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Please scroll down to read our class blogs. This is updated on a Friday with the children’s reflections on their week in school and the activities they have enjoyed. The blog is in the children’s own words but typed in by an adult!

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Friday 13th September

James L has enjoyed making totem poles for the tables in class. Mackenzie liked making the totem poles  out of paper and card and Lydia enjoyed drawing the pictures in the style of Native American art.  Cecily enjoyed drawing the pictures, as did Freya B who filled all of her paper up with colour. As part of the decorations for our class, Freya R enjoyed drawing images of Native American life which she then added to her table animal display.

Some of the children began ‘Forest School’ Jacob liked making a big tee-pee. They also learnt how to make lots of different knots which Lily-May found easy sometimes but there were tricky ones. Archie enjoyed play-time in the forest too. Charlie liked setting up camp, while Seren liked making her own picture frame.

Alexander liked listening to the other children in the Home Learning circle, where the children share their Home Learning they have completed that week.

In PE with Sam, the task was to move the team from one end of the hall to the other on benches, without touching the floor, Max really enjoyed this because he liked the challenge. George found it quite hard because this week they were only allowed to put three people on each bench to move the team, Lydia thought that taking three people across but one coming back on their own was very tricky.

In maths Freya B found it funny when Mrs Charlton got the sheets muddled up. Oops!

Swans are lucky to have Mr Taylor back to teach them music, we began today with a new instrument, and Davy really enjoyed learning the the first note on a recorder., as he is musical.











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