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Go Ape Tuesday 2nd April 2019

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Friday 5th April 2019

Hamilton said that it has been a fun week this week.

Jacob L, Alfie D, James, Jacob M and Daisy have enjoyed P.E.

We all enjoyed our trip this week and everyone was really brave tackling the Go Ape course.  Emily, Talyiah, Freya and Gracie really enjoyed the Go Ape.  We got a special mention about excellent behaviour!

Ellie, Taliyah, Kaylee and George enjoyed creating a 3d shape as an Easter basket.  Hamilton and Seren enjoyed making a special egg to go in it.  Verity thought it was eggtastic!

Anya, Alfie D, Daisy, George and Cecily are excited about the cake cafe this afternoon.

Freya is looking forward to doing her spellings and timestables.

Well done to Jack, Jacob M and Gracie for being chosen for the golden table and Ellie for being a Rocket Writer!


Friday 29th March 2019

We are all looking forward to our Easter Egg Hunt today.

Finlay, Molly, Emily, Grace and Alfie D have enjoyed P.E.

Luke, Maisie, Seren and Taliyah have enjoyed making a mothers day craft.

Freya, Alfie J, Jack, Daisy and Jacob L have enjoyed making a healthy flapjack.

George, Jack, Hamilton and James have enjoyed learning about The Magic Porridge Pot and are excited to write their own story.

Kaylee has enjoyed painting her magic porridge pot.

Cecily, Anya and Freya have enjoyed exploring flowers and creating a chart.

Well done to Eva and Jacob L for achieving learning awards and Seren and Alfie D for being chosen for the golden table.

Friday 22nd March 2019

Another busy week.

Alfie D, Jack,  Jacob L, Emily, Molly and Grace has enjoyed P.E.

Seren has enjoyed solving the maths problem of the day.

Kaylee has enjoyed learning about capacity and working with Anya.

Freya, Ella, Daisy and Eva enjoyed outdoor learning this week making some natural porridge.

Finlay and George have enjoyed English retelling the story of the magic porrdige pot.  We visited Ducklings class to tell them all about what happened to the porridge.

Jacob L enjoyed making a clay porridge pot.

Anya, Freya and Cecily enjoyed creating their own flapjack recipe.

Well done to James and Anya for achieving learning certificates and Gracie, Emily and James for being chosen on the golden table.

We have started Rocket Writer of the fortnight.  Well done to Seren who was the Rocket Writer in Kingfishers.

Friday 15th March 2019

It is red nose day today and we are going to be doing lots of dancing.  We all look fantastic in our red clothes.  Grace, Gracie, Emily and Charlotte enjoyed watching a video clip about red nose day and there were lots of children who were really thoughtful in circle time.

Jacob L, Alfie D and James enjoyed P.E. this week.

Freya enjoyed morning activities this week, especially colouring.  Finlay has enjoyed practising spellings.

Seren and Freya enjoyed creating a story map of the Magic Porridge Pot.

Hamilton enjoyed weighing with the scales in maths.

Well done to Jack and Maisie for achieving learning certificates.  Well done to Verity, Kaylee and Finlay for being chosen for the Golden Table.

Friday 8th March 2019

Another busy week.  All the children look fantastic in their character costumes for world book day.  Alfie D and Alfie J are enjoying world book day.  Maisie enjoyed dressing up.

Freya, Emily and Jacob L have enjoyed P.E. this week.

Finlay enjoyed maths this week where we were finding out what people had for their lunch and created charts.

Anya, Ella, Luke and Gracie enjoyed planting some cress seeds.

Kaylee enjoyed guided read.

James, Jack and Seren enjoyed making up their own story about a magic porridge pot.

Well done to Jacob M and Alfie D for achieving learning awards and Molly for being chosen on the golden table.

Friday 1st March 2019

It has been a busy week.

Alexander, Jack and Grace have enjoyed learning about time in maths this week.

On Monday we found some porridge oats around school and wrote a newspaper report about it.

Alfie D,  Finlay, Hamilton, Jacob L and Alfie J have enjoyed P.E.

Seren, Emily and Taliyah has enjoyed the morning activities and Seren’s favourite one was labelling an owl.  Freya, Eva and Kaylee enjoyed threading beads.

Luke, Maisie, Anya, Daisy, Ella and Cecily enjoyed putting a bean in a bag to see if it will grow.

Molly shared some interesting facts in circle time that it is Saint David’s Day today.  He is the Saint of Wales.  Molly made daffodils for other people to celebrate the day.  She also said that many people wear fancy costumes.

