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Friday 27th September

What another fabulous week in the Ladybirds class!

Firstly, at our harvest festival, the Ladybirds worked on a brilliant presentation about how ‘Harvest’ started in the Victorian times and what the Victorian’s did to make the food that they ate; we also talked about the difference between a poor Victorian’s breakfast and a rich Victorian’s breakfast.

On Thursday we had a fantastic day for our European Day of Languages. We studied 6 different languages across the day and did 6 different activities with them; food related, exercise, creative, design and technology – you name it we did it and we had a fantastic time!!!! Take a look at the shelves near to the staff room when you’re next in school, you can see some of the fantastic things we made!

Friday 20th September

This week has flown by!

This week was our test week – we complete a SPaG assessment, a reading assessment and three maths assessments and I am SUPER proud of all of the children for taking this week in their stride. As a treat, the children were able to have a gingerbread man or some rice crispy cakes! I’ll be using the assessments to tailor any interventions to children specifically as well as note down the areas of the curriculum we need to work on as a class.

On Wednesday afternoon we created some beautiful silhouettes of ourselves using black card, we then attached these to our doilies and stuck them onto a larger sheet of black card. We are going to display these in our classroom if you would like to have a look. For our science this week we were looking at refraction; learning about how light works around water and how images can change. We completed our own investigation where we watched how the image we had drawn changed between a cup filled with water and one without because of refraction.

On Thursday the Year 6 children went to KLA for a PE and Science day; they were using bunson burners with marshmallows and were playing dodgeball too! The children were exceptionally well behaved and made the school proud of their attitude throughout the whole day!

On Monday we have our harvest festival, leaving St Germans Academy at 9am so if you would like to join us for the walk to the church please feel free! We are going to be discussing how the Victorian’s harvested their food and also showing a typical rich Victorian meal and poor Victorian meal.

See you next week!

Friday 13th September

WOW – what a busy week we have had!

Firstly, with maths we have been working super hard with place value, Miss Burrell is really happy with the progress we have been making, even with those trickier representations of number and those mastery questions she has been giving us!

For English, we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Rahul (one of the boys in our story) and it was really interesting to read that some of us put a more ‘negative’ twist on our experience and others were able to take the story in a completely different direction and make the two lead characters in our story part of the mischievous burglary!! The creativity and imagination used in these was amazing. After these we worked on our creative writing, working specifically on describing Sandy Cove and then we wrote some list poems too.

Next week we have our test week and whilst we have only been at school for a week or so, Miss Burrell is going to use our tests as a baseline assessment for us to see the areas we need to start working on individually. The tests will all be over by Wednesday morning and they will be completed with other lessons in between.

Just a quick reminder, our Ladybirds Welcome Meeting is Tuesday at 2.45pm for anyone who wishes to come along Miss Burrell will be talking about different things we will be covering this year and be available to ask questions too.

Also, PE sessions are Tuesday with Nathan and Thursday with Miss Burrell – please make sure the PE kit is in school for both of these sessions.

Oh and last thing – if you have any cereal boxes or pringles tubes we would love them for Science!

See you next week!

Friday 6th September

Hello all!

Thankyou so much for a fun-filled first 3 days to the year!

We have been super busy, our classroom is nearly decorated to show bits for our Victorian topic and a huge well done to all of the children for being so ‘hands on’ over the 3 afternoons!

We have made a great start to our maths this half term, starting with place value we have been looking at roman numerals and also rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 100,000. For our English we have got to grips with our new text Adventure at Sandy Cove and have just finished our ‘cold write’ off too.

We even managed to have a sneaky look at the new and improved nature garden on Thursday afternoon. Thankyou to everyone who changed it’s design over the summer holiday – we can’t wait to spend more time over there throughout the year!

See you next week!

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