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Monday 30th March 2020

Hello everyone,

I hope that you have by now seen the ‘school closures link’ on our schools home page? There are lots of ideas and appropriate links relating to each year group on there so it is worth checking it out.

However, I would also like to use our class blog as a way of keeping in touch with you and to provide further ideas and suggestions to help you with home learning.

Geography and science

I had planned to do some work with the Dragonflies on the Water Cycle so I have attached a couple of things you  might like to use to help you.





If your children would prefer to do something a bit different, they could create their own poster of the water cycle and label it and then show their understanding by explaining the processes to a family member.  You could even film this and email it to me!

Another idea is to recreate the water cycle in a plastic bag and stick it to the window. This way you get to see the processes of the water cycle in motion! They can can write an explanation to go with it.

I have been asked for spellings, so these are last weeks set. I will update with another list next week.

Year 3 spellings 

Word Search Black and White

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Year 4 spellings 

Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity

Word Search Black and White

Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet

Pet Project – cross curricular 

Do you have a  pet?  I would like to get to know all about him or her!

If you do not have a pet, you can either do the same thing with a family member, or a toy or make a virtual pet on something like ‘scratch’ if you have this app on a tablet. 

Other ideas: 

BBC iplayer -lovely film called ‘Mexico, Earth’s Festival of Life’  There will be a second one next Sunday

Maths teaching:

PE with Joe Wicks – every morning on youtube at 9am.

Hope this keeps you all busy for a little bit!

Love Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark




Friday 6th March 2020


Friday 14th February 2020

Half Term is here and we have been so busy these past six weeks!

Here’s what the Dragonflies would like to share about their learning:

I really enjoyed doing my Hot Write on instructions.  (Harriet)

Bingo was amazing! (Jack)

I liked learning about the Mayans, particularly making our rainforest. (Shannon)

I enjoyed having hot chocolate in the nature garden. (Theo)

I really, really, really, really enjoyed doing our tests !! (Oscar G)

I liked doing the Mayan cooking.  (Isla-Mae)

I like the discussions we have in class and sharing personal things as it can help us. (Miah)

I liked learning about writing instructions and making my own recipe for Teacher Cheesecake. (Olivia)

I enjoy doing Quest time especially making my Mayan Head dress. (Logan)

I thought doing the Mayan death masks was really cool. (Amber Lily)

I liked everything! (Alex)

Happy Half Term!

See you soon for some more super learning!

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark





Friday 7th February 2020

It hardly seems possible that we only have one more week until half term!  We have been so busy and started our week with a lovely afternoon in the nature garden.  Luckily, the weather held out for us and we were able to light the fire bowl and enjoy hot chocolate around it after some Mayan drama work.  (see pics in the gallery)

In maths, we have been continuing with multiplication and hopefully your children will be able to show their understanding through their home learning.  We have been practising how to use punctuation in speech and how we can ‘uplevel’ our sentences by adding adjectives, adverbs and prepositions.

The class have enjoyed starting their ‘Quest activities’ and have been able to apply their learning about the Mayans to their independent learning.

Next week is our test week. This is simply an opportunity for the children to show where they are at this stage of the year and we don’t expect them to know everything!  I know some children are really excited about doing these tests but I also understand that for some children it’s a big worry.  I try to reassure them and just say that it’s an opportunity for them to ‘show what they know’ and anything they don’t know, that’s what we will then practice together! 🙂

On Thursday, the school council are hosting a whole school bingo session.  This is to raise funds to buy much needed playground games so it would be brilliant to raise a nice amount for this.  Please support us if you can by sending £1 in so that your child can play.  If you are able, we would love to see you too so please join us to play too. We will also be selling refreshments so let the office or myself know if you can donate a cake!

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark.


Friday 31st January 2020

Well, another week has flown by! We have been very busy learning to orally retell our Talk For Writing text  based on the story ‘Beware of Boys’.  The children have written some amazing descriptions of a wolf using adjectives to create expanded noun phrases.  I think they are really proud of their work!

We have been learning how to use the grid method and then short multiplication to multiply bigger numbers and I can see how the Tackling Tables practice at home, online, has been helping with this.

The class have also worked hard to recreate their Mayan Masks, trying hard to replicate their original plans.  We are very impressed with their work!  Come and have a look at them on display or check them out by heading over to our gallery where I have put some photos.

Don’t forget to send wellies in on Monday as we are heading over to the nature garden.

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark.


Friday 24th January 2020

Goodness! Where has January gone?  It only seems 5 minutes since we came back to school after the Christmas holidays and now we are rapidly heading towards half term! A sure sign that we have been super busy!

We have been enjoying learning about the Mayans and finding out about their lives.  We had fun reading Mayan recipes which linked nicely to our English work on instructions and then made Mayan cheesy maize soup and tortillas.  Mixed reviews on these!  Logan and Theo loved the soup and wanted a second portion whilst some others weren’t so keen.  ( Mrs C and I thought it was delicious!)

We have been focusing on multiplication in maths and we are continuing with this next week, learning how to do written methods for larger numbers.  Knowing your times tables is so important and you should have by now seen the login for your child to access Tackling Tables online (stapled inside their home learning book front cover). This is a great resource to practise times tables and will be valuable in helping your children to prepare for their Y4 multiplication check in the summer term.

