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Friday 7th December 2018

Christmas has officially arrived in the Fireflies class, decorations are up and children have been making their own decorations at home and bringing them in to hang on the Christmas Tree – They are fantastic! We also made a paper-chain that was so long that it could have gone the whole length of the school!

We have been working hard on ‘polishing’ our acting, lines and singing in preparation for our dress rehearsal on Monday and performance on Wednesday next week. We are all getting very excited and nervous now  (That’s just the teachers).

We watched the Gen8 Christmas show in which some very funny puppets taught us about the real meaning of Christmas.

In Maths we have been using our calculation skills to make amounts using coins and some children even visited Mrs Beeby’s Christmas shop and bought baubles to decorate the class Christmas tree!

In English we have been learning about letter writing so that Santa will be wowed by our request letters to him! We have created a list of important things when letter writing and planned and wrote our own letters. Some of the girls (that will remain anonymous) have asked for boyfriends… The boys had made lists as long as the paper-chain!

We have only asked the children to learn lines at home this weekend and maybe practice singing ‘Away in a Manger’  ready for our performances on Wednesday.

On Friday we had our Christmas Fayre, thank you so much for all of your support, the children really enjoyed themselves!

Only 18 more sleeps’ till Santa!

Friday 30th November 2018

This week the Fireflies we have begun our Christmas play rehearsals and we were really proud of how well the children already know their lines and the words to our songs.

Our shape work has extended to include 3D shapes this week. Isla- Mae worked with great perseverance when making her triangular based pyramid using art straws. Elsie said that it was difficult to make shapes like cubes and cuboids using the play dough as it was difficult to get totally flat faces and sharp corners. Jack loved finding out what the more obscure shapes were called and counting how many faces and vertices they have.

We wrote some fabulous stories based on The Gingerbread Man story that we have learnt. Zachary wrote about some cheese that belonged to a rat coming to life! Henry A’s story had a spaceman losing his biscuit and Amber-Lily’s main character was a cake that smelt delicious but that ran off before the old lady that had baked it could eat it! All of our food based characters were tricked by another character and who ate them up at the end of the story. The pineapple that came to life in Jack’s story was eaten by a hamster!

In preparation for our Christmas fayre next week we have created some beautiful baubles and snowman decorations to sell on our stall. Everyone has been very excited about the prospect of the Christmas celebrations beginning and thoroughly enjoyed preparing festive decorations for the classroom.

On Friday we had a shape hunt, there were clues all over the playground and we had to name the 15 shapes! (See pictures below) Well done to Jack and Henry who were the first team back with all the correct answers.


Friday 23rd November 2018

The Fireflies in maths this week have investigated symmetry in 2d shapes.

Isla-Mae, Jack and Seb used a balance and weights to weigh out ‘gingerbread’ dough in Quest Time and Frankie and Jake made price lists for the gingerbread men. They also found lots of different ways of making these amounts using different coins.

In science we continued our learning about materials and looked at what sorts of packaging comes with our food. We thought about why it is needed and whether it is all necessary. Mrs Shillings had raided her cupboards and fridge and we made tally charts to count each time a type of material was used to package the different food. Plastic was the most common food packaging. Jack commented that the cauliflower didn’t need its plastic bag as its leaves protect it. Freya noticed that the milk came in a plastic bottle and Isla- Mae said that milk used to come in glass bottles that could be washed and reused. We learnt about how and why we should dispose of our rubbish carefully. We made posters to put up around school reminding everyone of what we need to do with rubbish. Oliver told everyone that the black bins are for rubbish that can’t be recycled and the green one is for recyclable rubbish like paper. Elsie thinks that bins should have signs on so that you know what you can put in them.

Harriet did a fantastic job directing and narrating for a dramatic retelling of the gingerbread man that she and her friends performed for the rest of the class and the butterflies. The children did an amazing job acting out the story. They showed fabulous learning organising themselves, each taking a role and working as a team to tell the story.

Lewis and Jack enjoyed planning their gingerbread man toy. They are now very excited at the prospect of beginning to stitch him together! Oliver created an amazing plan for an umbrella that he is going to make for the gingerbread man. Henry A created some super illustrations for the gingerbread man story.

