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Please scroll down to read our class blogs. This is updated on a Friday with the children’s reflections on their week in school and the activities they have enjoyed. The blog is in the children’s own words but typed in by an adult!

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Monday 11th November

James B was very pleased that both he and Jacob M got 100 in their tackling tables Blue level division test last week. Congratulations! Freya B enjoyed her maths lessons last Monday with the new teachers and she learnt what maths shapes are really called. Verity enjoyed the card game with Mrs Seymour on Monday. Mrs Seymour will be the Swans new teacher on Thursday and Friday.

As part of Omnes Games at Lynn Sport Eva enjoyed representing the school at Dodge-ball as did Cecily. Karolina enjoyed it and seeing old friends from Runcton school, while Charlie saw his best friend. Seren  enjoyed all of the day out at dodge-ball. Lydia enjoyed the cross-country at Hillcrest and with George and Freya R will take part in the next round, as they were in the top ten, which will be at Lynn Sport in January. James liked seeing all his friends from the skate park who were competing for other schools. Davy and Sebastian enjoyed cross country with Sam and Mrs Bullen on the field.

Kaylee liked ‘Bookflix’ and listened to Mrs Lanam read The Last Noo-Noo. While Lily-May enjoyed reading with her new buddy. Freya R enjoyed listening to the story, We are not Frogs! with Mrs Robinson. Max was delighted to receive the Horrid Henry box-set in class.


Friday 11th October

Karolina is happy because in English we are writing our stories. Sebastian is happy because he finished his story. Freya feels excited because she has finished her story and wonders what topic we will do next. Whereas Jack is happy because he has finished his story but needs to put the end.  Davy and Eva both did very well in their spellings with 10 out of 10 and feel proud of themselves. Cecily is proud she finished her story but with a little bit of help from Mrs Charlton. Mackenzie is relived as he finally finished his story.

Friday is recorder lesson day and Lydia enjoyed today because she got the song right. George is excited for next Friday as Mr Taylor will teach us the actions to go with the song ‘Ham and Eggs’.

Lily-May is feeling proud of herself as she is finally on ‘Green’ on Tackling Tables. Freya B is happy because she got 50/100 in Tackling Tables. George enjoyed maths when he worked with Jacob M to find different ways to show a calculation.

Charlie is happy, as is the whole class, because we welcome Mrs Bullen to Swan’s Class to work with us all.

Friday 4th October

Anya enjoyed the class trip to Norwich Cathedral, especially going to the organ loft. Lydia liked to feel the ground shake because the organ pipes were so loud.  Whereas Verity liked the really high pitch sounds but Karolina liked the ‘star’ sound the organist played. George found the fact that the organist put his feet over the white tubes to make different noises, so the air would come out, really interesting. Lily-May liked learning about the monks and the ‘Dark Entrance’ they used at night. Kaylee liked looking at the trinity of modern windows which showed Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. Sebastian enjoyed Mr Simpson being turned in to a monk and singing prayers.

Charlie enjoyed making hammers at Forest School, Archie enjoyed playing ‘It’ in free time, while Mackenzie liked playing dodge  ball.

Cecily enjoyed making a carrot for Harvest Festival. The whole class have a part in the Harvest festival which is at Church Farm today.

Swans Class are very sad to say goodbye to Mr Simpson, who we will all miss but wish him good luck in his new job.

Monday 23rd September

In Forest School Seren enjoyed making a camp chair. While at break time Charlie enjoyed making  his own shelter. Jacob is happy because he thinks that next time they go to forest school they get to roast marshmallows!

Sebastian enjoyed maths today because it’s his favourite subject. Freya R enjoyed PE, when she was catching tennis balls. Davy enjoyed singing the ‘Cookie jar’ song with Mrs Rugg on Thursday. The children had to draw their story map for ‘Buffalo Nation’ which Lydia enjoyed. George enjoyed writing his ‘Cold Write’ which had a picture starter of two boys looking at a glowing globe. Karolina also enjoyed completing her own story for the ‘Cold Write’. Lizzie liked doing ‘Quest’ and completing the map of the states of the USA.


Friday 13th September

James L has enjoyed making totem poles for the tables in class. Mackenzie liked making the totem poles  out of paper and card and Lydia enjoyed drawing the pictures in the style of Native American art.  Cecily enjoyed drawing the pictures, as did Freya B who filled all of her paper up with colour. As part of the decorations for our class, Freya R enjoyed drawing images of Native American life which she then added to her table animal display.

Some of the children began ‘Forest School’ Jacob liked making a big tee-pee. They also learnt how to make lots of different knots which Lily-May found easy sometimes but there were tricky ones. Archie enjoyed play-time in the forest too. Charlie liked setting up camp, while Seren liked making her own picture frame.

Alexander liked listening to the other children in the Home Learning circle, where the children share their Home Learning they have completed that week.

In PE with Sam, the task was to move the team from one end of the hall to the other on benches, without touching the floor, Max really enjoyed this because he liked the challenge. George found it quite hard because this week they were only allowed to put three people on each bench to move the team, Lydia thought that taking three people across but one coming back on their own was very tricky.

In maths Freya B found it funny when Mrs Charlton got the sheets muddled up. Oops!

Swans are lucky to have Mr Taylor back to teach them music, we began today with a new instrument, and Davy really enjoyed learning the the first note on a recorder., as he is musical.











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