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Friday 14th February

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Ladybirds for a fantastic half term of work for our Harry Potter unit within our Pocketful of Colour topic.

This week we have started work on our new unit for English for a non-fiction text, the text is a non-chronological report for how to take care of a Hippogriff – we have just started our text maps and look forward to completing those after half term.

For our maths we have been working on units of measure such as m, cm and ml. After half term we will be looking at the difference between miles and kilometres.

We completed our QUEST challenges too and are looking forward to trying some new activities next half term!

We also introduced our class ‘floorbook’ this week! In it, we completed our E-safety work for E-Safety day and also we had a class discussion about classroom organisation and that is also in our book! If you’d like to take a look, please ask the next time you’re in school!

We hope you have a fantastic restful half term and come back to school refreshed for Spring 2!

See you soon, Miss Burrell, Mrs Brown and Mrs Hardy.

Friday 7th February

What a brilliant week the Ladybirds have had!! We have been really busy because we have:

We have started our work on measurements and on Friday we measured (after estimating and working on those skills) lots of items around the school to see if we could remember how to do it, some of us even measured the hall!!!!

Miss Burrell would like to remind you that we are going to the Nature Garden Monday afternoon so please remember suitable outdoor clothing; also don’t forget we have swimming and PE Tuesday (year 5’s have PE on Wednesday too) and next week’s swimming session is our last one!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend, see you next week!

Miss Burrell, Mrs Brown and Mrs Hardy

Friday 31st January

We have welcomed a new student teacher to our class, Mrs Hardy, who has settled in really well this week! We look forward to working with you until Easter!

This week in maths we very nearly finished our lessons on fractions, we will be looking at fractions of an amount and finding the whole next week and then moving onto to length, perimeter, area and volume!

For our English this week we have worked on some lovely descriptive writing as well as writing our very own diary entry based on the perspective of someone who watched the story f the 3 brothers happen in their local village! Feel free to have a read of some of these in our English books!

We went to the Nature Garden on Monday and found some great things to decorate our wands with; many children also had a really good go at making their wands unique with carving – we will be continuing this in groups next week.

Don’t forget we have swimming next Tuesday and PE on Tuesday (Y5’s on Wednesday as well)!

See you next week!

Miss Burrell, Mrs Brown and Mrs Hardy.

Friday 24th January

Thankyou to the children who dealt with the situation on Friday afternoon so well and thankyou to the parents for being so understanding and helpful. I am very proud of the Ladybirds!!!

This week we had test week and I just wanted to say a huge well done to each and every one of the Ladybirds – you handled this week so well and worked really hard!!!

As promised, your fun Friday 15 will be doubled for such an excellent week and as we didn’t get it to it’s full extent on Friday we will make time for it next week!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Friday 17th January

We have had a very busy week this week!

In maths we have been working with fractions, adding and subtracting mixed number and improper fractions and next week we will start to look at multiplying fractions.

For our English we have story mapped our new text ‘The Three Brothers’ and we have started to write our own scripts of the story for a short play that we will show each other next week!

We also had our first QUEST outdoor session on Monday, we went to look for a perfect wand for us, and looked for certain bits we could use to decorate our wands to personalise them; once we had found them we came back to school to draw an exploded diagram of our wand.

On Friday we had a Sci-Fri Friday where we did science all day through maths, English and then a science activity in the afternoon. We were working with the circuits equipment and had to describe each of the symbols before then thinking of a game that you could play using a simple circuit as part of it – it was great fun looking at all of the different ideas for the games in the afternoon.

Next week is test week for year 5 and year 6, the tests will be taking place mainly before break Monday – Thursday and we will resume normal timetable from Friday.

Hope you all have a great weekend, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Friday 10th January

Welcome back all!

On Monday 6th January the Ladybirds took their trip to Hogwarts!

We came in dressed up as Witches/Wizards and chose which house we would like to be in. We took part in a sorting hat session before having our very first lesson of ‘Potions’ where we made lot’s of magical things happen including paint and water explode right before our eyes and use disappearing ink!!

Then, we split our afternoon in two and had a Quidditch lesson and a magical creatures lesson too! We learnt about a lot of interesting animals like Cuttlefish and also frogs that freeze for 7 months of the year!!!!!!!

Thankyou all for getting so involved in the topic so far – looking forward to the amazing work you will produce! Come into the Ladybirds classroom and have a look at some of their super learning that they’re doing!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Wednesday 18th December

What a bust three days!

