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Friday 29th November 2019

This week in the Fireflies we have been busy practising for our Christmas performance, we also had KLFM radio station to record ‘One More Sleep ‘Till Santa’. The children all looked so amazing in their pyjamas along with all the Teddy bears and blankets. Thank you for all your support helping to make our school a special place. In maths lessons we have been learning how to multiply and divide by sharing. Henry has been such an expert sharing his knowledge with his friends! In  English we wrote to Santa as well as thinking about any questions we could ask him… Children asked how does Rudolph’s nose shine so bright and how pretty Santa’s girlfriend is!

Thank you for all the lovely home learning; we had to send children to the office for extra chance cards. The home learning is such a high standard and we really do enjoy seeing all the work. Again thank you to the children as well as all the support from adults its truly wonderful!


Friday 22nd November 2019

In English this week we started work on developing our own versions of the story A Squash and a Squeeze. Lexi-Leigh planned a story based around a horse who was complaining their field was a squash and a squeeze and Blake had a parrot who was complaining about the size of his nest in his new story. Whilst in Maths we have continued to work on our knowledge of coins and money. We also learnt about what difference means in Maths and Chloe proved to be an expert at finding the difference between amounts of money.

We learnt more about the season Autumn in science this week and shared this knowledge with the Butterflies children during our Autumn hunt. We then worked with the Butterflies to create pastel artworks showing what we had learnt about Autumn. Maxwell and Henry A produced some particularly beautiful examples and their work served to inspire some of the younger children in their artwork. Arya and William and showed great use of colour.

On Thursday we had our St Germans Big Build. We were tasked with making models of land marks from our village. Can you guess what they were from the photos below? Needless to say the children across the school had lots of fun planning, designing, building and reviewing everything during the whole day. . We learnt a lot through working with the older children and each group produced a very impressive model of their local structure. Henry A and Brody worked hard on items for the cemetery and Arya and Leo helped to make a clock. Lilly worked on the stonework, while Riley made a flag for the top of the tower.

Well done to Maxwell and Henry for achieving super hero learner status in assembly this week!

Friday 15th November 2019

Monday morning brought some very sad and worrying news. Poppy our guinea pig had escaped. When she wasn’t back by Tuesday we decided to make posters in our English lesson to make sure that the rest of the school knew about what had happened. Blake drew a fantastic picture of Poppy on his. On Wednesday she was still missing so we wrote letters to Miss Hayes asking her to make an announcement in assembly and offering a reward of a chance card and a chocolate biscuit for anyone who found Poppy. Olivia even offered a special reward for Miss Hayes if she were to find our missing pet! We are hoping that Poppy will be found very soon as Brody explained that she would not be able to survive outside because she is not a wild animal.

In between organising the search for Poppy we have been learning about money in Maths. Sophia, Leo, Alfie, Harvey, Frankie, Lilly, Arya and Lewis played a money game; all hoping to be the richest and doing a fantastic job of adding up the coins to find the total. Henry A, Henry L, Maxwell and Elsie learnt about grouping coins to make adding large amounts easier. Maxwell was especially good at finding coins to make a £1 or 10p. Meanwhile Thomas enjoyed shopping in Mrs Beeby’s shop!

In Quest time Frankie and Darcey both made great pet homes and Harvey researched which sort of bedding was best for his chosen pet, a mouse. We learnt that lots of animals need space to exercise and play as well as having food, water and shelter. Henry L did a great job of sorting the houses and homes timeline, although he was puzzled about how homes changed once the Romans had left Britain and it generated a great discussion.

On Monday afternoon we joined with our friends in the Dragonflies class to mark the beginning of friendship week. We created a chain of friendship, with each of us contributing a link and we used our handprints to show that we are all the ‘I’ in KIND!

On Tuesday a group of brave Yr2 children braved the weather and ran in the cluster cross-country competition and they all did the Fireflies class proud! Well done to them all! On Thursday we learnt how to write a list poem about farm animals. On Friday or ‘Children in Need Day’ the children looked amazing, we will learn the amount raised on Monday. We had morning activities that were all ‘Pudsey’ related, then our tackling tables and toasty mental maths session. In the afternoon we did some Pudsey handwriting, read a bit more of our book The Giraffe The Pelly and Me written by Roald Dahl. We finished of the day with a gymnastics lesson.




Friday 8th November 2019

The week has flown by in a blur, such a lot of fabulous learning has been happening it is difficult to know where to start! We extended our understanding of 2d shapes in Maths, on Monday by completing a shape hunt around school and on Wednesday by drawing shapes using rulers and completing some tricky shape problem questions. Lexi-Leigh, Elsie and Chloe did an amazing job supporting others by sharing their understanding. Whilst Thomas and Riley particularly enjoyed the shape hunting! On Tuesday we had our bonfire night themed Maths Parent Cafe and everyone had enormous fun creating symmetrical firework pictures, measuring sparkly pipe cleaners for firework decorations, making 2d shape rocket pictures and recording everyone’s favourite fireworks on pictograms. We would like to thank all the grown ups that joined us and hope they had as much fun as we did sharing our learning! Thursday’s Maths lesson was all about using shapes to create patterns.

During Quest time this week we began learning all about homes; our own, those from the past and those of our pets. Leo did a magnificent job of building a pet home, explaining that he needed somewhere for his pet to eat and drink and that the box needed holes so the animal could breathe. Harvey and Chloe sorted the history timeline of houses and Elsie spotted some clues on the more modern houses that helped her to work out where they belonged.

In English we have continued to learn our story ‘A Squash and Squeeze’ and created story maps on Monday. We learnt about how speech is written on Tuesday with some children writing speech bubbles and others using inverted commas. Whilst on Wednesday we compared our new story with last half term’s story ‘The Little Red Hen’. Everyone wrote about what they liked or disliked about each story and Henry L worked really hard to improve his sentences.

On Friday some of the Fireflies went to Lynnsport for a Dodgeball sporting event and in the afternoon the whole class were in the hall having lots of fun balancing and jumping during their gymnastics lesson.



Maths Cafe Tuesday 5th November 2019

Many thanks for everyone attending, we had a fantastic time and it was wonderful to see so many parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Thank you Mrs Beeby for refreshments and Mrs Shillings for the yummy biscuits.

Friday 1st November 2019

The start of a new half term and we have gained a new addition to our class this week. Her name is Poppy and she is a super cute guinea pig! We have had enormous fun finding out about how to look after her. Alfie, Leo, Sophia and Lilly did a magnificent job of building her a suitable home and several children made her toys to play with. Thomas created a whole adventure playground for her! Lexi-Leigh enjoyed researching what we should feed Poppy and warned us that she mustn’t be given plastic because she would chew it and might swallow some. Maxwell discovered that guinea pigs originate in South America whilst Avia explained that she had learnt about their habitats. Henry L found out that they live in burrows and Elsie said that she had discovered that their teeth are always growing and that they should be given bits of tree branch to gnaw in to keep them short. Brody, Henry A and Maxwell solved the problem of how to lock the cage door to prevent Poppy escaping. Blake loved giving her cuddles and explained to everyone that they needed to be quiet around her so as not to frighten her and to stroke her carefully, avoiding her eyes.
In English we began to learn a new story, one about a little old lady who took a whole variety of animals into her home! We all found the story A Squash and a Squeeze very funny and it wasn’t until the end that Henry L realised why the little old man was actually very wise!
Maths this week has brought lots of learning about 2d shapes. Riley and Harvey did a great job of sorting shapes by their properties and Elsie explained to everyone why making a circle with solid Knex bricks is impossible. Chloe enjoyed investigating symmetry and Leo did a fantastic job of spotting different shapes in a picture. On Thursday we made invitations for our reading cafe on Tuesday 5th November 9am – 10:15am all parents / grandparents / guardians are welcome! In the afternoon we had some fantastic activities celebrating Halloween. On Friday we had our tackling tables and mental maths with our toast;  Thank you to Maxwell and both Henrys helping with this. In the afternoon we had our first gymnastics lesson.

