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8th March 2019

What a busy second week of term, it has just flown by!

We have been doing lots of different things this week to promote our love of reading. On Monday we had our reading cafe where we shared ‘My Friend Bear’ story and completed different activities relating to this story (one of Miss Daboo’s favourites). Thank you to all of you who were able to join us, we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Throughout the week the Butterflies have been sharing books with children from the other classes during Buddy Reading time. They have really enjoyed this and having time to share books with people they don’t normally get to. In fact we have loved this so much that we might be continuing to set aside some time in the week when we can do this again in the future.

We had a fantastic dress up day on Friday, thank you for all your help to make the children look amazing in their costumes. We had a wide range in our class from Willy Wonka to The Gruffalo – oh and Goldilocks made an appearance too!

I have been busy sorting out the Tapestry online learning journey – hopefully you have been able to activate your parent account and have seen some of the things your children have been learning and experiencing. I will endeavour to add some observations at least weekly but please bear with me. Please let me know if you encounter any problems – I will try my best to sort them out, although this is a learning curve for me too. Also if you have anything you would like to share back about your child, then please add it to their journal – it will be lovely for us to see.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

1st March 2019

Welcome back, hope you all had a good half term.

We have been enjoying the lovely weather this week and have been pleased to be able to get back out in our outdoor area properly, having fun on the bikes, in the water and on our new little trampette.

We also arrived back to find that someone had spilt porridge oats all around our classroom, conservatory and outdoor area. We have been investigating who we think this may be! At the moment we have a feeling that Goldilocks may have had something to do with it as we found three bears (a big one, a medium sized one and a small one), 3 chairs (one was broken), a bed and 3 bowls of porridge! So we decided to read Goldilocks and the Three Bears story and are going to storytell this as part of our Talk for Writing lessons.

This week the Butterflies have also designed their own flapjacks, thinking about what ingredients they would like to add to them and what shape they would like them – looks like Miss Daboo will be needing a huge amount of chocolates chips as these were by far the most popular! We will be making these next week.

The Caterpillars have started to create a Hercules Morse collage exploring different textures of materials, continuing on with their Hairy Maclary story. They enjoyed the sunny days through water play, estimating and counting how many small cups would fill the big measuring tube – lots of working together skills!

Hope you have a lovely weekend – please remember we have our Reading Cafe on Monday morning at 9:15am, it would be lovely to see all of you there.

1st Feb 2019

First of the new month…

This week started off with a puppet show where we learnt about being a good friend and respecting each each. We all enjoyed this.

The Caterpillars have been looking at the role of the emergency services this week and have enjoyed dressing up and role playing firefighters, police and ambulance people. They have also begun to look at the Chinese New Year (we will be continuing this next week) and a Chinese restaurant has popped up in our conservatory. They have practised their fine motor skills cutting up wool for noodles and using chopsticks.

The Butterflies have been thinking about their story structure of owl babies this week and have learnt about what happens in sequence during the story. They have then started to think about changing the story using their own characters and settings, ranging from T-Rex to puppies.

Our Maths snacks are proving very popular, especially our pizza snack which Amelia described as ‘the best snack ever’ We are getting very good at naming shapes and even explored weighing this week using scales to measure how many grams our cereal weighed.

Friday we all took part in the NSPCC numbers day. We completed lot of different maths challenges, including colouring numbers, practising our number formation, playing number Bingo, jumping on the number tiles and doing a number squiggle whilst you wiggle. We also enjoyed watching Numberjacks together on the whiteboard.

Hope you have a lovely weekend…keep warm!

25th January 2019

On a cold and frosty morning…

We had fun this week exploring the ice that had formed in the builders tray overnight, on Thursday it was a very thick sheet of ice that had formed and we had fun trying to break it and melt it in various ways.

We have enjoyed learning about different birds this week and have researched these using the iPads, finishing off with a birdwatch afternoon with our buddies on Friday. We did some bird related activities including making Cheerio bird feeders, sketching, colouring and drawing birds, making birds snappers and of course taking part in the RSPB big school’s birdwatch – look out for our results next week!

The new sounds the Butterflies have been learning this week are sh, qu and ch– these are called digraphs (2 letters making one sound). Perhaps you could tell your family some things than begin with these letters? Could you bring in a photo of some of the things you find beginning with these sounds.

We are very pleased to welcome Miss Hart into our class this week, she will be working with us for the next few weeks as she completes her student teacher placement with us.

Enjoy your weekend

18th January 2019

This week we have continued to be bird spotters, looking at different birds and their features. Through QUEST time, the Butterflies have been designing and making birdboxes, Harvey really enjoyed creating his and spent most of the afternoon adding parts to improve it. Alfie and Sophia drew a lovely picture of the Owl Babies whilst Leo chose to type up the beginning of his Owl Babies story on the laptop. Over in the Nature Garden the Butterflies explored measuring by using sticks to measure the length of different objects.