Friday 15th February 2019

Kingfishers class are very proud to have such a lot of children on the golden table this week.  Well done Emily, Maisie, Cecily and Daisy for being chosen.

Alfie D, Alfie J, Molly, Emily and Jacob L enjoyed P.E. this week.

Maisie enjoyed painting her clay owl.

Daisy, Ella, Cecily and Anya enjoyed investigating owl pellets to see what they could find.

Hamilton enjoyed creating a habitat.

Eva and George enjoyed creating a leaflet about owls.

Well done Taliyah and Finlay for achieving learning certificates.

Friday 8th February 2019

This week has been another busy week.  Jacob L, Grace and Emily have enjoyed P.E.

Freya, Finlay and Luke have enjoyed learning their spellings and times tables.

Cecily and Hamilton have enjoyed learning about halves and quarters in maths and everyone enjoyed investigating fractions with the pancakes.

Eva, Gracie and George have enjoyed English by correcting and improving information sentences.

In quest time Freya, Anya and Kaylee have enjoyed creating a powerpoint about owls.

Maisie has enjoyed creating a clay owl.

Well done to Grace and Ellie for achieving learning awards and Freya, Ella and Alexander for being picked for the golden table.  Children are picked for the golden table for being polite, using good manners, being caring and helpful.

Friday 1st February 2019

It has been very busy this week.  Alfie J has enjoyed making a guitar linked to the owl and the pussy cat poem.

Grace, Molly and Emily have enjoyed colouring valentines and Chinese New Year pictures which will be going up in Tesco.

Alfie D and Finlay have enjoyed P.E.

James has enjoyed using the laptop to help with his reading.

Ella, George, Luke, Maisie and Freya have enjoyed running a mile for some of the week.

Cecily, Kaylee and Anya have enjoyed making an owl using clay.

Ellie and Daisy have enjoyed learning about non-fiction and finding out about features in non-fiction books.

Seren, Gracie, Taliyah and Jacob L have enjoyed morning activities, particularly the word search to help practise spellings.

Well done to Jacob L and Charlotte for achieving learning certificates this week.

Friday 25th January 2019

This week Ellie, Cecily and Verity have enjoyed doing the hot write linked to the owl who was afraid of the dark story.  All children were able to innovate and create their own story.  Freya, Charlotte, Emily, Gracie and Cecily have enjoyed learning their spellings.

Alfie D, Grace, Molly, Jack, Jacob M and Finlay have enjoyed P.E.

Daisy, Luke, Freya and James enjoyed maths and have shown a good understanding of division.

Kaylee and everyone else are excited for our magic show this afternoon.

Seren has enjoyed being the lead learner.

Well done to Molly and Ella who achieved learning awards.

Friday 18th January 2019

It has been a busy week.  James and Jacob M are excited about the golden table today.

Verity, George and Eva have enjoyed English this week creating dialogue through a cartoon strip.

Anya and Daisy have enjoyed Quest time making puppets and acting out our class story.  Freya enjoyed watching it.  Grace, Gracie, Charlotte and Emily have enjoyed creating owls.

Finlay, Jacob L, Luke and Alfie D have enjoyed P.E.

Ellie has enjoyed learning about multiplication in maths.

Well done to Emily and Freya for achieving learning awards.

Friday 11th January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back to our new term.  We have our classroom decorated as a forest to link in with our topic ‘If you go down to the woods today….

Alfie D, Emily and Molly have enjoyed P.E. this week.

Daisy and James have enjoyed maths this week.  We have been learning about multiplication and arranging objects into equal groups to solve problems.  Verity has been able to challenge herself in multiplication too.

Finlay enjoyed science finding out about things that are alive.

Seren has enjoyed English and we have started to learn the story of ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark.’

Friday 14th December 2018

It has been a very busy week.  Everyone really enjoyed the pantomime on Wednesday and thought it was fantastic, scary and funny!  We all liked singing and dancing along with the show.

Jacob L, Molly, Charlotte and Alfie J enjoyed speed stacking in P.E. this week.

Finlay has enjoyed the morning activities.

Maisie and Emily have enjoyed coming to school in their Christmas jumper and everyone looks very festive.

Everyone enjoyed performing the Christmas plays and did a brilliant job.

Seren and Luke have enjoyed writing a letter to Father Christmas.

Freya, Hamilton, George and Gracie are excited about spellings today.

Well done Kaylee and James for achieving learning certificates.

We are all looking forward to our Christmas party on Monday afternoon.