Thankyou all for such a brilliant term exploring the Victorians and working super hard!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!!!

See you in 2020, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Friday 13th December

I cannot believe this was our last full week!!!!!!! We are getting very excited for Christmas!

I just wanted to say a huge well done to the Ladybirds for their fantastic Christmas play performances; you were all brilliant, making sure each other knew what they were doing and working exceptionally well as a team!

Next week is only a 3 day week but is still quite busy:

Monday – Christmas card and calendar making

Tuesday – Christingle making in the morning and the pantomime visit in the afternoon (remember we will be back late for this)

Wednesday – Last day of term; end of term assembly at the church in the morning and then back to school for festive fun!

I hope you have a great weekend – see you next week, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown.

Friday 6th December

Wow what a busy week!

Thankyou to all who came to our afternoon tea on Thursday; it was lovely to show you our QUEST books and work through some challenges with you as well as eat some cake, scones and fresh bread.

Also, a huge thankyou to all who have helped this Friday at the fair, children and adults, it is a fabulous event every year made all the more better by the fantastic helpers and volunteers so thankyou!

Next week we have our Christmas play performances (Wednesday 11th December) the costumes should be in school by now but if not please ensure they’re in Monday for our dress rehearsal. We look forward to seeing you all there!

See you next week, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown!

Friday 29th November

We have been very busy this week with our play practices which have been going really well – thankyou to all for your constant hard work in learning your lines and learning the songs.

For our English this week we have been working extremely hard on our newspaper article; reporting on the 3 spirit visit to Scrooge and how Scrooge has changed! The children have written some fantastic reports and if you’d like to have a look they’re in our English books!

The year 5’s had a brilliant visit to KLA for an English experience where they had to create their own board game – I’m sure they will tell you all about it but if not, there will be a write up about it in our Curriculum Book in the office.

Next Thursday we have our ‘Fabulous Finish’ afternoon tea at 2pm – we would love to see you there!

We also have our Christmas fair next Friday afternoon too!

See you next week, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown!

Friday 22nd November


We have been no stop all week. We have had a big build mix up day were we all built a landmark in Kings Lynn. There will be a write up in our curriculum book if you wish to have a read about what we got up to – it’s in the office.

We have also began practice on our Christmas play “A Christmas Carol.” Everyone will have taken their scripts home and will probably discuss their parts with you – the performances are on Wednesday 11th December and we look forward to seeing you there.

In maths this week we have persevered with their long division and have been trying extremely hard with this.

Next week we will be doing a few play practices so please make sure you’ve bought your scripts in. Also, Y5 don’t forget you have your trip to KLA on Friday next week and need to be in school early (8.10am)

See you soon, Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown!

Friday 15th November


We have had a very busy week this week with the cross country event and also the Year 6 NHS careers event at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. You can read about both of those events in our curriculum book which you will find in the office!

This week has been assessment week for our year 6’s and we just wanted to say a huge well done to all of our year 6’s for staying so cool, calm and collected for the duration of the week; we know the tests are not their most favourite thing to complete but they all worked really hard and should be very proud of themselves!

The year 5’s have been very busy working on their descriptive writing about Scrooge’s home (based on their text A Christmas Carol) and they have also written rather daring acrostic poems about Mr Ebenezer Scrooge himself – if you would like a read then take a look in our English books.

For maths this week we have worked on cracking the code to different questions and also started working on long division. Lot’s of us are much more comfortable with short division (bus stop method) now but have got a little bit puzzled over long division. However, we have more lessons on this next week and hope to make it a method that all children could use confidently for when they need to.

Next week we are having a mix up day on Thursday 21st November for our Big Build competition, we are building a scaled down model of: St Germans Academy, the Pumping Station, St Germans Church and St Germans bridge. We are going to be building these out of only recycled materials – wish us luck!!!

Also please don’t forget next week is green week for pupil progress meetings, mine are on a Monday morning unless you have rearranged your day.

Speak soon!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 8th November


This week we have been focusing on division in our four operations for maths. We started with completing some practice with short division (bus stop method) refreshing our memories and starting to look more in-depth using the method for reasoning and problem solving. We then looked at another method of using our knowledge of factors of numbers to help with division too. Next week we are starting our work on long division so this weeks practice should help us with that!