On Wednesday the Butterflies had a visit from Benjamin and Bethany Bears who talked to them about keeping safe whilst out and about and in the car. They were very lucky and got to give them a cuddle because they had listened very well and knew a lot about road and car safety.

The Caterpillars have been exploring number this week, recognising and counting quantities of numbers. They enjoyed playing Hopscotch and counting out objects to make different amounts. They have also created their own Muffin Mclay using wool from the Hairy Maclary story.

The Butterflies have now started Phase 3 of their phonics learning and their new sounds this week are x, y, z, zz. They are learning these new sounds really well and especially enjoyed buzzing like bees!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

11th January 2019

We have had a busy first full week back and are really enjoying learning more about owls and birds. We have made playdough owls using feathers, buttons and googly eyes and some of us even had a try at making pompom owls. A big thank  you to Mrs Allan who has knitted us some different birds that are sitting in our tree for us to spot from our bird hide – we are looking forward to seeing some new ones appear over the half term.

The Butterflies went to the Nature Garden on Monday afternoon and collected some sticks, twigs, leaves and other natural things to use to make a nest.

The Caterpillars have been enjoying the story ‘Hairy Maclary’ and have used different tools to create some pictures of him – Harry and Aaron enjoyed using the rakes and Izzy used the toothbrush to create her picture. Thomas B loved drawing under the table like a spaceman this week too.

This week the Butterflies also started their Quest Time with the Fireflies and have been exploring the different challenges such as creating night time pictures, designing birdboxes and researching all about owls.

4th January 2019

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all. From the children’s discussions and comments it sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Thank you from the Butterflies and Caterpillars staff for all their lovely presents.

We had a super exciting first couple of days back where we learnt that our focus for this half terms learning would be the story Owl Babies, one of Miss Daboo’s favourite stories. The Butterflies are already beginning to tell the story using actions to help them.

We had an amazing experience on Friday morning when Johnny and Arthur, 2 real life owls came into school to visit us. Johnny was a Barn Owl and Arthur was a Tawny Owl. We listened well to their lady owner and learnt lots of different things about owls. We were then very lucky to be able to hold Arthur on a special glove which we all loved.

Hope you have a good weekend, see you all ready for our first full week back on Monday!

30th November 2018

This week Christmas arrived in the Butterflies and Caterpillars class…we were delighted to find a lovely Christmas corner complete with a glowing fireplace,  star, trees and lots of twinkly lights in our room when we arrived on Wednesday morning. We all helped to decorate our fireplace, painting and glittering bricks and the Caterpillars helped Miss Daboo decorate the tree in Christmas Cottage.

We would all like to say a big thank you to our special Christmas Fairies for all their beautiful decorations and making our classroom a lovely place to be. Please come and see it at the Christmas Fair next Friday…’s so special that Santa will be visiting!

The week the Butterflies have also been learning more about our Christmas play and practising some of the songs we will be singing…the girls are getting good at Angels whilst Rat a Tat is proving a favourite for the boys! Miss Daboo and Mrs Vanhinsbergh have been sorting out the costumes for us so we will be trying them on next week.

The Caterpillars have also been busy making their Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas Fair and also making and following patterns on holly wreaths that are decorating the conservatory. They have also been learning about shapes by adding different shape buttons to the felt Gingerbread men.

We have also decorated our Christmas Sing Song invitations for you to come and sing along to some songs we have been practising – hope to see you all there on Monday 17th December at 11:15am.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

23rd November 2018

Well another week has just flown by!

This week we have continued to practise our Gingerbread Man storytelling and have begun to make a story map to help us retell it in the correct order. We have also used some gingery smelling playdough to make our own Gingerbread men which some of the Butterflies weighed during their Quest time activities.

The Caterpillars have been doing some music and movement in the hall this week, playing musical instruments in time with the Bear Hunt. They have also enjoyed getting messy and exploring one handed tools in shaving foam with a number focus. They have also started on their Christmas Crafts!

The Butterflies new letters and sounds this week are f, l and b and we enjoyed being treated to a lollypop to help us learn the l sound! We are nearly at the end of our Phase 2 learning and have been working hard on using the letter sounds we have learnt to begin to blend some together for reading some simple words.

This week we have also begun to think about the Butterflies Christmas play and have been given our parts and started to learn some of the songs. The Butterflies and Caterpillars will also be having their own Christmas sing song and have begun to learn some little Christmas songs to sing and act out to parents – invitations will follow this week.

Enjoy your weekend.

16th November 2018

What a busy week we have had this week…lots of fun times and learning about how we can help others.

