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Friday 7th December

What a lovely, quick week we have had this week!

We have been doing a lot of writing this week; we boxed up our text ‘Christmas Truce’ which is a newspaper report, we then wrote our own version of our news paper report and THEN we wrote our hot writes – all in the space of a week! Amazing!

We have also been working hard on our arithmetic this week with daily questions to work on, next term Miss Burrell is also going to throw in some reasoning questions for us to answer too!

We have been really trying hard with our play practises this week; we have worked with and without our scripts and have all tried exceptionally hard to get our practises really brilliant before showing them to you next Wednesday!! Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown are very proud of all of the Ladybirds for working so hard on their lines and the songs!!!

Next week is a very busy week.

Monday morning we are making our calendars and Christmas cards as well as Christingle (if you’re available we would love some help with these). Monday afternoon we are having a play practise.

Tuesday morning is our Christingle service (feel free to come along if you wish) and Tuesday afternoon is our dress rehearsal.

Wednesday morning we have another play rehearsal and then Wednesday afternoon is our play!!! And in the evening as well – hope to see you there.

Thursday afternoon we are at the pantomime (oh yes we are…) and will not be back at school until later.

Friday is our Christmas lunch day and we have told the children they can wear their Christmas jumper.

See you all soon!

Friday 30th November

Well… the Christmas spirit has hit!!

This week we have been making our crafts for our Christmas Fair on Friday 7th December. A huge thankyou to those who came in to help us. We made our felt Christmas decorations in Y6 and then created a new Y5 craft which is to decorate a tea light holder with glass pens – some of the designs for these were incredibly intricate and the felt decorations are just  WOW – well done to all of the Ladybirds for their effort and determination with these.

We also started practicing our Christmas play this week – we have all been given our scripts and we all bought the letter home this evening which states what we should get together for our costumes. The read through today was really good and we are all super excited to start our proper rehearsals next week!!

We have started our work on fractions this week and it was skittle-y fun!!!! We intend on using different foods to show how fractions work and how particular fractions with different denominators or numerators can actually be the same amount.

We had 2 brilliant trips this week. Y6 went to The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and worked through lots of mini activities which explored the different careers you could have within the NHS. The Y5 went to KLA today and were working on their own type of ‘Dragons Den’ pitch for a new, Christmassy, educational board game. Well done to all of the Ladybirds for their impeccable behaviour on their trips as always!

See you next week for more Christmassy madness!!

Friday 23rd November

Hello all!!

This week has gone very quickly!

We have been very busy in maths this week with division. Firstly, we were looking at what division actually is and how we can relate it to ‘dividing’ things in real life – the most popular one was cake and how Miss Burrell would receive the majority of the cake and the children hardly any!!! Hehe! We then started to look at short division through the use of the bus stop method and we discussed those strange numbers that like to stand inside, outside and on top of their bus shelter. We all worked very hard on our division this week and have definitely improved since we have been completing our Maths meetings and daily arithmetic questions.

In English this week we have been working on writing a script for our very own news report for a TV channel. We initially wrote down our ideas and then created a script to go alongside and then recorded our reports – they were very fun and very realistic. We are moving onto boxing up our text next week and re-writing our own version of our newspaper report.

For our outdoor learning this week we have been exploring multiples and factors in the nature garden by being given a number and then working out the multiples and factors of each and then presenting that to the rest of the class with the materials we have outside.

We are starting to practice our play next week and the children should receive their scripts by Wednesday. Very exciting as we can officially start talking about CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! If anyone is available Wednesday I would love some extra hands during the morning when we are creating our Christmas crafts – just let me know if you can pop in for a little while.

See you next week!!

Friday 16th November

Happy Kindness Week!

This week is friendship week and we have worked together to continue to create a nice atmosphere for us to work and play in.

We have worked with our buddies in Butterflies one afternoon on multiply friendship activities including friendship bracelets, poems, a friendship heart of all of our hand prints and also a cut out of a child full of words of kindness. I was so proud of all of the Ladybirds that afternoon as they all worked hard to ensure the Butterflies were happy and able to do all of the challenges with us.

Well done to all of the children for dressing up in their spottyness/fancy dress and a huge well done to the Ladybirds who won the competitions!! We came 2nd in the amount of money raised per class (which is a 1st for me as a teacher!) Thankyou to all of the parents for your continued support with the school and the charities we choose to support.