We cast our Christmas play and have begun to learn some of the songs – scripts and costume letters have been sent home and rehearsals have begun!

Well done Fireflies for a very productive week!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby, Miss Williams and Mr Dowers

Friday 16th November 2018

This week we have been learning about shapes in maths. We made human shapes with our bodies; we have been using skipping ropes and other objects to make all sorts of triangles, squares and rectangles. On Thursday we went on a shape hunt around the school to see how many objects we could find that had different shapes.

In English we have been learning about verbs and adverbs and played Simon says with different examples of verbs and adverbs. Someone suggested that a dog can walk down the road smartly… We did try and re-enact this with children giving demonstrations of what this would look like!

In Science we went to the nature garden to look at seasonal change and noticed that nearly all the leaves have fallen off the trees now. We looked for different examples of seeds and compared them. Oliver found lots of sycamore seeds and we had fun watching them spin like little helicopters. Back in the classroom we made our own mini helicopters!

It has been anti – bullying week and we have focused on kindness and friendship. We thought about what makes a good friend and each group had to think of five really good words to describe a good friend. Some of the words were… Helpful, loving, fun, kind and happy. We made hand cut-outs to put our own friendship words on and decorated them. Harriet’s and Henry’s were particularly colourful with lots of detail.

We made our own gingerbread men on Thursday afternoon using flour, butter, sugar, cinnamon and ginger. They are easy to make and very delicious!

Friday was our ‘Children in Need’ Fancy Dress day and all the children looked fantastic, thank you for your wonderful support with this as well as all your donations. The money raised has benefited some of our children in the school which is good to know that all the money really does make a difference.

Finally on Friday afternoon during our gymnastics lesson we were joined by the Butterfly Class and had a lot of fun showing them our balancing skills!

Friday 9th November 2018

This week in Fireflies children were describing the Gingerbread man from our story. Elsie thinks he is very rude with no manners, Chloe thinks he was a bit cheeky and Lexi-Leigh says that he just teased everyone.  The class had a mini–competition who could write the best description. Well done to Lewis, Sebby, Henry and Lexi-Leigh who wrote some fantastic sentences!

On Tuesday four of the years 2s went to West Norfolk Rugby Club for the Inter-School cross country competition. Freya came in the top ten for her age group, a fantastic achievement! Lewis enjoyed running with older children and Shannon it was really exhausting but lots of fun at the same time. Zachary said he loved running with so many other children.

During our maths lessons the whole class have been subtracting in different ways; some children have used cubes or other items, others bead strings or 100 squares. Some have been using number lines and the inverse to check their calculations.

In PE the class have been playing Tag Rugby and have been focusing on passing the ball backwards. In the afternoons the class have been writing poetry, leaf printing, designing and building rockets. Making planes and testing and improving to make them fly higher and further.

Friday 2nd November 2018

This week in Fireflies the whole class were busy making dream clouds for this year’s pantomime ‘Sleeping Beauty’ showing at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange.  Each child wrote a dream on the back of a cloud and decorated the other side. Lewis was dreaming of a candy world, Freya of being a vet, Jack of being an astronaut, Tayla wished she had her own unicorns and Oliver of being a zoo keeper.

On Tuesday Avia and William designed two different types of rocket and tested how far they could fly, Luna was on hand to advise how best to design the rockets. Olivia made sure hers was the most colourful!

Alex and Lewis researched why we celebrate Bonfire Night and also found out some information about Guy Fawkes. Frankie and Tayla went collecting leaves to make their own version of a ‘William Morris’ leaf printing art work.

All the children that came to the Halloween disco had a fantastic time; they all looked superb in such an assortment of fancy dress! Thank you for your support with this.

In maths children have been fine tuning their subtraction skills using addition to check their answers.

We have been writing about what we did in the half term and Mr Dowers was quite amused that one started ‘A long long time ago’

On ‘toasty’ Friday we had our attacking addition challenge and Jack managed to complete his within the 5 minutes time limit…Well done!

In the afternoon we had our Gymnastics lesson and the children had to create balances in groups as well as perform a Teddy Bear Roll.

A great start to the half term!


Friday 12th October 2018

This week in Fireflies we have been adding objects and making our own number sentences,the class are becoming experts at number bonds!