An amazing week of learning Fireflies, well done!



Friday 18th October 2019

The last week before half term and we have had another action packed week in Fireflies, on Monday we wrote our own versions of our story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and were subtracting in maths, in the afternoon we had a Quest session. In the nature garden children made faces from anything they could find! these look amazing! On Tuesday the year 2s went swimming with Mre Shillings and Mrs Beeby whilst Mr Dowers and Mrs Webb took the year 1s for an Active Sport session at Lynnsport where we learnt gymnastics and balancing games. On Wednesday we went to Snettisham Park Farm and despite the rain had a lovely time. We fed lots of animals, learnt lots about the Red Deer and had a little play in the park. (Please click on the Gallery icon above to see the photos) On Thursday we wrote all about our trip and had Quest time.




Friday 11th October 2019

Christmas came early in the Fireflies class this week! We created some super Christmas card designs using finger painting ready to be sent off to a card making company. Look out for details on how to access the website, see our cards and place orders for cards or gifts. For every order the school will receive commission.

In Maths we have focused on learning about subtraction. We have been using a variety of equipment to ‘take away’ and Milly and Sophia particularly enjoyed recording the number sentences, whilst Henry A did a great job of explaining how he knew whether statements about subtraction were true. Henry L and Lexi-Leigh used number facts to help them to check their answers.

We have nearly reached the end of our learning about the Little Red Hen and this week we ‘boxed up’ the story and began to plan our own versions of the story. Maxwell came up with the idea of having a farmer for his main character who needs help looking after his horse and all his friends refuse to help until the very end when they all want a ride on the horse! Other new main characters included a pig, a cow and an elephant! Next week we will be using our new story maps when we write our own stories. Mrs Shillings and Mr Dowers are very excited about reading them when they are finished!

In Quest time we have made farms out in the nature garden this week and Leo and Arya shared their fantastic learning about Mother and baby animals. Whilst at swimming Henry A conquered his fear of the deep end in the big pool joining Elsie, Brody, Aiva and Maxwell learning to tread water and the group in the small pool learnt how to fire themselves like rockets across the pool!

Friday 4th October 2019

This week has seen lots of individual achievements as well as some great group learning!
In swimming this week Aiva, Brody and Maxwell swam in the big pool and all the children in the small pool impressed the instructors by swimming through sunken hoops. Olivia was especially proud of herself!
In Maths we have been learning about addition and recording addition number sentences. Maxwell and Brody did a fantastic job of presenting their working showing how they had added two 2 digit numbers and Milly, Harvey and Sophia did some super independent learning. Thomas, Blake and Riley enjoyed adding using coins and visiting Mrs Beeby’s shop. Whilst in English we have been practicing our sentence writing and writing letters to the Little Red Hen from one of the other characters in the story. William came up with some super ideas and Henry L worked very hard on writing neatly. Thomas enjoyed helping Mrs Shillings with adding capital letters and full stops to her writing.
Out in the nature garden during Quest Time we used our counting skills to show what we knew about 10. Some children created arrays with what they had found and some created number sentences. Inside we learnt in our role play bakery and Lilly and Tayla were great shop keepers. Lexi-Leigh and Chloe enjoyed discovery and recording where the different foods were from. Riley built a farm, explaining that he needed high fences to stop his animals escaping. On Friday Maxwell, Henry and Lexi-Leigh completed there addition challenge in under 5 minutes! (See if you can see the celebration photo!) We had our toasty mental maths session and started using our new books…thank you to the year 2s that helped the year 1s get to grips with this. We also talked about feeling words in  English and lots of the children had some wonderful ideas and vocabulary! In the afternoon we painted our giant animals for our display. Another spectacular week in the Fireflies!


Friday 27th September 2019

Another lovely week of learning with the children working really hard as a team to help and support each other. We began the week with our Harvest Festival at the church. As always we all enjoyed the walk through the village and then we performed our story beautifully, looking super in the hats that we had made!
In English this week we have been learning about the difference between questions and statements and wrote some questions for a pair of very special visitors – the little red hen and the cat from our story!
Whilst in Maths we have been using equipment to help us to show number bonds to 10 and to 20. Harvey did a great job and Henry L, Henry A and Maxwell loved challenging themselves with the trickiest Gold challenge!
Swimming was brilliant this week with some children being assessed for swimming in the big pool next week and everyone working so enthusiastically to improve their skills! We even managed to get changed in super fast time!
We welcomed Butterflies in (and a few Caterpillars chose to join us too) for our first joint Quest Time session on Wednesday afternoon. We had great fun and we did a really good job of helping the Butterflies with their learning as well as extending our own! Leo made a super barn for the animals on his farm, Alfie did and amazing job making 2D and 3D shapes using play dough, Chloe and Elsie made signs for the role play bakery and Blake, Arya, Lexi and Aiva sorted fruit and vegetables into ones that grow around St Germans and ones that come from other parts of the world.

On Thursday we had our special European Day of Languages; We learnt how to speak French, Spanish, German, Slovakian and Czechoslovakian. (Thank goodness for spell check!) We made models, made flags and had lots of food tasting. On ‘Toasty Friday’ We practised our adding skills as well as mental maths, in English we wrote questions we would like to ask the characters of our story ‘The Little Red Hen’. In phonics we learnt about the ‘ir’ sound. After lunch we had our buddy reading time where we get to read with one of our friends from the other class sharing a book we like. Finally before we went home on Friday we had our art and crafts session with Mrs Beeby.
Well done, Fireflies another super busy week full of learning!



Friday 20th September 2019

We have had a great week again and the Fireflies are really finding their feet and personalities are blossoming! We have lots of fantastic swimmers in the pool on Tuesday and Leo even won an award in assembly for his fantastic lesson this week. In maths we have been comparing numbers using the symbols for greater than, less than and equal to. Well done to Tayla who managed to do this on her first attempt! lots of other children including Elsie, Chloe and Maxwell were experts! On Wednesday we learnt the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ and we even had the ‘Butterflies Class’ come and show us how much of the story they knew. (well done Butterflies). In English we split the class into four teams and they had to perform their own version to the rest of the class. Maxwell, Elsie, Olivia and Lexi-Leigh all did an outstanding job as Team leaders. On Wednesday afternoon we made Little Red Hen hats to take to the church for Harvest Festival next Monday.




Friday 13th September 2019

A super week in Fireflies, we have been swimming, made biscuits (and ate them!) . We have been counting and making numbers using all kinds of equipment during maths lessons. We played bingo and found out that Brody is a bit of a champion! In English we have been writing all about what we did during the summer holidays. We used a list of questions to help us to structure our recounts; When? Who? Where? What? How did you feel? The Year 2 children taught the Year 1 to think of their sentence and say it aloud before writing. All the children did an amazing job. Frankie wrote about his trip to the Dinosaur Park, Chloe worked really hard on her spelling, Lilly told us about a beach trip and Henry A used some super language.

We have also been busy making resources for our new role play area. We printed a brick pattern on to fabric and have made some resources to use inside. Come in on Friday mornings to see our classroom from 8:45 to 9am, we’d love to see lots of parents/grandparents.