Seren says: “Have lots of fun and wherever you go take an Elfie Selfie.”

Verity says: “We wish you a merry Christmas.”

Jacob M says: “It’s only 11 more sleeps to go!!!”

Geroge says: “I hope you are all being good – Christmas is coming!”

Jack says: “You better watch out, you better not cry…”

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas break.

Friday 7th December 2018

Another hectic week.  Emily and Charlotte have enjoyed practising our play and we have performed it to the rest of the school.  We are all really excited to perform it next week to our families.

Finlay, Alfie D, Jacob L and Jack have enjoyed doing their spellings and timestables.

Grace has enjoyed counting on from different numbers in maths and has enjoyed guided reading.

Saffron, Jack, Jacob M, James and Freya have enjoyed P.E.

Seren has enjoyed being a good friend this week.

Daisy, Anya and Ellie are excited for the Christmas Fayre today.

Kaylee, Freya, Gracie and Paige enjoyed making Christmas decorations.

George and Hamilton enjoyed learning more about phonics and grammar.

Well done Gracie and Saffron for achieving learning awards.

Friday 30th November 2018

It has been a busy week.  Alexander is excited as it is the 1st December tomorrow.

Cecily and Verity enjoyed creating a story map to innovate the story of the Gingerbread Man.  Daisy, Eva and Freya have enjoyed writing their own gingerbread man story and changing parts of it.  Jack and Paige have also enjoyed writing his story.

Grace, Emily and Luke have enjoyed maths this week learning about 2d and 3d shapes.

Anya, Taliyah and Molly have enjoyed P.E.

Ellie, Ella and Kaylee have enjoyed practising our Christmas play.

Jacob L has enjoyed making a Christmas decoration with Friends of the School.

Well done Alexander and Eva for achieving learning awards and Ellie for being chosen for the golden table.

Friday 23rd November 2018

We are all very excited this week as we have started to practise our Christmas Play.  Charlotte, Finlay, Molly and Grace have enjoyed practising.

Verity and Cecily have enjoyed working with a partner investigating maths working out the difference between numbers.

Kaylee, Hamilton and Daisy have enjoyed describing the fox and writing some poetry.

Ellie, Eva, Jacob L, Luke, Alfie J and Alfie D enjoyed P.E. this week.

James and Jacob M have enjoyed Quest time improving his rocket.  George enjoyed making a rocket with Eva.  Alexander was pleased he completed his.

Seren has enjoyed learning about the behaviours for learning and many children are showing these behaviours in class.  They are: Aspire, Creativity, Determination, Independence, Reflection, Resilience and Team Work.

Well done to Alfie J and Taliyah for achieving learning certificates and George for being chosen for the Golden Table.

Friday 16th November 2018

It has been a busy week this week.  Ellie and everyone else have enjoyed dressing up today as somebody who you admire.  Paige, George and Eva liked reading about Pudsey’s Great Fundraiser and answered questions about the story.

Verity and Charlotte have enjoyed making Christmas cards.  We would like to say thank you to the friends of the school for organising and helping with this.

Taliyah, Alfie J and Finlay have enjoyed P.E.

Daisy has enjoyed maths this week and found different combinations of a number using the part, part, whole model.  Seren enjoyed using the empty number line to add 2-digit numbers together.

Kaylee, Ella and Hamilton have enjoyed writing some speech for the gingerbread man.

Well done to Daisy and Luke for achieving learning awards.  Well done Jacob L for being on the golden table.

Friday 9th November 2018

Verity thinks it has been a scrumptious week this week as she has really enjoyed the lunches and tasting some gingerbread men.

We have introduced being a lead learner and singing the word of the day.  Daisy has enjoyed being a lead learner.

Ella, Molly, Gracie, Anya, Alfie J and Eva enjoyed making a poppy using clay.  Cecily thought it was important to have a silence at 11am to remember about World War 1.

Grace and Finlay also liked retelling the Gingerbread Man story.  Ellie has enjoyed learning about the characters.

Seren and Freya enjoyed using the laptops to create a fireworks picture.

Taliyah and Saffron enjoyed maths this week and has shown wonderful enthusiasm.  Paige enjoyed using numicon to help with adding 2-digit numbers.

Jacob L and Maisie enjoyed guided reading and they were really interested in finding out about where the ears were on different animals.  George enjoyed exploring a play script.

Kaylee has enjoyed our science investigation this week finding out about how strong different materials are.

Alexander was pleased with his library certificate.

