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Friday 7th December 

Welcome back to the Herons blog page. We hope that your festive season has started well, and that your plans for Christmas are well underway. Here are the children’s thoughts on this week:

LP: I have enjoyed doing fractions in Maths and working with Mrs Lanham

RH: This week I have enjoyed doing dodgeball in P.E – Even thought there wasn’t much room because the stage was up.

CC: This week has been a joyful week; my favourite part has been designing posters for the Christmas fair – it is today.

TL – I enjoyed doing the survival activities with my partner at swimming

BL: I enjoyed doing the survival things in swimming as we had to drag our partner through the water. I also enjoyed making paper lanterns, although it took a lot of tries.

ED: This week I have enjoyed doing the decoration day for Christmas (even though there was a lot of mess)

LH: I enjoyed finding out that we might be going to Cadbury World nest term.

RH: This week I enjoyed doing maths because we learned how to do the butterfly method with fractions.

JGr: I have enjoyed writing to Mrs Hughes and Mr Donkersloot to ask them to make a kind donation to our Cadbury World trip.

RE: I enjoyed doing the posters for the Christmas fair (I am really excited about it).

HD: This week I have enjoyed making posters for the Christmas fair; I have also enjoyed P.E – it was also good to write a letter to Mr Donkersloot.

DD: This week I enjoyed doing the play rehearsal with the songs and getting ready for the Christmas Fair.

ES: I enjoyed Maths with Mrs Lanham; it was hard to do.

Thank-you for visiting our blog page. Please have a great week next week, and we will see you again on the 14th.

Friday 30th November 

What an excellent week we have had in Herons class. We have started on our work with fractions in our mathematics work, continued our work on our Christmas performance, and had some of our children represent the school superbly at the Downham Market Cluster Sportshall Athletics. It has been said to the children many times by myself and Mrs Lanham that the children from Wimbotsham Academy always present an excellent image of our school when we are out and about on different activities, and the Herons in particular have been brilliant on our trips this year.

Here is what the children had to say about our week:

JG: This week I have enjoyed practicing for the Christmas performance, I like doing the songs, I was also really proud of getting 32 out of 36 on my arithmetic test.


TL: I enjoyed going to Sports Hall Athletics, as the boys came second overall.


CC: I’m really happy because we went to sports hall and came second for the girls team.


IH: I have enjoyed doing the sports hall athletic activities at the Downham Market leisure – it was really fun. We also came second overall out of four teams.


JG: I enjoyed going to the Downham Market Sports Hall Athletics. Me my partner had do a special 6 lap race. We came second.


LH – I enjoyed getting 35/36 on my arithmetic test.


DD: This week I enjoyed doing sports hall athletics and we came second out of four schools. It’s a bit annoying that we have to wait a week for our silver medals. We have bronze for now though.


HD – This week I have enjoyed doing P.E. We did the secret agent game (but we knew who the secret agent was.


BL – I enjoyed doing the special six lap race with my partner: It was fun. I also enjoyed doing the facts about tanks with my friend in quest time.


HC: I enjoyed going to the sports hall athletics with my fellow athletes as we came second.


BT – I have enjoyed doing quest time – it’s fun.


RK: I am pleased at reaching 20 in the arithmetic test.


LP: I am proud of myself for getting 18 on the arithmetic tests, I am hoping to get 20 next time.


ED: I’ve enjoyed doing sports hall athletics, I had to do the 6×6 and 4×1 relay. I came third and first. We got 170 points overall, winning a silver medal.

Thank you so much for reading, and we will see you on Friday the 7th of December

Mr Johnson and Mrs Lanham.


Friday 23rd November 2018

Welcome back to the Herons blog. It has been a great week, if a little chilly! Winter is certainly here.

This week we have enjoyed:

CC: I enjoyed have enjoyed maths for the past few weeks because it has been division and multiplication.

GM: I liked doing the tally chart I made: it was for cooking that I will do for the Christmas fair. I also enjoyed buddy reading, even though we didn’t really read, we were looking at where’s wally books.

IH: I have enjoyed buddy reading – my buddies are well behaved and enjoy reading.

RH: I enjoyed P.E this week and buddy reading, even though my buddy kept going under the table

ED: This I have enjoyed doing acting for the news report; I’ve also enjoyed buddy reading. They also baked us gingerbread cookies.

HD: I enjoyed P.E and buddy reading this week. I enjoy sitting on comfy chairs and reading with the children.