Friday 6th September 2019

The beginning of a new year and the Fireflies have made a brilliant start! They have been busy already having new phonics, maths and English lessons; the children also been over to explore the new and improved nature garden. On Thursday we made rockets and launched into space on the playground (see the photos below). On Friday we had our first PE lesson of the school year and of course enjoyed our ‘Toasty Friday’.Well done to Chloe and Lilly this week for being this week’s Super Hero Learners.

The whole class are swimming on Tuesdays and all the teachers (Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby and Mr Dowers) will be going with the children to the pool. Please see the newsletter and flyer for more information.



Monday 22nd July 2019 BeWILDerwood Trip



Friday 19th July 2019

On Thursday we had our transition day and the Butterflies had their first full day as Fireflies and the year 1s were very kind and welcoming! The year 2s moved into the Dragonflies Class. The whole school went into the hall and heard about a ‘yes’ story. After this we went back to our new classes and made ‘monster models’ and a collage as well as having our photos taken ready for next September. We had worked so hard in the morning we had some toast in the afternoon and the newbies really loved the afternoon snack!

On Friday we had our last ‘Tackling Tables’ session and Jack managed to complete the green division challenge demonstrating his wonderful learning! We then had out final ‘toasty mental maths’ session. After break we had a ‘free writing session’ where children could write a story of their choice or another genre of writing of something we had learnt about this year. Luna had characters that were all fruits including a kiwi and pineapple, Harriet decided to do her own blog and there was piece of writing that had  a safety message of what not to do with Lego!




Friday 12th July 2019

It’s been money, money, money this week! We have had enormous fun using coins to make amounts, we have been counting amounts of money as well as working out how much change we need! On Thursday we used all the skills we had worked on during the week to solve some tricky money problems set by Mr Dowers!
In English we have been learning a new story, The Enormous Treasure Chest, and we are already really good at the actions! We have decided we can definitely improve on the text though and wrote our own descriptions of the treasure that flew out of the treasure chest at the end of the story! We also did some work on editing some very shoddy sentences that Mr Dowers had written, all the punctuation was missing, and some of the words!
During Quest Time this week we have been busy preparing for our pirate party next week, making hats and decorations! We also learnt about sun dials and made our own with Mrs Beeby and Mrs Vahinsbergh. Mrs Shillings and Miss Daboo took us on a trip on a pirate galleon but the weather turned stormy and we hit some rocks! We were ship wrecked on a desert island so we had to write messages in bottles in the hope someone would rescue us! On ‘Toasty Friday’ we had our Super Hero Assembly and this weeks champion learners were Olivia and Jack. We had a maths treasure hunt and in the afternoon we had a special sports day with the Ladybirds class. (See the photos below). Well done to Alex, Freya and Harriet for completing their current tackling tables targets. Good luck on the next level!

Friday 5th July 2019

We have had enormous fun working with our friends from the Butterflies class this week. They spent the day with us on Monday and joined us again on Tuesday morning as part of their transition to KS1. We created a collaborative seaside pirate artwork together, did a number hunt outside, drew parrots with pastels and made them out of paper, drew ourselves as pirates and wrote a description, designed pirate flags and did some pirate role play! Some of us were completely exhausted by Tuesday lunchtime! We spent the afternoon together for Quest Time and we painted boats or created sun catchers to sell at the Summer Fayre!
Wednesday was PE day, tennis with Nathan. After break we edited and improved our hot writes from last week. Jack and Harriet were especially good at spotting their own improvements and Frankie and Tayla did a great job of extending their writing. On Thursday we started to learn our new story – The Enormous Treasure Chest, have a look at the photos below! We also did some maths with our own treasure (only plastic coins unfortunately)! We will be using our learning at the Summer Fayre on Friday helping us when paying and checking our change!




Friday 28th June 2019

On Monday we had a fabulous afternoon in the nature garden discovering how many different mini-beasts live there. We were fascinated to find several ants’ nests and watched as they busily worked together to move eggs and Oliver showed everyone a ladybird lava. We found snails which we learnt are a type of mollusc and discovered that the wood lice that we found are not insects at all but are classed as crustaceans! We had so much fun and the nature garden was filled with squeals of excitement all afternoon as we discovered quite what a busy habitat it is!
In Maths this week we have been adding and subtracting and testing our number fact knowledge. On Monday Mrs Shillings gave us all collections of sea creatures and shells and we created our own calculations using them. On Tuesday Harriet excelled in her problem solving challenge and some visiting Ladybird children commented on how impressed they were with all the gold challenge group because they thought the challenge set for them was super tricky!
In English we have begun to write our instructions for scaring away sea monsters to help the friendly pirate who left his treasure with us!
A highlight in Quest Time this week was the Pirate Obstacle course set out for us by the Ladybird children. You will be pleased to know that all the Fireflies pirates past the test with flying colours and no-one fell overboard!

On Friday we joined forces with the Butterfly Class who were made Fireflies for the day! We had our super hero learner best work assembly, tackling tables and toasty mental maths. After break we had 5 activities including making invitations and bunting for our pirate day Coming up soon! We made flags and coloured pirate pictures by numbers, please see the photos below! Thank you to Emily, Lorna, Jasmine and Jesse from the Ladybirds for helping out!

In the afternoon we had a story about pirates and reviewed our learning for the week. Finally we played tennis and football until the Caterpillars returned from their trip at Pensthorpe… Well done to the whole class for making the Butterflies so welcome.





Friday 21st June 2019

We have been watching the weather this week. After last week’s wash out we have been crossing our fingers for dry weather for our sports day on Friday! On Tuesday afternoon we went out on to the field to practise. Elsie liked the fact that everyone got a turn at each activity. Chloe enjoyed balancing on the beam and used her arms to help her. Seb’s, Freya’s and Tayla’s favourite activity was the water race using sponges to transport water.

Alex has been a super star in Maths telling the time, reading digital and analogue clocks and 24 hour time. Harriet, Isla-Mae and Henry A did a great job writing list poems about a pirate in English. Mrs Warnes brought a letter in that she had found while out on the marshes picking Samphire. It was from a the pirate who had left his treasure behind and it was addressed to the Fireflies. Jake and Oliver were very excited as it explained that the pirate needs our help to keep his treasure and crew safe from a pesky sea monster. In English on Thursday we all drew diagrams and wrote descriptions of what a sea monster might look like!

On Wednesday afternoon Shannon enjoyed making the pirate puppets, “it was tricky cutting the holes for your fingers”. Freya, Frankie, Olivia O, Mia and Amber had to do a quick repair job with the sellotape! On Thursday we made some eye patches and looked up what we need to make pirate hats for next week.

Brody enjoyed learning about animal classes in Science. Shannon didn’t know that scorpions were arachnids and Lewis was surprised at how many animals were cold blooded. Alex didn’t know that there were warm and cold blooded animals.


Friday 14th June 2019

It has been a busy week for the Year One this week with their phonics screening assessments taking place. They all took it in their stride though and we are so very proud of how hard they have worked! They have all made such amazing progress since they joined the Fireflies class in September!
The whole class have had fun in maths practising their positional language skills and solving some simple algebra problems! There is just no end to their mathematical  talents!
In English we have created text maps for our text ‘How to catch a pirate’. We have been learning the text using actions and we will soon be thinking about our own set of instructions.
In Quest time Alex created a fantastic pair of sunglasses that he wore all afternoon, Harriet led a bunch of cheeky pirates on treasure hunting trips from our role play boat and the outdoor group made some fantastic boats with Mrs Beeby and Mrs Vannisburgh, Olivia’s had lots of accessories including a rudder . We are going to need them if this weather continues! Here’s hoping for some sunshine next week! Olivia, Shannon and Elsie have been making a presentation about Blackbeard and found some entertaining facts about his wife Mary Ormond! Sebby, Oscar and Jack have been fine tuning their fishing skills. On ‘Toasty Friday’ we had ‘Super Hero Learners’ assembly followed by Tackling Tables & Mental Maths. After break we had a special craft activity. In the afternoon we practiced our handwriting and placing words into alphabetical order. Well done Fireflies a fantastic week!


