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Please scroll down to read our class blogs. This is updated on a Friday with the children’s reflections on their week in school and the activities they have enjoyed. The blog is in the children’s own words but typed in by an adult!

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Friday 30th of November

Davy enjoyed Science today “Me too” (Maxwell) . We are all enjoying learning our Christmas songs.  Mr Johnson could be a choir conductor! Stanley shared his French he has been learning out of school.  “I go to lessons with Karolina.”  “I feel amazed after a busy week!” (Freya B)  “We cooked a tomato under the grill and it exploded!” (James L) “I’m happy because it’s December tomorrow and that means it’s nearly Christmas.” (Sebastian)  “I’m happy because we have a match tomorrow.”  (Reegan)  Scarlett and Maizie learnt to play Jingle Bells with us all, they have settled in amazingly in Swans.

Mr Simpson has a busy weekend ahead of him, and as always is happy to be here 😀

Harry is happy because Mr Simpson is watching their football match.  James M has a very funny sister.  Mrs Davies was very happy with our letters to ourselves from our crayons!

Friday 23rd of November

Thank you for a great week.  We are all looking forward to Christmas and things are already getting quite festive.  Some great work done on our instructions.  We are all learning a lot in Maths, Science and Topic.

Friday 16th of November

We all enjoyed dressing up as inspirational people for Children in Need. The children felt very lucky after we discussed the children we are raising money for today. Ellie loved  colouring pudsey bear,  Maxwell  too. Stanley dressed as an astronaut.  Arianna Grande was Rhiannon.  Kelsey was happy to be herself.  Ellie dressed as her mum (Mrs Johnson)! Maxwell was also happy to be himself.  Sebastian came as a Gangster.  Archie was the milky bar kid but would not share his milky bar 🙁 Freya Popp is her mum today as she is awesome!  Lydia is dressed as her mum today (Miss Shillings).  Lizzie is also Arianna Grande.  Freya B is Amy at University.  Scarlett is dressed as a Victorian.  Bernardas is a footballer.  James Mezanov is a footballer.  Harry is also a footballer.  And so is Reegan.

Davy came as George Ezra and entertained us with his amazing guitar playing, we hope to hear him on the electric guitar soon. James Landymoore came as Ed Sheeran.  Lewis is Spider Man our friendly neighbourhood watch, he made a great attempt at playing castle on the hill on the guitar.  Piper is a cat.  Miawww! Mackenzie is very happy his dog had puppies. He came as a footballer also today.  Lilly-May is a vet for unicorns! Karolina came as a nurse.  Jacob is happy as himself, so is Mr Simpson.  Safe to say we all inspire eachother on a daily basis.

Friday 9th of November 2018

Rhiannon liked the trip to Kings Lynn. “Me too!”  “Me to0!”  “ME TOOOO!”  “Me three ;)”  Safe to say they all enjoyed.  Lewis liked the old cottages from the 18th century and 19th century.  Maxwell says the stairs were very narrow and steep.  Mr Simpson bumped his head and said he felt a bit like the BFG ;’)   Thank you Mrs and Miss (Ella) Charlton and Mr Simpson for taking us.

Most of the children enjoyed fireworks displays.  We all went to pay our respects at the War memorial for the 100 year anniversary.  Bernardas was happy after the trip, he particularly liked the Vancouver statue.  Freya B says “Me too!”.


Friday 2nd of November 2018

Welcome back everyone after a nice half term break. All the children enjoyed the Halloween disco, and collecting sweets when trick or treating.  Happy Halloween. We are all looking forward to early nights as the weather gets colder.  Stanley liked learning different verbs and their tenses.

We loved the reading cafe, thank you to the parents that joined us.  Looking forward to the next one already.  Ellie enjoyed just dance, we all did.  Thank you to Mrs Arrowsmith for teaching us for 2 days this week.

Friday 12th October

Rhiannon enjoyed learning about partitioning in maths with boxing up a story in English. While Lily-May enjoyed measuring the perimeter of the playground in maths. Max also enjoyed measuring the perimeter of 2D shapes and PE with Mrs Davies and Mr Simpson. Lewis enjoyed the trip to Church Farm to celebrate Harvest Festival last week.

The KWEST together event was awesome.  We loved singing.  Next time it would be nice to stay and play with the other children from the other schools.

Friday 28th of September 2018

Maxwell was suprised and happy to have a pencil case from Mrs Charlton, especially as it is a red one. He lost his pencil the second but luckily Lewis found it.  Bernardas enjoyed the key board lesson because we got to play the whole song today.  We all enjoyed learning the combine harvester song with Mr Johnson in assembly ready for the Harvest festival.

Lewis has enjoyed learning about the angles within shapes, he and Harry earned 3 house points for correctly working out the angles within 2D shapes all by themselves!  Lydia and Lily-May enjoyed creating their posters for Harvest and learning our poem.  All of the children have created wonderful posters for Harvest. Mrs Davies is impressed with us all!  Harry and Stanley can’t wait for the Harvest festival. Neither can anyone else.

Friday 21st September 2018

Lydia was really suprised to see the key boards out this morning, well, we all were. We all enjoyed the session and are looking forward to next weeks lesson.  It was a nice suprise to have key board lessons to finish the week off.  Max really enjoyed testing magnets outside to see what materials were magnetic and which are not, so did David.  Lewis enjoyed rewriting and typing up his English work where he described the Iron Giant.  Lily-May enjoyed Science, testing which materials attract and which are repelled by magnets.

Harry enjoyed learning about settlers and is looking forward to more quest time next week.

Friday 7th September 2018

Welcome back Swans, it’s nice to see you!

Bernardas loved going to Scotland and going on the Harry Potter train.  Rhiannon enjoyed caving in Wales and Alcudia in Spain.  Ellie enjoyed visiting granny and grandpa in Scotland.  Reegan enjoyed playing a match against his friends.  Lydia enjoyed visiting Brancaster and Hunstanton.  Lily-May loves her new puppy called Ralfie.  Piper enjoyed her sleepover at Lily-Mays house when they stayed up til midnight.  Lewis had a great time at Alton Towers.  Archie had fun at Pleasure Wood Hills.  Maxwell went to North Devon and had lots of fun.  Max went to Cosmos and had all he could eat with his grandparents.  Lizzie got some tropical fish. We will think of some names for them.  James went fishing, not for Lizzie’s fish! In the sea, and dad caught swordfish. We think. The other James went to watch X factor auditions in London-Wembley,and Mrs Davies is very jealous!  David went to the Isle of Wight.  Mackenzie got a new toy.  Kelsey went to Great Yarmouth and enjoyed being an archeaologist  and digging up dinosaur bones. Karolina is excited about moving house, Stanley enjoyed the dinosaur park.

Lily-May is already enjoying being back in school and particularly enjoyed writing a story on her first day back!  Stanley enjoyed magnetising a needle and making it turn North in a cup of Water. He’s already looking forward to next weeks Sci Fri.  Lizzie is happy to be gr8 m8.  Freya enjoyed Science making things move using magnets, she even made a magnetic worm. James Landymore enjoyed learning about magnets.  Davy also enjoyed the magnets session.  Mrs Davies is very happy everyone is enjoying Science.  Mackenzie enjoyed experimenting with Magnets. Freya Popp enjoyed Science because she thinks she and Ellie were good partners, Mrs Davies agrees.



















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