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Friday 28th June

We had a sad and happy day today, we said goodbye to our butterflies as they flew away in the sun. It was lovely to see them happily flying around the flowers.

Lead learners this week were Katie, who sang a fabulous pirate song in the pirate ship, Immy, who made some excellent felt pirate puppets, Austin, who has written some minibeast information for the pirates and Devon,  who has drawn some lovely pictures.

Friday 21st June

We’re pleased its summer and the sun is out for us to enjoy the garden more. We loved sports day, the activities were fun and we all tried really hard, being part of a team is great. Apart from lots of sports activities we have moved our caterpillars into a bigger home ready for them to turn in to butterflies.

Our lead learners have been busy this week, Jake has done lots of bug hunting and ticking the bugs he finds off on a bug chart, Zachy has written a pirate story about pirates sharing treasure, Eva has created a wonderful treasure map of outside to help the pirates find the treasure and Holly enjoyed making a moving pirate and a colourful parrot.

Friday 14th June

Well, what a wet week!!! That means we have been very busy inside wring and making! our caterpillars have enjoyed the warm classroom as they have grown lots and are now starting to form their cocoons or chrysalis. All the children have done some wonderful writing in their caterpillar diary.

Lead learners this week have been Harper who has been writing her numbers and has been a pirate princess quite a lot. Charlotte has been dressing up and making certificates. Grace has designed and made a pirate ship and Seth has written a message to Pirate Pete and put it in a bottle.

Friday 7th June

Arrrrrhhhhaaaarrrggghhh me Hearrrrrties!!

Some pirates left a treasure chest in our sand pit so we have gone pirate mad!! On Tueday they came back and left some caterpillars, they left a letter asking us to look after them….and we did!

We gave them all names and are watching them grow and writing our diaries.

Lead learners this week have been Miane who has written letters to the pirates and pirate stories, Olive has made a pirate ship, Emma designed her pirate ship and Faye had one day of being Lead learner before she got Chicken pox 🙁

Friday 10th May

We are loving our topic ‘Sun Sea and Sand’ We have created a beautiful under the sea area for us to play in with coral reef, sharks, jellyfish, different types of fish all swimming around. We join them to read stories in there! We have been learning the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ He arrived in the classroom without any scales so we made him some and he was so happy!

Everyone is very proud of themselves for having a go at a fish story. Lead learners are Florrie who is proud of her writing and her aquarium, Holly who is proud of her fish tank, Jake is proud of his weaving.

We have been busy exploring colours of the rainbow with many different activities, made fish from so many different materials and exploring, measuring and playing with water beads and expanding fish!

Happy Birthday to Zachy for tomorrow, we hope you feel better soon and enjoy your party.

Friday 29th March

We have had a really fun week visiting lots of places in our new car! We built a petrol station and a shop which we also visited.

We had a visit from Jo, from the dog trust, who taught us how to be safe and friendly with dogs.

We have all written a fabulous letter to Goldilocks, we are really good at writing sentences now.

Lead learners this week were Imogen, who has been learning lots of stuff! Bella, has done lots of pictures and writing. Olive, has been writing notes to her sister and Faye who has fun drawing and writing with Bella.

We have also been very busy making something for all the Mums, we hope you love them!

Friday 22nd March

Another busy week in the duckling’s classroom, thank you to everyone who has been bringing items into school, we have been busy exploring them already!

Lead learners this week were Florrie,  who has been drawing pictures, writing and the painting the mud kitchen, Charlie who has been drawing pictures of pumpkins and writing the words to go next to his picture, Devon who has been painting pictures of yo-yos and Zachy who has been busy building out in the spring weather.

Immy was the first person to get our new ‘Rocket Writer’ certificate and Zachy got a certificate for being a super learner. Happy Birthday to Jake for tomorrow!

Friday 15th March.

What a windy week! We did manage to get outside sometimes when it was safe!

We have been very creative this week making collage bears and writing letters to Goldilocks.

Well done to Jake who received a certificate for some super learning in Maths Snack. Lead Learners this week were Harper, who has been learning how to make a maze, Holly, who has made a different collage bear and spider, Eva, who has made lots of cards and Jake who has been writing lots.

We had lots of fun and raised some money for Comic relief today with our ‘Danceathon’ We listened to lots of music and danced while we worked! We experimented with phonics on our backs and learnt the dance to ‘Ooops upside your head’ while we were sat on the floor!!

Friday 8th March

We have had a fun filled week, all the children have impressed Mrs Tutin with their fabulous sentence writing!

Lead learners were Seth, who has filled his learning space with flowers and writing and more flowers! Grace, who has been using fantastic language in the role play areas. Emma, who has written lots of independent sentences and finally Charlotte who has filled the walls with beautiful artwork.

World book day was FUN!! We heard soooo many stories and have pretended to be our book characters, we only answered to our character names and went to hear stories from other teachers in the school.

Friday 1st March

Welcome back after a half term of lovely weather. We have had great fun not needing our coats on outside, the children actually want to be learning outside for longer!