Friday 7th June 2019

It has been a busy week for the Fireflies. We have an exciting new role play area with our own mini beach and pirate ship! On Monday we discovered we had had an unexpected visitor – a pirate had hidden his treasure in our treasure chest! In English we came up with some plans to catch the pirate and in Maths we have been using directional and positional language in our pirate training and on pirate treasure maps! Harriet has had great fun in the pirate ship and has collected together an impressive collection of cannon balls for use if our pirate visitor should come back. Jack really enjoyed writing his instructions on how to catch a pirate and Aiva was excited to find out her ideas for catching the pirate were the same as an official set of instructions that Mrs Shillings found.

In Quest time the nature garden group had enormous fun role playing seaside rescues! They built life boats and used ropes and rafts to rescue each other from the ‘stormy seas’! Inside we drew treasure maps and designed our own sets of sunglasses, this proved to be quite tricky to get the sizing correct…We should have gone to Specsavers…

On Tuesday afternoon we prepared for the Flower Festival at the church. The theme is ‘My Favourite Things’ and we discussed what our favourite foods, drinks, animals, colours, hobbies, weather and places were. We then drew and wrote about them on flowers to display in the church. Lots of children chose to make their family the centre of their flower and several of the girls included gymnastics as a favourite hobby. Chloe likes sunny ,warm weather best, Luna included her friend Alex on her flower and eagles inevitably featured on Brody’s flower!

On ‘Toasty Friday’ we worked on our arithmetic skills completing our tackling tables and mental maths followed by writing pirate descriptions in English. In the afternoon we made a ‘human alphabet’  for a new display that Miss Burrell is finalising next week.

Friday 24th May 2019

What an amazing week! Monday Federation sports Day at Lynnsport, Tuesday we had the dental nurse and ducklings visit. Thursday at Old Hunstanton! On Friday we had our rainbow run and went up the climbing wall!  These were some of the comments from the children…There are lots of pictures in the gallery section. Click on the link below or above!

Shannon-  I liked doing the hurdles on mix-up afternoon because you had to be very speedy!

Olivia C – I liked going to Lynnsport because it was so exciting!

Chloe – I liked the hurdles because they were tricky but I could do them.

Aiva – I liked seeing the dentist because I learnt how to brush my teeth properly.

Brody – I enjoyed hula-hooping .

Henry L – I liked the skills activities because I liked getting fit.

Maxwell – I liked running at Lynn Sport.

Leo – I liked doing shot putt.

Lexi-Leigh – I liked seeing Olivia’s ducklings because they were so cute!

Jack – I liked doing the football.

Harriet – I liked skipping.

Luna – My favourite activity was using the parachute.

Henry A – I liked doing the football because you got to go around the cones and score a goal.

Amber – I liked going to Lynn Sport because I came first in skipping. I felt really proud of myself!

Isla-Mae – I liked the mix-up sports afternoon because I got a go at lots of different things.

Elsie – I liked going to Lynn Sport and racing.

Click on the link below to see our photos.


Friday 17th May 2019

We have had fantastic week of learning this week; we have cooked, measured, classified, written and edited and spent time learning outside in the nature garden!

In Maths we have been learning about capacity. On Monday we went outside and we worked in small groups to practise using mathematical language, to sort and compare containers by capacity and began to read scales marked in ml. Mrs Shillings was really impressed with how well we worked together and how much learning we showed. On Tuesday and Wednesday we continued to read scales and we made predictions as to the capacity of different containers. We even used a capacity measures game on the i Pads. On Thursday we went back outside and we were given challenges in teams to make different amounts in Litres and millilitres, at the end of the lesson Mr Dowers had a crazy experiment to find out if 100ml or 250ml of water would fall from the sky first…We didn’t really find out but Mr D got a bit wet!

Our Science lesson this week saw the introduction of a new topic – Animals. We worked brilliantly in small groups talking about the selection of animals we had been given and how we could sort them. Harriet’s group sorted them into animals that were deadly and animals that were harmless and there was some intense discussion about which group a human being would go in! Jack’s group sorted their animals by habitat and he demonstrated a great knowledge of where animals live. Oliver, Seb, Frankie and Henry A put all the animals that ate meat together and all those that only ate plants together and Freya and Isla-Mae’s group organised the animals according to whether they swim or not. This last grouping idea caused some discussion about where a person should be placed! Lexi-Leigh came up with the idea of sorting the animals by type, putting birds together and animals with scales together for example and from this we began to investigate traditional animal classes such a mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Oliver said that he can’t wait until our next Science lesson when we can learn more!

In English we have been writing our own adaptions to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch story. There were a variety of new characters introduced including a man who worked at Palm Paper and needed his lunch delivered across the river, a miner whose lunch was stolen by a bat when it was lowered down the mine shaft in a basket and builder called Bob who had his lunch delivered by drone! We have focused on reading and reviewing our writing and improving it by checking it all makes sense, adding in missing punctuation, improving our choice of words and checking our spelling.

In Quest Time on Tuesday we made some delicious rocky road for Mr Grinling’s Lighthouse Lunch. We had great fun measuring and mixing all the yummy ingredients and some of us (like Oscar) just couldn’t wait to try it once it had set! Having sampled it we all decided that it was definitely a recipe that Mrs Grinling should try. On Thursday we all went to the nature garden and used rope and other natural materials to make different items.

We have not set spelling this week as we have our health and fitness week next week and will continue after half term. Also home learning for the  Witsun half term holidays has been sent out and is due back on Wednesday 5th June 2019.


Friday 10th May 2019

This week the year 2s took their SATs, they approached and conducted these in a very mature and enthusiastic manner that made Mr Dowers, Mrs Shillings and Mrs Beeby very proud! All of the children should be pleased with their achievements; We managed not have a single tear at all! When we asked the children in assembly on Friday they said they wished the SATs could go on longer…

Whilst the SATs were taking place the year 1s had Miss Hayes teaching them, they were learning all about shapes and money. In English we came up with ideas of how we wanted to make changes to our story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ We drew story maps ready to write our own versions next week.

In the afternoons we have our Child inquiry based learning where the children choose challenges that all have a light house theme please see the pictures below. In PE on Friday we joined the Butterflies and practised our bowling and fielding trying to knock down wickets made of plastic bricks. We have finished out boats for the floating regatta for the Hansiatic Festival starting at 9.45am at the Tuesday Market Place this Sunday 12th May 2019.



Friday 3rd May 2019

In English this week we have been continuing to learn our new story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ and designed new sandwiches to help scare away the sea gulls. We drew them, wrote ingredient lists, descriptive sentences and instructions for making them. Lexi-Leigh did a great job and included some adverbs in her instructions. Frankie really enjoyed thinking of strange ingredients to include!