See you next week!


Friday 9th November

Wow – what a fantastic week!!!

On Wednesday 7th November we attended a very special day with Stories of Lynn. We were split into 2 groups and worked through a series of workshops related to WW1.

The first one was investigating two letters which were written by two men in the trenches and they were describing the conditions of the trenches and also asking for their parents to send them things from home to keep them warm.

The second session we looked through a series of photographs which were discussing women’s role in World War 1 and also looking at some of the different vehicles used throughout the World War.

The third session was all based around rationing where a lady told us all about the foods which were eaten when they had to be rationed during WW1 and also where the food came from. We also discussed how the Germans created submarines which intercepted the food ships and stopped them getting to England. We even got to see just how much food was given to families, it really wasn’t a lot.

The fourth session was all about how to sign up to the World War and we also had a poet read us a lovely poem about the conditions of World War 1. They also gave us a lot of information about a special King’s Lynn soldier called Percy Gazley and his wife Alice Gazley who were the first two people from King’s Lynn to die in World War 1. Percy died in action and Alice died from the drop of a bomb.

Our fifth and final session was with a Sargent all based around life in the trenches. He showed us how trenches looked, what the soldiers had to wear in the trenches, the rifle’s they used to shoot their enemies, the law of the ‘No Man’s Land’ and also just how lovely (and sometimes not so lovely) the food could be for the soldiers.

We later marched down to the Tower Gardens where we had a look at the special King’s Lynn memorial which named the 620 soldiers of King’s Lynn who died in the First World War we also sang a famous WW1 song ‘Goodbye-ee’.

We have all had an absolutely fantastic day and have learned so much about our topic!!!

Well done to all children who came with me to the cross country – you all did so well and worked exceptionally hard, I am very proud of you all!!!

Next week should be a pretty ‘normal’ week for us, we will be looking at multiplication and division for maths and carrying on with our news paper report for English.

Don’t forget about all of the events happening in King’s Lynn Sunday morning for Armistice Day.

See you next week!

Friday 2nd November

Welcome back after a fantastic half term holiday!

The Ladybirds were straight into their learning this week with a fantastic newspaper report and some work on subtraction!!

Our text for this half term is the same as last but we are going for a non-fiction focus, using newspapers. This week the children have written their cold write and have also completed some work on synonyms and antonyms whilst also (I know, they’ve been so busy!!) beginning to write a diary entry as though they were one of the soldiers who took part in that Christmas Truce back in 1914. These diary entries will be finished next week and will be available to read on the display outside of our classroom if you would like to look.

With maths we have been working on subtraction and applying our knowledge of subtraction to multiple areas of our learning; we were even working on subtraction in the nature garden this week with finding the difference between the lengths of different objects. Next week we will be starting to look at multiplication and then division – if your child has slight worries over these areas of maths please reassure them that we will continually revisit them so they are confident in using all 4 operations!

Our QUEST time this week included 4 new activities and had a role over of a few activities which hadn’t all been completed – we are particularly looking into the use of computing in our QUEST time with different challenges using this. All of the children will be working on a PowerPoint presentation which they can give to the class about the role of women in World War 1.

Next week on Tuesday we have our Cross Country event – if you want to come to this then please make sure you bring your slip in on Monday! We also have our trip to King’s Lynn on Wednesday so please make sure your slips are back for that too!

See you Monday!!

Wednesday 17th October 

What a lovely, short week to end our half term. This week we have been doing a lot of writing to complete our innovation write and also our hot write which we all worked very hard on!

Well done to you all for creating such amazing trenches that were incredibly realistic with many individual aspects as well as keeping them as close to an original trench as possible – I was particularly impressed with your creativity with your ideas – well done!

Well.. what an amazing first half term it has been. Thankyou to all of the Ladybirds for making this such an enjoyable start to the year. We have learned so much and have progressed really well as a class together. I hope you all have a fantastic half term and rest ready for another great half term on the run up to Christmas!!!!!!

See you on Monday 29th October!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Friday 12th October

Thankyou to each and every Ladybird for their fantastic behaviour and superb effort with their performance at the KWEST together event today at Lynnsport. All of the 7 schools in our academy got together and performed an individual piece about King’s Lynn, finishing off with a  version of ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ by Queen. Well done to everyone who was involved, it was a lovely morning and it was really great to see us all together!