For English this week we completed our story maps and practiced re-telling the story with them. We then moved onto descriptive writing, writing exactly what Scrooge’s home looked like to link it with our text. Next week we are going to write a diary entry from the perception of Scrooge on the day he started to change his ways.

Next week is assessment week for the Y6 children, they are aware we are completing some tests and know that due to a couple of events next week the tests won’t be completed in the usual timetable.

Next week we have the cross country event on Tuesday if your child wishes to attend, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital careers event for Y6 on Wednesday afternoon and also Friday is our non-uniform day for Children in Need.

See you next week!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 1st November

Welcome back!!!! We hope you all had a restful half term holiday!

This week in maths we have been working on our four operations with multiplication and division. Working specifically on column multiplication.

For our English lessons this week we have completed a cold write based around a story and been introduced and started working on our new text ‘A Christmas Carol’.

We have completed QUEST sessions getting to grips with our curriculum stickers and made sure they were stuck next to all of the activities we had previously completed. We have got some new QUEST challenges coming soon so will be working on some new areas of learning.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy any fireworks display you go to see.

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 18th October

This week we had our maths  cafe – thankyou everyone who attended!!!! We had lots of tea, squash, coffee and cake as well as LOTS of maths related activities!!

On Thursday 18th October the Ladybirds held their very first café which was maths inspired!

We started with our very own maths meeting, we are now on maths meeting number 24 and it was lovely for the parents to join in with that one. The children who had parents here were able to deflect their question onto them or choose to do the question themselves.

We then completed a Tackling Tables session with everybody, the parents were able to complete a blue, green or red multiplication both paper and most of them did very well!!! We talked through how we use Tackling Tables and why.

We then went through our structure of our maths lessons and started a lesson on squared numbers. We worked through the theory and then some questions before completing a fortune teller for square numbers and a square number colouring sheet.

George “The maths café was good because it was fun!”

Jenson “It was good because not only was there cake but I got to beat my Mum on Tackling Tables, she got 46 and I got 100!!”

Nicole “We did Tackling Tables which meant we could do it twice in one week! It was fun having parents here too!”

Olivia “I thought it was good and I liked it because we got to test our parents the same way we were tested! Turns out we are much smarter!”

I hope you all have a brilliant half term holiday whatever you’re doing. See you on Monday 28th October. Don’t forget it’s our Halloween Disco at 3.15 on Monday 28th October until 5pm and you can bring a change of clothes to change into after school.

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 11th October

This week has been another fantastic week for the Ladybirds class!

We did our first Pick ‘n’ Mix of the half term and had the choice of 4 brilliant books! We like to do the Pick ‘n’ Mix as it gives us a really great chance to listen to books we may not have heard of before as well as spend some time with teachers who aren’t necessarily teaching us anymore. We are introduced to the blurb of the books in assembly and then throughout the day we think about which book we would like, finally choosing it during ERIC time.

We were introduced to our new text last week which is an biography about a Victorian inventor; we have been creating our text map for it this week. Take a look in our English books at our text maps!

For maths we have started our work on multiplication and division with looking at what multiples are and counting in multiples.

Next week is our maths cafe (Thursday at 2pm) – we hope to see you there!!!!!!!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 4th October

We have had a brilliant week this week!

On Thursday 3rd October the Ladybirds visited a real Victorian School. When we arrived the Head Teacher of the school ‘Ma’m’ was ringing the bell. At first she made us get into height order and then we had to put our luncheons in a basket. Whilst doing this she was reciting poems and interesting facts.

When we were walking in height order we were split into boy and girls, girls walked on the right hand side and the boys walked on the left hand side.

We then went inside and the boys sat together and the girls sat together, again on the right and left side. The tables were actually flip desks which had ink holders in them. She called the register and wrote it with a quill and had to blot her paper. When she called you, you had to stand up, say your name and Ma’m and then sit back down. The boys had to remove their hats and the girls had to bob their heads or curtsey.

We then did some handwriting practise, we had to write with slate pencils and slate boards and after that we had to rub it out with a slate cloth. We had to write a hook, a hanger and a hook hanger.

After that we did some maths subtraction, Ma’m read us some questions and then we had to write down the answers. We also did some reading and some spelling.

We then went outside and played with marbles, bowling and had a metal hoop with a metal stick and you had to try and push it along. The boys and girls played separately, the girls only had wooden hoops to play with.

At lunch time we sat on benches because there were no tables, one side of the benches were the boys and the opposite side were the girls. We ate outside!!! Zak had a bit of an ordeal with a wasp that was very near to him!!!!