We began our new Quest Time activities this week. Isla-Mae had great fun creating her own postcard and writing a message about her trip to the USA, Elsie painted a postcard design with a beautiful sunset over a beach scene and Jake and Leandro used coins to find the correct amount to pay for the fish that they had bought for their fish tanks. Oliver and Zachary worked together to build a lighthouse using Lego and even included a mooring cleat for the lighthouse keeper’s boat and Brody learnt about why Grace Darling is famous.

We have been working on problem solving, reading and setting time on analogue clocks and identifying shapes and their properties. Alex did a great job of explaining how to tackle some of the trickier problems and Chloe showed others how to set a clock to o’clock and half past.

On Thursday, we had a special assembly with Agnes from the King’s Lynn museum who told us all about the Hanse Festival on Sunday 12th May. She told us all about the history of King’s Lynn and Mr Dowers thought it must have been awful that they had to drink just beer because the water wasn’t clean enough to drink in the mid-thirteenth century!

Agnes left us with two boats to paint for the flotillo of walking boats starting from Tuesday Market Place at 10:45 on Sunday 12th May, she said to bring musical instruments to make a lot of noise! Therefore On Friday when we had finished our handwriting, tackling tables and mental maths; we went in the hall and had a massive painting competition!

We were split into 5 teams tasked with painting the sides of the boats and a sail! What an amazing day!

Friday 26th April 2019

We have had an exciting first week back after the Easter break and even though it has only been a four day week we have packed lots in!
Our new topic is Sun, Sea and Sand and on Tuesday we read the story of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We decided to build our own lighthouse in the classroom and create a model of the lighthouse keepers cottage and the pulley system used to deliver his lunch! Freya had enormous fun painting the lighthouse and got very messy! Mrs Shillings decided that she probably needed a bath! Jake created a fantastic sea gull, Isla-Mae and Mia collaged some beautiful fish and Jack made a fish with a moving tail! Harriet’s sea gull had a unique set of wings rather like helicopter blades!
On Wednesday we had a special delivery. Mrs Addis brought us a postcard that had been hand delivered by a man in a yellow sou’wester and red wellies! It turned out that the card was from Mr Grinling the lighthouse keeper and he had a new problem with sea gulls stealing his lunch! We came up with lots of ideas to help the poor lighthouse keeper. Mia thought Mr Grinling should squirt the naughty birds with a water pistol, Oliver suggested having two baskets of food and labelling one for the gulls while Maxwell suggested getting rid of the pulley delivery system and buying Mrs Grinling a jet ski to deliver the lunch with!

On Thursday we made up actions for our story ‘The Light Keeper’s Lunch’ see the photos below and see if you can guess the actions… Luna’s, Harriet’s, Isla-Mae’s and Elsie’s are particularly animated! In the afternoon we made background for our classroom display using ‘bubble painting’ as a technique, some of the class got a bit carried away and ended up with blue and green freckles!

In Maths we have been testing our skills with missing number problems and word problems. Zachary, Oliver and Leandro were rightly proud of how well they tackled the problems using a number line. On Friday we used chalk on the playground to draw number lines. In PE we played cricket learning how to bowl and catch a ball as well as batting and fielding.



Curriculum Information to parents summer 1 fireflies 2019

Friday 5th April 2019


This week the Fireflies went to High Lodge at Thetford Forest! We were all very, very excited! Amazingly the weather despite the forecast stayed dry and not very windy! We walked around the music trail and made dens as well as playing in the outdoor park. Olivia said she had so much fun and ‘loved the snake best as we went really high with Mr Dowers riding on it’. Lewis enjoyed making the dens best and Mia, Harriet, Amber, Oscar and Olivia liked the high slide. Isla-Mae thought that the funniest part was when Mr Dowers fell of the balance bars and went backwards and ended upside down! Jack had a great time in the sand park. It was an excellent visit and the children were a credit to the school! Go to the gallery or click on the link below to see all the photos!


Some of the Fireflies that went to Lynnsport for the Tri-Golf should be very proud for coming second on Monday, Lewis said, ‘it was great fun and we had to chip and putt.

On Thursday we had an Easter Egg hunt, designed and decorated our Eggs ready for judging. Alex was orange, yellow and brown. Shannon said she didn’t make an egg but a bunny with yellow ears sticking out with two-tone blue feet. On Friday in PE we played football; the girls were very competitive! Please see the photos below.


Friday 29th March 2019

We have had a lovely week preparing to celebrate Mother’s day with our families. Luna, Olivia, William and Chloe have been practising for their performance at the church on Sunday. All the children have been busy making beautiful cards for their Mums and we have talked about all the lovely things they do for us! Some children have even enjoyed lunch at school with their Mums this week.

In English we have been creating our own versions of the Magic Porridge Pot. We have drawn story maps for these new stories and written plans. Jake has a problem with a magic popcorn maker in his story and in Oliver’s story a magic hot chocolate machine floods hot chocolate all over town and into the sea! Mrs Shillings and Mr Dowers can’t wait to read the final stories!

We have been learning to make amounts with coins in Maths this week, as well as sharing our knowledge of how to tackle different maths problems with each other.

In Quest time this week we used the story of the Magic Porridge pot to inspire our learning. On Tuesday we worked inside and created models of Poppy’s house and the town that gets covered in porridge, wrote and drew. Chloe improved her model of the house by adding a porridge flood and opening doors at the back and the front. Jack created his own magic porridge pot and found a way to stick paper on to look like overflowing porridge. On Thursday we went out into the nature garden to make ‘natural porridge’! Please see the photos below.


Friday 22nd March 2019

In maths this week we have been weighing in grams, comparing different items around the classroom. Some children have been using balancing scales to compare items using cubes to check the weights.

In English we have been retelling the story the ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ in groups using actions. Please see the photos below.


On Thursday we made Flapjacks, the children used oats, butter, sugar and golden syrup mixed together to make our base mixture. Next children chose extra ingredients including chocolate, raisins, cherries, coconut and dried apricots. No prizes for guessing which ingredients were left over at the end of the day!  (For photos please see the gallery section). They have been cooked and chilled already to enjoy on Friday.


MR. Dowers, Mrs Shillings & Mrs Beeby.

Friday 15th March 2019

We have been learning how to measure in Centemetres in our maths lessons, we found out that Miss Reeve and Mrs Beeby are both taller than a ruler (Not sure if that’s true for Mr Dowers as he wasn’t in that day to check). We also had to decide which items were larger of smaller.

We have been learning actions to retell the Magic Porridge Pot and know the story really well!

Well done to all the children who are progressing with their tackling tables; lots have received their Blue Multiplication … Well done Oscar, come on Amber-Lily & Mia you are nearly there!

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Mrs Beeby was in the hall and had set up an obstacle course. The Fireflies and Butterflies had to go around, over and through using directional language to help them!

On Friday we had a little party to say goodbye to Miss Reeve our student teacher, we have really enjoyed having her in the Fireflies class and she has promised to come back and visit especially if we have a trip.


Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Miss Reeve & Mr Dowers.

Friday 8th March 2019

This week in  Fireflies we have been had our last week of fractions in maths, Harriet is very confident on finding 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, and even 1/8 of a number or shape. Shannon enjoyed it when Jo Jo popped into the classroom and joined the Fireflies! (Don’t worry Jo Jo you’ll soon be a Firefly and we can’t wait!). Lewis really had lots of fun in the afternoons making clay pots and creating a picture from oats. Tayla made the most beautiful painting in the style of ‘Monet’ it was really colourful and with a great technique of brush strokes to create a masterpiece.