The children have been thinking how they can write their own version of ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and will be writing their own stories next week.

It was the penultimate swimming this week; Shannon and Zachary were moved up groups to the ‘big pool’ at St James on Tuesday. Isla-Mae & Olivia O showed their amazing skills to the class by demonstrating fantastic front crawl arms…what a class of sensational swimmers we have!


On Thursday we were practising singing for our KWEST Performance. The director ‘Karl’ came over for a quick run through and we are all a bit excited…

Friday was amazing, to hear 1000+ children singing ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ really was magical! All the children from St Germans are passionate singers. (see the photos below)

Well Done Fireflies & St Germans you made us very proud!

Click on the link below to see the home learning for half term

autumn half term homelearning work 2018



Friday 5th October 2018

The Fireflies have had a busy week. In maths we have been learning to add numbers including bonds to 10, 20 and 100. In English we completed our story maps and retold the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. We learnt all about verbs in different tenses.

We have also been practising singing ‘It’s a kind of Magic’ ready for a performance next Friday. On Friday we made apple crumbles… hopefully they tasted delicious. We had to peel and chop apples, mix a crumble and finally put into foil containers to be cooked in the oven.  Well done to Alex, Lewis and Sebby for being so helpful.  Olivia and Oliver were in charge of quality control and had to sample the apple crumbles throughout the process!

Some of the children who attended recorder lessons played in assembly the tunes they had been learning. Avia brought in to show the class no less than 3 swimming certificates and lots of children received ‘Chance Cards’ for their wonderful home learning.


Friday 28th September 2018

This week in Fireflies we have been counting and beginning to use number lines, Harriet, Lewis and Alex have been solving problems using their counting skills.

Om Monday we went to the church for our Harvest Festival, everyone spoke so clearly and sang fantastically!

Oscar, Elsie and Henry have all been moved up to the big pool in swimming, Luna did a fantastic kicking demonstration in the small pool before being moved up herself…Well done Luna!

In English we have been drawing our own story maps.

On Friday we found out the class school council representatives are Freya and Lewis. We had a maths lesson outside where we had to match numbers written as words with numbers written as figures.

We have been learning actions to our story, have a look below and see if you can figure them out from the photos.


Friday 21st September 2018

This week on Monday we went to the nature garden for a ‘Bear Hunt’. Mia was a little concerned that we were actually going to find a ‘real bear’! Luckily all the bears of St Germans were on holiday so we came back empty handed… although we did find at least 48 pictures of bears (even though we started with 60). It’s been a bit windy this week so the other 12 could be anywhere by now.

Tuesday was another swimming lesson, quite frankly we are the best class in Norfolk at swimming! The children get changed quickly, more children moved up to the big pool and lots of children were putting their whole faces under water; well done Henry, Frankie and Mia. In the afternoon the year 1s practised making greater than and less than symbols using sticks in the nature garden whilst the year 2s made journey sticks showing all the different items they had found whilst on their travels.

In science on Wednesday the children were investigating materials such as wood, metal and plastic. There were some funny misconceptions as well as some very clever ways of testing items, Harriet said that if something makes a ‘ting’ sound when you tap it; it’s made of metal.

Friday 14th September 2018

Our first full week at school was very exciting! On Tuesday we had our first swimming lesson
at St. James Pool. The whole class were very enthusiastic (to say the least). They didn’t disappoint as every single child really had a fantastic time, they behaved beautifully and were an absolute pleasure! This even surprised the swimming coaches and they’ve been teaching there for years. Lots of the children are already in the big pool and I think a few more may move up in the next few weeks.

On Wednesday the class went to the nature garden to look for seasonal changes and came back with lots of conkers! On Thursday we had a themed Roald Dahl Day Where we made book marks, hats and beards. The maths and English lessons were based on the stories from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ and ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

We have been practising to write numbers in figures and words and adding using a hundred square. In English we have been writing descriptions and composing stories. On Friday, Fireflies had a taster session learning to play hockey.  We had a drawing competition sketching in the style of Quentin Blake. Well done everyone!

The class have settled in quickly and are already learning quickly and making good progress! Well done Fireflies for a fantastic week! Have a good rest this weekend!

Mrs Shillings, Mrs Beeby and Mr Dowers.










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