will not work, choose the games that say ‘tablet’.

Can you use nouns and adjectives to make the story more exciting!

What are nouns ? Find out here!

Find out about creepy verbs and adverbs!

Could you be an adjective detective? Find out about adjectives then take the quiz!

Find out about different types of nouns, common, proper, abstract and concrete!

Woodlands Junior School has really useful pages, try a Spag game here.

Reading and Authors

Author pages which have activities, readings and information about some of your favourite books.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories – your favourites!

Anthony Brown

These fantastic picture books tell stories for all ages. On this site you can listen to the author tell the story and there are also some art activities.

Horrid Henry

 Captain Underpants

How to train your dragon.

Cressida Cowell author of How to Train Your dragon reads her book online. Also, activities and links to other authors.


Image result for maths

Times-table Resources

The children have been given their log-ins for Tackling Tables, (link below) the blue arrow in the top corner takes you to the log-in page. The school code is WA. The log in details are glued in the back of the class reading journals. These games link to the weekly times table tests that the children complete on a Wednesday in class.


Maths Resources

An interactive maths dictionary-a great reminder if you have forgotten what a word means.

A page of multiplication and division games-some tablet friendly:

Lots of games to choose from…


Image result for art clip art

Author Jarrett Lerner Story – will post new pages from an unpublished book every Monday and Thursday.

There are various art activities to complete on this page.

Online art class with video and images with author and illustrator Carson Ellis, these activities are for a range of ages.


History and Geography 

An audio-visual tour, read the information or listen to the experts explain what the item is and its background.

Click on the date on the home page to find an era in history this will show an artefact and you will then be told the what, when and where!

DK Find Out

What do you want to know? Interactive information from some of the wonderful DK Find Out books as well as facts, videos and quizzes.

Fancy being an archaeologist?

You can now do a ‘dig’ from home and find out about the people of Roman Britain.

The British Museum

An audio-visual tour of world history! Read the information or listen to the experts explain what the item is and its background. Click on the date and find out what, when and where! Really interesting to use, but an adult may need to help with the understanding.


How much do your really know about our county town?

Take a virtual tour of places of interest in and around the historic city of Norwich, presented as a series of interactive 360-degree panoramas in which you, can ‘turn the camera’ to look left and right and up and down.


Starters for STEM are ten activities that carers can use at home to help children develop their science, technology, engineering and maths skills. There are a variety of activities for different ages and different areas of science.

Spring Resources various activities to download for primary aged children. This is a free to register site or on the top right on all pages  next to the log in you can ‘Enter a student code’ (if you are not logged in). This code is 61320.

Indoor activities from the scouts with a clear guide to the equipment and time, as well as some background information before and questions to ask afterwards.

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