Luna enjoyed being able to read different books all week! On Friday we had our ‘World Book Day’ celebration; it was amazing to see not only every Firefly dressed up but the whole school! What an incredible sight this was in assembly! We had no less than 4 Harry Potters in just our class (Jake, Alex, Maxwell and Brody). From Toy Story we had Chloe & William as Jessie and Woody. Zachary was a fantastic Mr Fox and Ollie a very very green mouse.

Thank you so much to all the parents for dressing up all the children we have had another lovely week!


Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Miss Reeve & Mr Dowers.

Friday 1st March 2019

On Friday morning we had our Reading Cafe. Thank you for so many parents and grandparents attending. We read ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. We had 3 activities; We made monster faces, wrote about going wild and had a dreaming tree where we wrote down our dreams and tied them to our ‘Dream Tree’ . I have had lots of fun reading the dreams and can share the following with you… (As promised all will remain anonymous).

Thank you so much for every one making the morning lots of fun especially  the ‘Dream Team’ in Fireflies!

Please click on the link below to see the photos or go to the gallery section.

Fireflies Reading Cafe 1st March 2019

Friday 15th February 2019

This week in Fireflies we have been been continuing to practise developing our knowledge of fractions including finding 1/2, 1/4 and some children finding even smaller fractions! we have been thinking about all our learning over this half term. Most of the children thought having real life owls in school was the highlight!

Friday 8th February 2019

We have had a very busy week fitting in special activities for Mental Health awareness week and Safer Internet Day as well as all our usual learning!

On Tuesday afternoon we listened to a story about a chick who didn’t realise the dangers of the internet. She made some very poor decisions; going to meet another ‘chick’ that she had met online without telling anyone. Unfortunately she comes to a sorry end as the ‘chick’ she is going to meet is actually a fox!  After the story we played a game where we imagined ourselves as chicks passing on information about ourselves to other chicks but Mrs Shillings had rather sneakily chosen some ‘foxes’ (Lexi-Leigh, Alex, Lewis, Oliver, Amber, Elsie and Isla-Mae) who brought the game to an abrupt end every time any information reached them! We ended the afternoon by making posters to share what we had learnt with other children (and grown-ups).

In English this week we created our own owls ready for our information text writing next week. Some of them were rather scary with several having multiple eyes and others having some very frightening defence features! However, there were also lots of friendly rainbow and unicorn owls and even a water owl that could swim! 

In Science  we thought about how we could test what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We all agreed that they needed food (from soil), water and air but we were unsure of whether they needed light so we planned an experiment we could do to test this. Next week we will be preparing our cress seeds and putting some in the dark and some in the light. Zachary is particularly excited about watching the seeds grow!

Our Maths learning has moved on from division to fractions this week and we have been finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. 

On Thursday we had a special music afternoon with the Butterflies class, we split into groups and had a go at drumming with Miss Reeve, singing with Miss Dabou, recorders with Mr Dowers, learning the Owl and the Pussy Cat with Mrs Vannisburgh and music stories with Mrs Beeby.

Friday was our Mental Health Awareness school mix up day. We had a fabulous day working with groups of children from all the other classes and finding out about lots of ways we can look after our mental health. Activities included chilling out in a Yoga session with Miss Burrell, getting our bodies moving learning about different food groups with Mr Dowers, preparing some ‘feel good’ foods with Miss Dabou, taking part in team building activities with some of the student teachers and learning some strategies to help us cope with our worries. We had an amazing day!

We wish Mrs Beeby a speedy recovery as she was unwell on Friday and we will catch up with spellings next week.

Have a good weekend!

Mrs Shillings, Miss Reeve & Mr Dowers.

A few photos from our Music day, more available in the Gallery section just click on the box above.

Friday 1st February 2019

We have had a great week of learning this week despite the freezing weather! The children all made it out into the nature garden to investigate patterns in nature and spent time making their own! Also during Quest Time several children completed their owl handing gloves which they had cut from felt and then stitched together. Olivia, Oscar and Frankie all completes their power point presentations about owls sharing what they have been learning about these incredible birds. Of course Oscar’s top fact was one that we found out when the owls visited us, apparently owls poop every 8 minutes on average! I wonder why that particular fact has proved so very memorable!
In Maths we have been investigating division, sharing equipment into equal groups and looking at how we can record this. Frankie did a fantastic job of dividing using the cubes and Lewis and Alex began to think about the relationship between division and multiplication.
Non-fiction texts have been our focus in English this week with Miss Reeve helping us to understand how to identify non-fiction books and what the similarities and differences to fiction books are.
During whole class phonics we have been learning about compound words (words that are actually two words that have been put together to create a new word, eg. blackbird, farmyard). It is amazing how many we have managed to find since we learnt how to spot them!

On Thursday afternoon some of the children have been making bird boxes from wood and can be seen cutting to size below.

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Mr Dowers & Miss Reeve.


Friday 25th January 2019

This week has been very exciting as a new grown up has joined our class. Miss Reeve is a student teacher and has been getting to know us all and finding out about our learning. We have really enjoyed working with her and look forward to learning with her over the seven weeks.

We have been practising using arrays and repeated addition for multiplication this week in Maths. Olivia C did a great job of creating arrays and then recording them and Tayla did a fantastic job showing repeated addition.

In English we have been practising using inverted commas for speech in writing and put all our learning into practice in our Hot Writes.
In Science this week we began some new learning about plants. We made labels for real plants and then drew diagrams to show what we had learnt. Jack was interested to see that the roots on the daffodil were different to those on the primrose. He said the bulb looked like an onion!

On Friday afternoon we worked with the Butterflies and Ladybirds classes for our annual RSPB schools’ birdwatch. We had lots of fun bird related activities including making Cheerio bird feeders, sketching, colouring and drawing birds, making birds snappers.

Did you know you can also do the annual home garden bird watch by logging on to the address below!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Mr Dowers & Miss Reeve.

Friday 18th January 2019

In Maths this week we have been learning to use number lines to help us to subtract. On Monday we had great fun drawing our own number lines and jumping along them on the playground. Harriet used her number lines to show how subtraction is the inverse of addition!

In English we have been thinking about character speech, thoughts and feelings and have recorded speech bubbles and thought and feelings clouds. Some children have learnt  to use inverted commas to write down what a a character has said.

We completed our environmental letters in science this week and will soon be sending them off to the prime minister and the major supermarkets. We are hoping for a speedy reply!

There has been lots of fabulous learning in Quest Time this week with Brody designing and stitching a glove for handling owls, Jack have his bird box a coat of paint to make it more inviting for the birds and Mia collected lots of owl facts for her PowerPoint presentation. Whilst the outdoor group practised their measuring skills out in the nature garden; measuring sticks, ordering them by length and making a collection of sticks that were specific lengths and then using these to measure other things in the garden!

Please click on the link below for the home learning.

Subtraction home learning


Friday 11th January 2019

Following the excitement of the visit by the owls Jonny and Arthur last week we have become fully immersed in our new Talk for Writing story ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. We have begun to learn the story using action and we have created character stick puppets in groups to help us to retell the story to each other.

We had an exciting afternoon on Monday when we learnt how to use the PowerPoint program to create a presentation and how to copy and paste images. Olivia worked with great perseverance and Oscar did a great job of using the program tools. On Tuesday afternoon Jake began to put his learning into practice as he started to create a presentation about owls. Lexi-Leigh chose to use a laptop to work as an author as she began to write a story about owls. Sebby used an iPad to research information about the species of owls that live in the UK and he even found out what sounds each one makes.

Jack created a plan and began the construction of his bird box during Quest Time. He decided that his next step is to strengthen the perch at the front of the bird box as he didn’t think it was strong enough to hold a bird!