After we had eaten our lunch the girls went to have a look around the museum and then went to their sewing class and the boys had to run around the field a few times and then they had their picture taken – they were children from the year 1899. When the girls were sewing the boys were in the museum drawing artefacts from the cupboard and looking through and playing the games they had.

Then we went back into the classroom and as we sat down we were able to write with the quill pens, Jenson had a slight problem with his name, the lady thought he was called Jason and he continued to be called that for the rest of the afternoon!!

All in all we had a really good day and enjoyed the experience of being a Victorian child!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 27th September

What another fabulous week in the Ladybirds class!

Firstly, at our harvest festival, the Ladybirds worked on a brilliant presentation about how ‘Harvest’ started in the Victorian times and what the Victorian’s did to make the food that they ate; we also talked about the difference between a poor Victorian’s breakfast and a rich Victorian’s breakfast.

On Thursday we had a fantastic day for our European Day of Languages. We studied 6 different languages across the day and did 6 different activities with them; food related, exercise, creative, design and technology – you name it we did it and we had a fantastic time!!!! Take a look at the shelves near to the staff room when you’re next in school, you can see some of the fantastic things we made!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 20th September

This week has flown by!

This week was our test week – we complete a SPaG assessment, a reading assessment and three maths assessments and I am SUPER proud of all of the children for taking this week in their stride. As a treat, the children were able to have a gingerbread man or some rice crispy cakes! I’ll be using the assessments to tailor any interventions to children specifically as well as note down the areas of the curriculum we need to work on as a class.

On Wednesday afternoon we created some beautiful silhouettes of ourselves using black card, we then attached these to our doilies and stuck them onto a larger sheet of black card. We are going to display these in our classroom if you would like to have a look. For our science this week we were looking at refraction; learning about how light works around water and how images can change. We completed our own investigation where we watched how the image we had drawn changed between a cup filled with water and one without because of refraction.

On Thursday the Year 6 children went to KLA for a PE and Science day; they were using bunson burners with marshmallows and were playing dodgeball too! The children were exceptionally well behaved and made the school proud of their attitude throughout the whole day!

On Monday we have our harvest festival, leaving St Germans Academy at 9am so if you would like to join us for the walk to the church please feel free! We are going to be discussing how the Victorian’s harvested their food and also showing a typical rich Victorian meal and poor Victorian meal.

See you next week!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 13th September

WOW – what a busy week we have had!

Firstly, with maths we have been working super hard with place value, Miss Burrell is really happy with the progress we have been making, even with those trickier representations of number and those mastery questions she has been giving us!

For English, we have written a diary entry from the perspective of Rahul (one of the boys in our story) and it was really interesting to read that some of us put a more ‘negative’ twist on our experience and others were able to take the story in a completely different direction and make the two lead characters in our story part of the mischievous burglary!! The creativity and imagination used in these was amazing. After these we worked on our creative writing, working specifically on describing Sandy Cove and then we wrote some list poems too.

Next week we have our test week and whilst we have only been at school for a week or so, Miss Burrell is going to use our tests as a baseline assessment for us to see the areas we need to start working on individually. The tests will all be over by Wednesday morning and they will be completed with other lessons in between.

Just a quick reminder, our Ladybirds Welcome Meeting is Tuesday at 2.45pm for anyone who wishes to come along Miss Burrell will be talking about different things we will be covering this year and be available to ask questions too.

Also, PE sessions are Tuesday with Nathan and Thursday with Miss Burrell – please make sure the PE kit is in school for both of these sessions.

Oh and last thing – if you have any cereal boxes or pringles tubes we would love them for Science!

See you next week!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

Friday 6th September

Hello all!

Thankyou so much for a fun-filled first 3 days to the year!

We have been super busy, our classroom is nearly decorated to show bits for our Victorian topic and a huge well done to all of the children for being so ‘hands on’ over the 3 afternoons!

We have made a great start to our maths this half term, starting with place value we have been looking at roman numerals and also rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 100,000. For our English we have got to grips with our new text Adventure at Sandy Cove and have just finished our ‘cold write’ off too.

We even managed to have a sneaky look at the new and improved nature garden on Thursday afternoon. Thankyou to everyone who changed it’s design over the summer holiday – we can’t wait to spend more time over there throughout the year!

See you next week!

Miss Burrell and Mrs Brown

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