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11th October 2019

We are excitedly watching our new outdoor area take shape, the stream is in place as are the mounds and pathways and artificial grass meaning we can use it all year round. The gates are being relocated this afternoon to give us more space. Next week we should be having the playground markings done with a new roadway for our bikes, an alphabet caterpillar and a hopscotch. A big thanks to the Newby Leisure men for making our outdoor area such a fantastic place for us to learn and play. We will have a ‘grand opening’ on the first Monday back after half term.

13th September 2019

Well we have come to the end of our first full week at school! Our teachers are very pleased at the way we have settled into our new classroom and routines. We have already stayed for our lunch, attended some whole school assemblies and enjoyed our first PE lesson.

We have begun to storytell The Little Red Hen using actions, this we will be sharing with you at our Harvest Festival on Monday 23rd September @ 9:30am – hope to see you at the church to watch us perform.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

17th June 2019

10th May 2019

This week we have all helped to create some more decorations for our under the sea classroom. We made seahorses learning how to concertina paper to make a fan shaped wing.

We have been having fun making our own shops, writing price labels and signs, being shopkeepers and using money.

We have also been improving our technology and programming skills to direct Beebots around the UK and World maps and also used them to deliver a snack to a friend.

This weekend our fabulous boats that we have painted will be displayed at the Hanse Festival during Sunday’s parade.

Please do also see the Tapestry observations for more personal learning your child has been doing.

Have a lovely weekend.

26th April 2019

Welcome back, what a busy first week of our Summer term, it has just flown by!

We have found out our new topic this term is Sun, Sand and Sea and our first job this week was to help the Rainbow fish find all his sparkly scales that he had lost. We found them all and helped to stick them back on his body so he could be happy again.

Also this week we have been busy helping to make our classroom a watery sea-like place. We have made some paper-mache jellyfish, paper plate fish and Cheerio starfish to decorate the classroom and role play area.

The Butterflies have been given their own clipboard and special pencil this week and have already shown what fantastic learners they can be, writing a story or some information about a sealife creature.

The children were also give some sunflower seeds this week (thank you Mrs Brown) so have planted them and learnt about what plants need in order to grow healthily.

Have a good weekend.



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