In Maths this week we have begun our learning about multiplication and division by grouping objects. Oliver and Zachary worked really hard on finding out how different ways numbers could be shared equally.

In Science we considered how the rubbish we all produce is disposed of and talked about how we would like there to be less packaging on this we buy and how we would like to see more of our rubbish recycled or reused. We were very worried about the impact rubbish can have on wildlife and our environment. We decided to write to the Prime Minister or to supermarkets to share our views. Harriet wrote about her concerns about plastics in the ocean and Jack talked about recycling paper as he is worried about deforestation.

Friday 4th January 2019

A new term and a new year, the children were very excited to be back at school. We talked about what we had got for Christmas and wrote and drew our favourite presents. We counted objects and grouped larger quantities into 2s, 5s and 10s to count them more efficiently. In the afternoon we introduced our new topic and read the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell, we also told the class about our exciting visitors that were coming on Friday morning. We thought about things we already knew about owls as well as information we would like to know.

On Friday we had a Barn Owl and Tawny Owl (Johnny and Arthur), the lady who brought them in told us lots of information about the owls…

Owls have black/ dark brown, orange or yellow dependent when they hunt for food. Did you know they can rotate their heads up to 270 degrees? Barn Owls cannot go out in the rain as they do not have waterproof feathers. The children (and the adults) were absolutely mesmorised and really enjoyed being so close to these truly beautiful birds! We still had time in the morning for tackling tables and Toasty Friday!

In the afternoon we  chatted about the New Year celebrations and made some new year resolutions.

It was a really action packed start to the Spring Term. Well done Fireflies you are all SUPERSTARS!

Please click on the link below or see the Gallery Section to see the photos of the class with the owls.



Friday 14th December 2018

On Monday we were busy making Christingles, thank you to all the parents that helped! The children loved making them and made sure that the sweets and raisins were quality checked at various times on the production line.

On Tuesday we went to St Germans Church and had our service, we found out all about the ‘Christingle’ and that it was the 50th anniversary. We heard the choir sing as well as the whole school singing together… It sounded wonderful!

It was show time on Wednesday both the performances were fantastic and even though the Fireflies were getting quite tired in the evening they still remained true professionals!

We went to the Pantomime on Thursday to see Sleeping Beauty, the whole school had a fantastic time…seeing them up on their feet, dancing singing and laughing really makes it feel like such a special occasion. Some of the children were very sleepy themselves on the coach journey home.

On Friday we had an extended parent open morning, children had their ‘toasty Friday’ early and the parents enjoyed mince pies (Thank you Mrs Beeby for the refreshments!). At lunchtime we had our Christmas lunch served by all the teachers and staff. The food was delicious!

It’s been a really enjoyable week!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Miss Williams & Mr Dowers.

Friday 7th December 2018

Christmas has officially arrived in the Fireflies class, decorations are up and children have been making their own decorations at home and bringing them in to hang on the Christmas Tree – They are fantastic! We also made a paper-chain that was so long that it could have gone the whole length of the school!

We have been working hard on ‘polishing’ our acting, lines and singing in preparation for our dress rehearsal on Monday and performance on Wednesday next week. We are all getting very excited and nervous now  (That’s just the teachers).

We watched the Gen8 Christmas show in which some very funny puppets taught us about the real meaning of Christmas.

In Maths we have been using our calculation skills to make amounts using coins and some children even visited Mrs Beeby’s Christmas shop and bought baubles to decorate the class Christmas tree!

In English we have been learning about letter writing so that Santa will be wowed by our request letters to him! We have created a list of important things when letter writing and planned and wrote our own letters. Some of the girls (that will remain anonymous) have asked for boyfriends… The boys had made lists as long as the paper-chain!

We have only asked the children to learn lines at home this weekend and maybe practice singing ‘Away in a Manger’  ready for our performances on Wednesday.

On Friday we had our Christmas Fayre, thank you so much for all of your support, the children really enjoyed themselves!

Only 18 more sleeps’ till Santa!

Friday 30th November 2018

This week the Fireflies we have begun our Christmas play rehearsals and we were really proud of how well the children already know their lines and the words to our songs.

Our shape work has extended to include 3D shapes this week. Isla- Mae worked with great perseverance when making her triangular based pyramid using art straws. Elsie said that it was difficult to make shapes like cubes and cuboids using the play dough as it was difficult to get totally flat faces and sharp corners. Jack loved finding out what the more obscure shapes were called and counting how many faces and vertices they have.

We wrote some fabulous stories based on The Gingerbread Man story that we have learnt. Zachary wrote about some cheese that belonged to a rat coming to life! Henry A’s story had a spaceman losing his biscuit and Amber-Lily’s main character was a cake that smelt delicious but that ran off before the old lady that had baked it could eat it! All of our food based characters were tricked by another character and who ate them up at the end of the story. The pineapple that came to life in Jack’s story was eaten by a hamster!

In preparation for our Christmas fayre next week we have created some beautiful baubles and snowman decorations to sell on our stall. Everyone has been very excited about the prospect of the Christmas celebrations beginning and thoroughly enjoyed preparing festive decorations for the classroom.

On Friday we had a shape hunt, there were clues all over the playground and we had to name the 15 shapes! (See pictures below) Well done to Jack and Henry who were the first team back with all the correct answers.


Friday 23rd November 2018

The Fireflies in maths this week have investigated symmetry in 2d shapes.

Isla-Mae, Jack and Seb used a balance and weights to weigh out ‘gingerbread’ dough in Quest Time and Frankie and Jake made price lists for the gingerbread men. They also found lots of different ways of making these amounts using different coins.

In science we continued our learning about materials and looked at what sorts of packaging comes with our food. We thought about why it is needed and whether it is all necessary. Mrs Shillings had raided her cupboards and fridge and we made tally charts to count each time a type of material was used to package the different food. Plastic was the most common food packaging. Jack commented that the cauliflower didn’t need its plastic bag as its leaves protect it. Freya noticed that the milk came in a plastic bottle and Isla- Mae said that milk used to come in glass bottles that could be washed and reused. We learnt about how and why we should dispose of our rubbish carefully. We made posters to put up around school reminding everyone of what we need to do with rubbish. Oliver told everyone that the black bins are for rubbish that can’t be recycled and the green one is for recyclable rubbish like paper. Elsie thinks that bins should have signs on so that you know what you can put in them.

Harriet did a fantastic job directing and narrating for a dramatic retelling of the gingerbread man that she and her friends performed for the rest of the class and the butterflies. The children did an amazing job acting out the story. They showed fabulous learning organising themselves, each taking a role and working as a team to tell the story.

Lewis and Jack enjoyed planning their gingerbread man toy. They are now very excited at the prospect of beginning to stitch him together! Oliver created an amazing plan for an umbrella that he is going to make for the gingerbread man. Henry A created some super illustrations for the gingerbread man story.

We cast our Christmas play and have begun to learn some of the songs – scripts and costume letters have been sent home and rehearsals have begun!

Well done Fireflies for a very productive week!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Miss Williams and Mr Dowers

Friday 16th November 2018

This week we have been learning about shapes in maths. We made human shapes with our bodies; we have been using skipping ropes and other objects to make all sorts of triangles, squares and rectangles. On Thursday we went on a shape hunt around the school to see how many objects we could find that had different shapes.

In English we have been learning about verbs and adverbs and played Simon says with different examples of verbs and adverbs. Someone suggested that a dog can walk down the road smartly… We did try and re-enact this with children giving demonstrations of what this would look like!