We discovered that we’ve had another mischievous character in our classroom over half term. We found a cottage in the woods, all set up with bowls of porridge, different sized chairs and some very upset bears, particularly Baby Bear! If anyone sees a girl with golden hair named Goldilocks please let any Ducklings know! We looked for clues in the classroom and helped the Bears make some more porridge.

Lead learners this week were Austin who made lots of houses out of the crates and sticks, Olive who has don lots of writing and number work, Fay, who loves stamping and counting and Katie, who has made lots of lovely pictures!

We have started some tasty new maths snacks, ask your child all about them!

Friday 1st February

What a Chilly week! We had great fun exploring the ice and finding tools that would crack it, we measured how thick the ice was and even helped some penguins escape from the ice. We had fun freezing water in number shapes and touched everything that was frozen in the garden. The snow was fantastic, Austin, Charlie, Jake, Devon and Olive moved lots of snow around to build a wall to stop people from using the wet, cold slide.

Miane received a certificate for her excellent design and building of her bird feeder. Everyone has seen lots of birds eating our bird food this week.

Lead Learners this week were Grace, who enjoyed a snail race game,  Seth, who enjoyed making his bird feeder,  Emma who wrote some brilliant Numicon sums and Charlotte, who made a fantastic tape measure.

Grace, Eva and Immi enjoyed ‘cracking’ pebbles in the mud kitchen, pretending they were eggs!

We all enjoyed the story ‘365 Penguins’ and did lots of number activities for Number day today.

Friday 25th January

We have all worked really hard designing, writing a list of things we need to make a bird feeder and making our bird feeders.

Charlotte told a fantastic woodland animal story in our forest so she definitely deserved her certificate.

Friday 11th January 2019

Happy new year Everyone and welcome back Ducklings! We have had a very busy start back to school learning about owls, take a look at the pictures below. We had a visit from Arthur the Tawny Owl and Jonny the Barn Owl,  we learnt all about the colour of their eyes, we even got to hold Arthur on our arm. It was very exciting even though Johnny was a bit flighty!

We have all worked hard to help turn our classroom into a forest so we can learn about and pretend to be woodland animals. Come and have a look, we are very proud of it! We have started to learn the story ‘Owl Babies’ and are having lots of stories in the forest!

Friday 16th November

We had a BIG shock on Monday, we had had a break in!! PC Frost came to see Mrs. Tutin as she found flour and footprints all over the Bakery leading outside to the fence. PC frost left a police report saying that the forensic tests had decided it was a fox! We think it was after the Gingerbread man, but we haven’t made any yet, we need to read our recipe first!!

Charlie, Seth and Miane have been busy making a gingerbread house and gingerbread men. All the children have has a go at telling the story and drawing pictures to go with it, we are super impressed!

We had a visit from Bethany and Benjamin who talked to us about Road safety, Katie and Eva did a very good job of looking after Benjamin and making sure he had his seatbelt on!

We loved dressing up for Children in need today, we all look fabulous!

Friday 9th November

We have had an extremely busy week! We have been exploring fireworks with chalk, paint, glitter and rolling balls in the paint, we also made some delicious sparklers for us to eat!

We have been learning about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali, we listened to a little girl telling us all about how she celebrates Diwali, Grace remembered that she was called Jessica. We made clay divas, rangoli patterns with pens and rice.

We loved our first reading cafe, we read the story ‘The very helpful hedgehog’ and made soooo many hedgehogs. Thank you to all the Mums, dads and Grandparents who came in to join the fun, it was lovely to see you all enjoying time with your children!

Today we went out on the village green with the whole school to have 1-minute silence to remember, as Zachy said, the people who died in the Battle, and we were very well behaved!

Friday 2nd November

Welcome back after a much needed half term break. We hope everyone got plenty of rest, this half term is going to be a busy one!

It looked like the children thoroughly enjoyed the Halloween disco and there were some fantastic, scary costumes, thank you to FOWPS for all the time and effort they put in.

We have had a busy first week back, we have been learning all things Autumn and Halloween.

We looked carefully at a variety of pumpkins and painted them, we scooped out the contents and had fun playing with it. We made lots of spiders and counted their legs and eyes. We started our new maths snack and have been counting conkers, leaves and having a go at leaf pictures, talking about the shapes and types of leaves we found.

Friday 21st September

Welcome to Ducklings!

We have been having so much fun settling into our new class and school. The children are happy, are eager to try lots of new activities,  are making new friends and are getting used to the class routines.

Bella, Charlotte, Faye, Emma, Zachy, Jake, Holly, Eva and Imogen have been ‘little star’ so far, the children are keen to complete challenges and show us how good they are.

PE was a huge success this week, the changing was…hectic, all went out in their correct PE kit and hopefully went home in the correct clothes and the correct way round?!

The Roast dinner was yummy, fish and chips are always a hit and they have been eating plenty and learning the Lunchtime routines well.

We look forward to seeing your children become much more independent as they start next week.
















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