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Friday 28th June

We had a sad and happy day today, we said goodbye to our butterflies as they flew away in the sun. It was lovely to see them happily flying around the flowers.

Lead learners this week were Katie, who sang a fabulous pirate song in the pirate ship, Immy, who made some excellent felt pirate puppets, Austin, who has written some minibeast information for the pirates and Devon,  who has drawn some lovely pictures.

Friday 21st June

We’re pleased its summer and the sun is out for us to enjoy the garden more. We loved sports day, the activities were fun and we all tried really hard, being part of a team is great. Apart from lots of sports activities we have moved our caterpillars into a bigger home ready for them to turn in to butterflies.

Our lead learners have been busy this week, Jake has done lots of bug hunting and ticking the bugs he finds off on a bug chart, Zachy has written a pirate story about pirates sharing treasure, Eva has created a wonderful treasure map of outside to help the pirates find the treasure and Holly enjoyed making a moving pirate and a colourful parrot.

Friday 14th June

Well, what a wet week!!! That means we have been very busy inside wring and making! our caterpillars have enjoyed the warm classroom as they have grown lots and are now starting to form their cocoons or chrysalis. All the children have done some wonderful writing in their caterpillar diary.

Lead learners this week have been Harper who has been writing her numbers and has been a pirate princess quite a lot. Charlotte has been dressing up and making certificates. Grace has designed and made a pirate ship and Seth has written a message to Pirate Pete and put it in a bottle.

Friday 7th June

Arrrrrhhhhaaaarrrggghhh me Hearrrrrties!!

Some pirates left a treasure chest in our sand pit so we have gone pirate mad!! On Tueday they came back and left some caterpillars, they left a letter asking us to look after them….and we did!

We gave them all names and are watching them grow and writing our diaries.

Lead learners this week have been Miane who has written letters to the pirates and pirate stories, Olive has made a pirate ship, Emma designed her pirate ship and Faye had one day of being Lead learner before she got Chicken pox 🙁


















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