On Friday afternoon (luckily before the fire alarm went off!)  we made clay coil pots just like the Mayans used to do. This is quite a tricky and we were so impressed by how well the children managed this.  A lovely last lesson of the week.

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clarke


Christmas Lunch




Tuesday 17th December 2019

Mia had a shock today, her lunch had been wrapped by a naughty elf!

Friday 8th November

We have had a great start to this half term! We really enjoyed our morning in the nature garden and making timelines of roman numerals out of natural materials.  We were so impressed by how the children had remembered these, even the trickier numerals like 9, 14 and 19.  We loved reading the story of The Leaf Man and looking at the gorgeous pictures in this book which then inspired some fabulous art work by the children. Come and take a look at these and their Leaf Man poems, as these will be displayed in the hall next week.  We hope to take our learning outside again next week – if you could send an empty yoghurt pot in before Wednesday that would be great as we are going to make some bird cake.

We have started learning about Mexico this week and on Friday, our school became an art gallery with the paintings of the mexican artist Frida Kahlo, displayed on the walls.  The children enjoyed looking at them before selecting their favourite one to think about a bit more deeply.  We are excited to find out more about this artist and her paintings and to create our own artwork based on her style.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark

Friday 11th October

Had a lovely day on Thursday with the Dragonflies, some Maths and hockey! Looking forward to the Hockey festival on Friday! Mr Dowers.

Friday 4th October

We had a lovely time at Norwich cathedral on Wednesday and I hope you enjoy looking at the photos.  Here are some of the children’s comments about their day out:

I learnt that light shining through the different stained-glass windows made different colours on the wall. (Shannon)

I learnt that an organ is like a piano, but it has lots of bits at the side which you pull, and they are called stops.  (Alex)

I liked listening to the man playing the organ and making the stained-glass window. (Miah)

I liked how loud the music went on the organ (Jake)

I like the colours of the stained-glass windows (Eve)

I loved hearing the echoing in the big open space (Freya)

I learnt that the spire was added on later after the cathedral was built. (Harriet)

I found out the cathedral was 900 years old (Olivia)

I learnt that the shape of the cathedral is a cross shape because Jesus died on the cross (Lewis)

I liked designing my own stained-glass window. (Jake)

I learnt that if you’re standing in the way of the sun ,then it creates a shadow, (Isla-Mae)

We learnt about whether things were translucent, transparent or opaque. (Jack and Alex)

Junior and Zachary were awarded the merit certificates this week and we had an exciting morning on Friday with Max, Jack and Kenzie all achieving 100 in their tackling tables showing that they are ready to move on to the next phase!  Well done to all these children. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clarke

Friday 27th September

Phew! It’s been a super busy week.  We started off on Monday with our harvest festival where the Dragonflies told everyone all about harvest in North America.  We had our second samba drums music lesson on Tuesday where we managed to show the music teacher a big improvement in our listening skills as well as some great music!

We have begun to learn about roman numerals and will be doing some more work on these next week – Theo and Lewis showed some brilliant reasoning when thinking about the trickier roman numerals! We had an exciting mix-up session on Thursday as it was the European Day of Languages.   Children talked about all the positive reasons why it is good to learn a different language to English. They then went to 6 different language zones during the day to practise speaking in different languages and have fun making, building, food tasting, playing games, all linked to different countries and their languages.

On Friday, Miah, Mia, Luna, Harriet, Shannon, Freya, Isla-Mae and Daisy all attended a girls’ football competition at Lynnsport. They had an incredibly busy day playing lots of matches against other schools and it was really lovely to see their confidence and skills grow as the day went on. Well done to them all.

Our super learners this week were Luna and Amber-Lily for their incredible Eiffel Tower design – architects or engineers in the making! Congratulations to Mia and Logan for gaining the merit certificate this week too.

Looking forward to next week!

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark


Welcome to the first Dragonflies blog 2019!

Apologies for the delayed arrival but I have had some technical issues which have now been resolved!

It has been a busy start to the term and the children are settling in well to the new school year and are getting back to being focused on their learning – we are still ‘in training’ with being ready to listen and be quiet when working but the chatting is getting less!

We have been super busy and have been working on place value in maths and learning our story text ‘Buffalo Nation’ which we are retelling orally.  Our science sessions have been focusing on what sound is and how we hear and the children enjoyed producing and filming their own ‘TV programme’ called the Science of Sound where they had to give scientific explanations using the correct vocabulary. We have had some thought provoking sessions as well; exploring the idea of happiness and the children were very interested when I shared a picture book called ‘The Man who walked between the Towers’ which helped to introduce 9/11 – a devastating and recent part of America’s history which impacted the whole world.

Tackling Tables is up and running again and we already have a  new ‘100’ superstar – well done to Georgia for achieving her blue phase multiplication.  Congratulations also to Kenzie, Seb, Miah, Theo, Oliver, Daisy, Eve and Alex who have gained the merit certificate or have been chosen to have their work displayed on the Super Learning Heroes board.  Well done!

We look forward to another week of amazing learning!

Mrs Newcombe and Mrs Clark











































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