In Science we went to the nature garden to look at seasonal change and noticed that nearly all the leaves have fallen off the trees now. We looked for different examples of seeds and compared them. Oliver found lots of sycamore seeds and we had fun watching them spin like little helicopters. Back in the classroom we made our own mini helicopters!

It has been anti – bullying week and we have focused on kindness and friendship. We thought about what makes a good friend and each group had to think of five really good words to describe a good friend. Some of the words were… Helpful, loving, fun, kind and happy. We made hand cut-outs to put our own friendship words on and decorated them. Harriet’s and Henry’s were particularly colourful with lots of detail.

We made our own gingerbread men on Thursday afternoon using flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon and ginger. They are easy to make and very delicious!

Friday was our ‘Children in Need’ Fancy Dress day and all the children looked fantastic, thank you for your wonderful support with this as well as all your donations. The money raised has benefited some of our children in the school which is good to know that all the money really does make a difference.

Finally on Friday afternoon during our gymnastics lesson we were joined by the Butterfly Class and had a lot of fun showing them our balancing skills!

Friday 9th November 2018

This week in Fireflies children were describing the Gingerbread man from our story. Elsie thinks he is very rude with no manners, Chloe thinks he was a bit cheeky and Lexi-Leigh says that he just teased everyone.  The class had a mini–competition who could write the best description. Well done to Lewis, Sebby, Henry and Lexi-Leigh who wrote some fantastic sentences!

On Tuesday four of the years 2s went to West Norfolk Rugby Club for the Inter-School cross country competition. Freya came in the top ten for her age group, a fantastic achievement! Lewis enjoyed running with older children and Shannon it was really exhausting but lots of fun at the same time. Zachary said he loved running with so many other children.

During our maths lessons the whole class have been subtracting in different ways; some children have used cubes or other items, others bead strings or 100 squares. Some have been using number lines and the inverse to check their calculations.

In PE the class have been playing Tag Rugby and have been focusing on passing the ball backwards. In the afternoons the class have been writing poetry, leaf printing, designing and building rockets. Making planes and testing and improving to make them fly higher and further.

Friday 2nd November 2018

This week in Fireflies the whole class were busy making dream clouds for this year’s pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ showing at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.  Each child wrote a dream on the back of a cloud and decorated the other side. Lewis was dreaming of a candy world, Freya of being a vet, Jack of being an astronaut, Tayla wished she had her own unicorns and Oliver of being a zoo keeper.

On Tuesday Avia and William designed two different types of rocket and tested how far they could fly, Luna was on hand to advise how best to design the rockets. Olivia made sure hers was the most colourful!

Alex and Lewis researched why we celebrate Bonfire Night and also found out some information about Guy Fawkes. Frankie and Tayla went collecting leaves to make their own version of a ‘William Morris’ leaf printing art work.

All the children that came to the Halloween disco had a fantastic time; they all looked superb in such an assortment of fancy dress! Thank you for your support with this.

In maths children have been fine tuning their subtraction skills using addition to check their answers.

We have been writing about what we did in the half term and Mr Dowers was quite amused that one started ‘A long long time ago’

On ‘toasty’ Friday we had our attacking addition challenge and Jack managed to complete his within the 5 minutes time limit…Well done!

In the afternoon we had our Gymnastics lesson and the children had to create balances in groups as well as perform a Teddy Bear Roll.

A great start to the half term!

Friday 12th October 2018

This week in Fireflies we have been adding objects and making our own number sentences,the class are becoming experts at number bonds!

The children have been thinking how they can write their own version of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and will be writing their own stories next week.

It was the penultimate swimming this week; Shannon and Zachary were moved up groups to the ‘big pool’ at St James on Tuesday. Isla-Mae & Olivia O showed their amazing skills to the class by demonstrating fantastic front crawl arms…what a class of sensational swimmers we have!

On Thursday we were practising singing for our KWEST Performance. The director ‘Karl’ came over for a quick run through and we are all a bit excited…

Friday was amazing, to hear 1000+ children singing ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ really was magical! All the children from St Germans are passionate singers. (see the photos below)

Well Done Fireflies & St Germans you made us very proud!

Click on the link below to see the home learning for half term

autumn half term homelearning work 2018

Friday 5th October 2018

The Fireflies have had a busy week. In maths we have been learning to add numbers including bonds to 10, 20 and 100. In English we completed our story maps and retold the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. We learnt all about verbs in different tenses.

We have also been practising singing ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ ready for a performance next Friday. On Friday we made apple crumbles… hopefully they tasted delicious. We had to peel and chop apples, mix a crumble and finally put into foil containers to be cooked in the oven.  Well done to Alex, Lewis and Sebby for being so helpful.  Olivia and Oliver were in charge of quality control and had to sample the apple crumbles throughout the process!

Some of the children who attended recorder lessons played in assembly the tunes they had been learning. Avia brought in to show the class no less than 3 swimming certificates and lots of children received ‘Chance Cards’ for their wonderful home learning.

Friday 28th September 2018

This week in Fireflies we have been counting and beginning to use number lines, Harriet, Lewis and Alex have been solving problems using their counting skills.

Om Monday we went to the church for our Harvest Festival, everyone spoke so clearly and sang fantastically!

Oscar, Elsie and Henry have all been moved up to the big pool in swimming, Luna did a fantastic kicking demonstration in the small pool before being moved up herself…Well done Luna!

In English we have been drawing our own story maps.

On Friday we found out the class school council representatives are Freya and Lewis. We had a maths lesson outside where we had to match numbers written as words with numbers written as figures.

We have been learning actions to our story, have a look below and see if you can figure them out from the photos.


Friday 21st September 2018

This week on Monday we went to the nature garden for a ‘Bear Hunt’. Mia was a little concerned that we were actually going to find a ‘real bear’! Luckily all the bears of St Germans were on holiday so we came back empty handed… although we did find at least 48 pictures of bears (even though we started with 60). It’s been a bit windy this week so the other 12 could be anywhere by now.

Tuesday was another swimming lesson, quite frankly we are the best class in Norfolk at swimming! The children get changed quickly, more children moved up to the big pool and lots of children were putting their whole faces under water; well done Henry, Frankie and Mia. In the afternoon the year 1s practised making greater than and less than symbols using sticks in the nature garden whilst the year 2s made journey sticks showing all the different items they had found whilst on their travels.

In science on Wednesday the children were investigating materials such as wood, metal and plastic. There were some funny misconceptions as well as some very clever ways of testing items, Harriet said that if something makes a ‘ting’ sound when you tap it; it’s made of metal.

Friday 14th September 2018

Our first full week at school was very exciting! On Tuesday we had our first swimming lesson
at St. James Pool. The whole class were very enthusiastic (to say the least). They didn’t disappoint as every single child really had a fantastic time, they behaved beautifully and were an absolute pleasure! This even surprised the swimming coaches and they’ve been teaching there for years. Lots of the children are already in the big pool and I think a few more may move up in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday the class went to the nature garden to look for seasonal changes and came back with lots of conkers! On Thursday we had a themed Roald Dahl Day Where we made book marks, hats and beards. The maths and English lessons were based on the stories from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

We have been practising to write numbers in figures and words and adding using a hundred square. In English we have been writing descriptions and composing stories. On Friday, Fireflies had a taster session learning to play hockey.  We had a drawing competition sketching in the style of Quentin Blake. Well done everyone!

The class have settled in quickly and are already learning quickly and making good progress! Well done Fireflies for a fantastic week! Have a good rest this weekend!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby and Mr Dowers.










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