This week we have been taking part in Anti-Bullying/Friendship week, learning how to be a good friend and trying to remember our class and school rule of keeping our hands and feet to ourselves. The Butterflies had a fantastic afternoon on Tuesday where they had ‘buddy time’ and did some Friendship activities. We all enjoyed painting our hands to create a friendship heart, making cards for our buddies, learning how to finger knit to make a friendship bracelet and thinking about what makes a good friend.

The Caterpillars have been thinking about animals this week, making nursery rhyme story sacks and moving to music using the sleeping bunnies song. They have also been practising their numbers sticking googly eyes to different number tiles.

This week the Butterflies have focused on practising our tricky words and after reading Topsy and Tim helps a friend, we highlighted all the tricky words we could spot in it…there were lots of the word ‘to’ in it! Perhaps you could have a go at spotting the tricky words in your books this weekend?

During QUEST time this week, the Butterflies have made and baked some yummy gingerbread man, the Caterpillars will be making theirs on Monday.

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need, there were some wonderful spotty outfits in our classroom! We enjoyed covering Pudsey in coins…thank you for all your contributions to this.

Have a lovely weekend.

9th November 2018

This week we celebrate Bonfire Night on Monday, making firework pictures and practising our cutting skills cutting along the firework lines or cutting out firework paper chains. We have also been making rockets and some of the Butterflies measured how far they travelled. They are now thinking how to improve them so they go further. Lilly added some wings to hers and Amelia and Thomas added some ribbons.

We are continuing to learn to retell The Gingerbread Man story and have added some actions to help us learn the story by heart. We made some salt dough which we are using to make some gingerbread men in our cottage role play.

The Caterpillars have been exploring ‘gloop’ which is amazing to feel and watch – one moment it is a solid shape and the next it is liquid pouring through your fingers! If you want to make it at home it’s very simple; just mix cornflour with water until it turns to gloop!

We have all also been exploring clay this week, the Caterpillars have been making clay pots and the Butterflies made clay poppies to remember the soldiers and animals that died for us in the war. There is a lovely short animation on CBeebies which we have watched to help us think about the poppy fields and the history of Remembrance Day

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

2nd November 2018

Welcome back, hope you all had a lovely half term holiday.

On Monday we had our photos taken, we all wore our best smiles and posed in lots of different ways so hopefully we will have some lovely photos for our parents to purchase.

This week we have been having a spooky time in our Halloween creepy corner – decorating pumpkins, filling mini cauldrons with sand and sequins, making some Halloween paper chains practising our cutting skills and dressing up in a variety of Halloween themed costumes. The Butterflies also had lots of fun at the Halloween disco – Alfie was especially good at musical bumps and was a joint winner at that. There were some lovely costumes and Miss Daboo had fun dancing with you all.

The Caterpillars have also been doing some Halloween themed activities including filling pumpkin bags with leaves and helping to create a giant spider. They have also explored colour mixing, making orange to paint some pumpkins with. Later on this week, they have made some glittery firework pictures.

This week the Butterflies also began their ‘Quest Time’ on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons where they worked with the Firefly children on a variety of activities. These included making a group fireworks picture, using musical instruments to create firework sounds, learning about Guy Fawkes and bonfire night and doing some leaf rubbings in the style of the artist William Morris.

The Butterflies have also started some new Maths snacks learning about shapes, positional language, number bonds, telling the time and so far the favourite using real coins to pay for their snack. We have also learnt some new letter sounds c, k, ck, e and h – perhaps you could tell your family some things that begin(or end) with these new sounds.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Bonfire Night.

12th October 2018

This week we have been very busy Butterflies, practising and preparing for our KWEST Together event on Friday morning. We learnt about some of the history of King’s Lynn and the flood of the River Ouse that happened in 1220 and performed this in front of over 1000 children! We also joined in with singing the song ‘It’s a kind of magic’ by Queen which sounded fantastic in Lynnsport Barn. Miss Daboo and Mrs Vanhinsbergh were so proud of us.

Back in the classroom, the Caterpillars have been doing lots of frog related activities including blowing bubbles and making 5 little speckled frogs; the song they have been learning. They have also looked at the life cycle of a frog and made their own junk modelled musical instruments to accompany their singing.

On Thursday afternoon the Butterflies had a special puppet show from BJ puppets where they learnt about treating others with kindness and respect – something we are working hard on in class too.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

5th October 2018

This week we have been learning all about ourselves, looking at our similarities and differences and painting our faces – please come and see them on our display board above out coat pegs. We tried hard to look at our features and chose the right colours. Izzy had some lovely bows in her hair,  Sienna used blue buttons for her eyes, Max chose the lightest colour feathers he could find because he has light hair and Edward was determined to give himself 3 eyes!

The Butterflies have started to learn our first set of Phase 2 letter sounds ‘s’, ‘a’ and ‘t’ and have had fun looking for things around the classroom and outdoor area which begin with these letter sounds. Harvey found a spade, Leo a spoon, Blake a seahorse, Riley a snake and Sophia a star. We also found out that 3 children from the Butterflies have the ‘a’ sound at the beginning of their name, Alfie, Arya and Amelia, although they were too big to fit in our ‘a’ sound basket! Thomas found an ark and Lilly an apple to put in though.