Well done Hamilton and Jack for receiving learning awards.

Friday 2nd November 2018

It has been a very tiring week for lots of us this week getting back into the routines.  James has enjoyed being back with his friends at school.

Alexander has enjoyed the morning activities this week.  Ellie, Grace and Hamilton have enjoyed P.E.

Finlay, Gracie and Emily have enjoyed English learning this week acting out our story of the Gingerbread Man and doing related activities.

Eva, Paige and Cecily have enjoyed Maths this week learning about addition through the part, part, whole model.

Seren has enjoyed finding out about the artist William Morris and creating art work using leaves.

Kaylee, Jacob L and Maisie enjoyed the reading cafe and particularly liked decorating a gingerbread man.  Alfie J also loved this.

Daisy, Verity and Molly have enjoyed learning about the Gun Powder plot.

Anya, Ella and Saffron also enjoyed Science this week finding out about how wax resists water by creating firework pictures and finding out what happens when cornflour is mixed with water.

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Everyone is excited and looking forward to the Halloween disco tonight.

Jack, James and Taliyah have enjoyed Quest time and exploring the different activities.

Grace has enjoyed maths counting on from different numbers.  Daisy has enjoyed challenging herself with the timestables.

Paige, Verity and Eva have enjoyed the cold write about a gingerbread man.  Alfie J also enjoyed writing a story.  Cecily is proud of her reading achievement.

Seren, Hamilton Ellie and Anya enjoyed P.E. today and thought dodge ball was fun.

Well done to Charlotte and Jacob L for achieving learning certificates.

Friday 5th October 2018

We are all excited about going to Church Farm this afternoon for our Harvest Festival.  Taliyah is looking forward to singing the songs.  Alfie D’s favourite is The Big Red Combine Harvester.  Ella and Seren are looking forward to performing our play.

George has enjoyed Quest time this week and he has enjoyed creating some artwork linked to the Wild West which will be displayed at Church Farm.

Eva has enjoyed English and beginning to create her own story.

Ellie enjoyed our outdoor maths this week.

Well done to Anya and George who achieved learning certificates this week.

Friday 28th September 2018

It has gone very quick this week.  Eva has enjoyed beginning to practise for our Harvest Festival next week.  George and Alfie D are excited to perform at the Harvest Festival too.

Finlay has enjoyed guided reading.  Seren enjoyed Science this week investigating materials using the laptops.

Grace, Eva and Paige enjoyed drama in the hall relating to different settings for English.

Anya and Jacob M enjoyed discussing about feelings and emotions and the game we played.

Kaylee and Freya have enjoyed learning times tables.  We all enjoyed learning about comparing numbers using crocodiles.

Jacob M enjoyed learning about the history of King’s Lynn.  We learnt that King’s Lynn used to be called Bishop’s Lynn.

Well done Paige and Maisie for achieving learning certificates this week.

Friday 21st September 2018

It has been a very busy week with lots of excitement.  We have enjoyed welcoming Saffron into our class and we hope she feels very welcome in Kingfishers.

Eva and Paige have enjoyed learning our story with actions in English.  They enjoyed playing a place value bingo game in maths and found finding out about our country interesting during Quest time.

Verity has enjoyed practising her timestables and spellings.  Verity enjoyed being a detective and finding sound words in the story.

Kaylee and everyone are excited about our cake cafe this afternoon.

Finlay has enjoyed maths this week.

Freya has enjoyed learning about past tense words in phonics and the different spelling rules.

Seren and Anya have enjoyed Quest time and their favourite challenge was finding out about UK facts.

Well done Alfie D and Seren for achieving learning certificates this week.

Friday 14th September 2018

Verity says it has been a spectacular summer holiday.  She is happy to be back at school and has enjoyed creating a leaflet to welcome a new child to the class.

Grace and Emily enjoys being a Kingfisher and has liked the writing challenges.

James is happy to be back at school and to meet up with his friends again.

Daisy and Freya enjoyed our outdoor maths session this week and experimenting with representing numbers.  Taliyah enjoyed writing numbers.  Alfie D enjoyed making 2-digit numbers with groups of straws.

We all enjoyed following the paw prints to find the lost bear.  Kaylee, Anya and Cecily have enjoyed English this week.

We have all enjoyed investigating challenges during quest time.

Hamilton enjoyed investigating materials and his favourite material was plastic.

Well done to Finlay and Verity for achieving learning certificates this week.

Our school council has been chosen this week and our members to represent the class are George, Paige, Alfie D and Molly.





































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