On Monday we had a local gentlemen visit who owns a lot of war vehicles and tanks. He bought a Ford Model T to our school and showed it to us; explaining how it was used, why it looked very different to a modern day car and also what the different aspects that were on it were used for e.g. the different boxes. Take a look in our topic books for a picture of the car and to read a little bit more about it!

In our science lesson this week we continued to look at Earth and Space and investigated the opinion of whether our solar system is heliocentric or geocentric – this was quite an interesting theory given many thousands of years ago by early astronomers who believed that Earth was the centre of our solar system and all other planets revolved and rotated around Earth. Ask your Ladybird why we now know this is not the case!

Friday 5th October

WELL DONE TO EVERY SINGLE LADYBIRD!!!! For their fantastic effort and determination for their assessments this week and to reward them for their extra hard work we had a special treat this afternoon!

Mrs Hipkin (one of our MSA’s) works a lot with the Royal British Legion and she had arranged for 2 gentlemen to come in and talk to the children all about World War 1 and also about the way we commemorate and remember those who fought in WW1 now. We created our very own poppy wreathes out of our hand prints (green card) and sticky poppies – if you would like to see those then please pop in to our ‘trench’ which is in the invention room, they’re up on the wall!

Next Friday we have our QUEST together event which is being held at Lynnsport. Please can I remind the children that due to this (and the following week being half term) we will no longer need our clothes for the nature garden this half term. We will need them next on Friday 2nd November.

See you soon!

Friday 28th September

We have had a very busy week this week!

On Monday we had our harvest festival where we showed the rest of the school everything we could about how people who live in Spain celebrate harvest – well done to all who stood at the front of the church, you were all so confident and were really well understood. Well done to those who spoke about the Food Bank and what it does/how we can access it too – it is very daunting speaking in front of a lot of people!

In maths this week we have been finishing off our work on place value – we move onto addition next (after our assessment week next week). We have been working a lot on rounding whole numbers and decimals, it appears that most of us understand this much better now!

For our English this week we have written a descriptive piece about landing on one of the planets in our solar system and we have also written a letter to an a living species on another planet. We also spent our morning in the nature garden this week designing and making our very own space ship and then creating some drama to go alongside it – the children all worked exceptionally hard on this and I loved the ideas that you all came up with in your groups – well done!!!

Next week is our assessment week, these will be finished by Wednesday and I really don’t want anyone to worry about them – they are really just for me to find the areas of your work that you specifically need to work on which we can work through during lesson time and QUEST time.

Friday 21st September

This has been another fabulous week in the Ladybirds class!

We have continued our work on our text Alien Abduction, writing a diary entry from the perspective of Jez or Tom and then checking back over our writing with our purple polishing pens.

We have been continuing to work on our knowledge of place value; looking at rounding and the perfecting of working with decimals.

We have started our QUEST time this week – we have 8 challenges for the children to complete and they have 4 afternoons a week to work through these challenges. Some challenges will take one QUEST session and others more than one. We are trying to put a big push on presentation in the independent tasks that the children complete so they have to receive a signature from an adult as well as ‘sign off’ on their own work. It has been very interesting watching the children work through our World War I challenges, they are all very enthusiastic and are particularly enjoying our QUEST time.

It is our harvest festival on Monday and the Ladybirds are going to say a few things about how harvest ‘works’ in Spain. If you would like to join us please feel free, we will be leaving the playground at 9am on Monday morning.

See you next week!

Friday 14th September

This week has been a very busy but fun first full week in the Ladybirds class.

We have been getting to know our English text ‘Alien Abduction’ in our English lessons, taking it apart and trying to understand all of the language included.

During our maths lessons we have been looking a place value, firstly getting to know the place value grid and how we use it and then moving onto using the place value grid to answer questions.

We have spent our Friday morning in the nature garden where we created our own place value grids and we were ‘hot seating’ each other as the characters out of our story for English.

We have also completed our weekly mile, with all of us doing really well and everyone attempting it which was fantastic, 10 laps around the field on the park is very tiring! (Just ask Mrs Brown and Miss Burrell)

It has been lovely for all of us to get to know each other in our new class and we are excited for another week of learning ahead!!

See you next week!






























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