The Caterpillars have been adding to their Dear Zoo display board by cutting some long arms and legs for the naughty monkeys.

The Butterflies have been working hard on their new targets and are getting good at their numbers. Maths snack is proving very popular, especially when we cut our bread into different shapes.

On Wednesday the Butterflies had a visit from the EDP who took their ‘first days at school’ photo – look out for it in the paper soon.

The Butterflies are looking forward to joining Mr Dowers and the Fireflies this afternoon to make and cook some apple crumble!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

28th September 2018

This week Christmas came early as we all designed and made our Christmas cards. Parents will be sent a preview and instructions on how to buy your child’s Christmas card shortly, more details to follow.

The Butterflies did us proud on Monday morning when they showed us their learning about Harvest at the Church. We then enjoyed making and of course eating some lovely pizzas during the afternoon.

Butterflies continued to learn their storytelling of the Bear Hunt and have begun to make a story map (pictures to help us tell the story in order) which they are using to orally storytell. Lilly, Leo and Thomas did it so well Miss Daboo just had to video their storytelling.

Caterpillars have been continuing their Dear Zoo animal making – this week they made some curly snakes. Izzy and Sienna loved making marks in the shaving foam to look like snakes whilst Harry, Aaron, Laike and Jacob enjoyed using bubble wrap to paint a snake for their Dear Zoo story board. Caterpillars have also been exploring shapes this week when they had their bread cut into a variety of shapes for snack. Dominic enjoyed this further using the different shape cutters to cut the floam and Edward has also had fun measuring things outside with a ruler.

On Thursday afternoon the Butterflies met Karl who is leading our KWEST together event which is taking place at Lynnsport on Friday 12th October. We learnt about the part we would be doing in the play, this was about the River Ouse and we are going to be acting some information about this as a short play scene. We also learnt the part of the song all 1000 children will be singing called It’s a kind of magic by Queen. This sounds like it will be a really fun morning.

Thank you to the parents that attended the Butterflies welcome meeting – I will attach the notes of our discussion to our webpage over the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend

21st September 2018

This week the Butterflies have enjoyed staying for our lunches at school – Amelia, Alfie and Lilly  liked the roast dinner, Riley, Blake and Arya loved the sausage roll, Harvey enjoyed his jacket potato and baked beans and Sophia is looking forward to pizza today! Thomas S and Leo have enjoyed their packed lunches.

The Butterflies joined in with the whole school for singing assembly on Monday where we practised our songs for the Harvest Festival at the Church next Monday – please come along if you are able to (please note the Caterpillars will be staying in their class at school on this occasion). We have made our own pizzas and an Italian flag made from pasta to show you at the Church. This week we also attended our first celebration assembly on Wednesday where we all received a very well-deserved merit certificate and Best Work assembly on Friday where Sophia received her best work certificate.

This week the Butterflies have been on a bear hunt, learning to tell the story using actions – beware of the scary bear bit! Alfie kindly brought in a Bear Hunt puzzle for us to do – thank you Alfie.

The Caterpillars have also been enjoying telling the Dear Zoo story using props that Mrs Allan has cleverly made to help. The Caterpillars also created some lovely lions to decorate their display. Edward made a very long track for his cars and Harry and Thomas B liked playing with the playdough and made some very wiggly worms. Izzy and Thomas S made kites to fly in this windy weather.

Please remember that you are welcome to come into the classroom and stay with your child on Friday mornings until 9am – this was Jacob’s favourite part of this week when he was able to show his daddy and Elliot what he has been up to.

Miss Daboo, Mrs Vanhinsbergh, Mrs Allan, Mrs Poole and Mrs Mott are super impressed with how we have all settled in to our new class and how well we are learning the class routines.

14th September 2018

Welcome to the Butterflies and Caterpillars first Blog…

We have all settled in very quickly to our new Butterflies and Caterpillars classroom welcoming friends old and new. We have had lots of fun exploring both indoors and outdoors for this first week of Big School!

Here’s what we have enjoyed this week…

Harry and Thomas S liked playing with the cars and emergency vehicles.

Sophia, Leo, Alfie, Aaron, Thomas B and Sienna loved hunting for worms – they found lots of worms, some were thin and some were fat but they were all very wiggly!

Lilly and Harvey liked playing on the pirate ship and on the climbing frame, whilst Riley liked playing on the bikes too.

Blake and Amelia enjoyed dressing up, Blake was Spiderman and Amelia was Cinderella.

The Butterflies are looking forward to having their lunches at school next week too!

Wow – what a fun filled first week of learning…we wonder what next week will bring…


























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