R.E. I enjoyed doing long multiplication and reading with my buddy.

CB; I enjoyed doing buddy reading even though one of my buddies ran away from me.

Thank-you visiting our blog page. We hope you have a lovely (and not too chilly) weekend.

Mr Johnson

P.S The secret message is “Wibble”

Friday 9th November 2018

Welcome to the Herons class blog for the week of the 5th of November. This week has been a busy one, and with the nights drawing in, certainly a cold one as well. The main focus of the blog this week is our trip to the Stories of Lynn.  From a teachers point of view, the activities for the children were engaging and fun. The march to the War Memorial was a real highlight also: it is well worth a visit.

LP: I enjoyed doing the activity with the soldier: He made me jump when he shouted BANG! as he pretended to shoot the rifle he was showing us.

RH: On Wednesday I enjoyed the whole thing but my favourite thing was the activity with Sergeant Amos. He showed us what trench life was like and their weapons – it was fun.

JGr: On Wednesday I enjoyed going to the Lynn Museum – Especially when we walked to the war memorial: The poem from Dot was really good also.

TL: My favourite part was the trenches; watching my brother dressing up as a soldier and drawing round our classmate on a piece of paper.

ED: On Wednesday we went to the museum (we learned about WW1) I found it interesting. I really liked the poem we heard.

GM: I have been going to Drama with my drama group and I have been performing at the Corn Exchange. At the end of every performance I ended up covered in glitter.

IH: I enjoyed our visit to the Stories of Lynn on Wednesday (it was really fun with Sergeant Amos).

LH: I enjoyed marching to the memorial as I had never been to that part of Lynn before and the memorial garden was very pretty.

BL: My favourite part of the museum visit was dressing up as a soldier and marching to the War Memorial

RE: I really enjoyed when we went to the Stories of Lynn museum; I enjoyed the soldier performance the most.

DD: I loved going to the stories of Lynn museum and learning about world war one. One of the facts I learned was they fired shells with tiny pieces of lead in them.

JG: I enjoyed marching down to the War memorial and seeing the there but not there soldiers.

HD: This week I have enjoyed the trip because we got to learn more about WW1.

As you can see from the children, the trip was really well received. Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you next week!

Friday 21st September 2018

Welcome to a slightly blustery Herons class blog. I hope your week has gone well, and the routine of school mornings is back in full swings

The class have discussed skills they feel are improving –

HC: I feel my handwriting is improving

JG: I think that I have improved my handwriting since we got the handwriting books.

ED: I think i have improved my use of punctuation

RH: I have improved my goal keeping skills

LH: I think I have improved slightly in my place value skills

GM: i improved my typing skills with Mrs Soames.

IH: I have improved my running speed

SC: I have improved using semi-colons and colons.

HD: I have improved my writing.

CC: I have been able to get more done in English.

ES: I have improved my reading

I have been really pleased with the class as we have got to know each other, and I hope that this continues over the coming term!

Secret Message: The sun could contain 1,000,000 Earths, and Pluto sometimes orbits inside of Neptunes path.

Friday 14th September

Welcome to the Herons blog, 2018/19 year. We are all really excited to share our learning experiences with you all!!!

For  parents who weren’t able to attend the teacher/parent meeting, please feel free to drop in to me (Mr Johnson) if you have any questions at all.

What we have learned this week:

ED: This week I have enjoyed learning about Space and list poems (I also loved doing art).

C.C: I loved playing with the reception children (it was their first week).


J.C: I have enjoyed making the barbed wire for our world war 1 display. Year 5 is good.

G.A: I’ve enjoyed looking for outfits for my dolls and ideas for cookies to make.

F.R: I have enjoyed year 6 because my little cousin has entered the school.

J.G: I have enjoyed being a year 6 and also meeting the new receptions

R.H: I’m happy that I got onto the school council and I can’t wait to meet my buddy.

L.H: I really enjoyed finding out how far apart the planets are in science

I.H: I’ve enjoyed being a year 6 because I have loved meeting the receptions and I can’t wait to meet my buddy.

R.E : I enjoyed playing with the receptions (there is one that looks exactly like me). `

This has been a fantastic week to start the year on, with the children really engaging with all the tasks set for them. It was also really fantastic to see the quality (and quantity!) of home learning received this week.

Have a fantastic weekend, and we shall see you all Monday.

Mr Johnson and Mrs Lanham
































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