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   Welcome to Swallows

In Swallows you will find Miss Harding and Mrs Woolnough along with Year 3 and 4 children and sometimes Mrs Hyner as well. We are determined, hard-working and kind and are looking forward to the numerous learning opportunities both in class and outside of the classroom this academic year. Please keep your eyes peeled on this blog as we will continue to update it each week.


Spring 2: A Pocket Full of Colour

This half term our learning continues around the Ancient Mayas focusing on the food they eat, in particular chocolate. The children will continue to access a range of activities through QUEST Time. Our talk4writing text for this half term is ‘How the tortoise got his shell’ which is a folk-lore/just-so story. We are continuing to read ‘Billionaire Boy’ by David Walliams and are excited about seeing this on stage towards the end of March. In Science we will continue our learning around solids, liquids and gases and focusing on key words and vocabulary. Remember to look in the useful information section to find more details.


Tuesday 31st March

Hellloooo – this is certainly very strange writing this considering the world in which we are currently living in. I for one am missing our school community and especially our class unit – Swallows, but with that aside this will be a time to remember and allow us to reset so to speak to focus on what is important – respect, honesty, love, kindness, aspects with no monetary value.

Teaching, I’ve always felt is a privilege and I am certainly missing inspiring and teaching our future generation but I have no doubt that learning continues as everyday is a school day. Keep up the hard work: read, write, create, make, bake, solve, calculate, but enjoy this journey that we are on.

Our school website continues to be updated with ideas along with our school twitter account and there is of course Mr Stink on our class you-tube page – more videos to follow shortly. But if you need some additional ideas – what about keeping a diary to remember your adventures during this time, plan a meal and the cost per person and cook it with your family’s help, write letters to family and friends, develop a new skill (I am starting to get back into cross-stitching and cycling) – make the most of each day and remember all the things we are thankful for.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling,

Miss Harding



Friday 20th March

This week we have been living history and experiencing something that none of us have experienced before – today we were meant to be seeing Billionaire Boy at the theatre but for obvious reasons this was cancelled, instead this afternoon we will watch the film before school closes next week.

I have every intention of keeping this blog updated each week with additional learning activities and opportunities to help keep those children who are at home occupied and learning. As a teacher, I am finding this incredibly surreal and it will certainly take some adjusting – what I will miss the most is the pleasure I get from reading aloud to the children and this is something I am keen to try and replicate in which every way possible – so please keep your eyes peeled.

We will continue to update twitter and stay in touch as best we can.


Friday 13th March

We have had a wonderful, but busy week in Swallows Class. This week has been National Science Week and we have completed different experiments all linked with plants including dissecting a daffodil and seeing what conditions work best to germinate a seed. On Wednesday we were lucky enough to see a real Latin band perform and learnt about the different instruments. We have nearly finished reading Billionaire Boy and are excited for our trip next week.


Thursday 5th March

Today is World Book Day and we have so many wonderful costumes from Where’s Wally, Harry Potter and even Brenda Payne for Christmasaurus that we read last term. The day is filled with lots of exciting activities and all children will come home with a book token.

During the week we’ve started to learn our class text ‘How the tortoise got his shell’ and have been developing our written methods to add and subtract. Tomorrow, we will have our weekly recorder session and write a recount of our special World Book Day day!

Remember to keep an eye on twitter for other updates – if you have any spare glass jars please bring these in for next Monday as well.


Thursday 27th February

Our first week of the Spring Term 2 is nearly over and what a marvelous week it has been. On Tuesday we had our hook for our English, with Spike the tortoise visiting – check twitter for some pictures, as well as making pancakes and even making our own version of Ancient Maya hot chocolate. Tomorrow, we are looking forward to Mr Taylor’s recorder session as well as our first science session of this half term.


Spring 1: A Pocket Full of Colour

This half term we are focusing our learning around the Ancient Mayas and will improve and develop our historical knowledge and skills. Children will complete a range of activities over the half term through QUEST Time. Our talk4writing text for the start of this half term is ‘Beware of Boys’ which focuses on instructional writing while our reading book is the short story ‘Cliffhanger’ written by Dame Jaqueline Wilson – the children are already enjoying the story and we are only a few days in. In Science we will be learning all about solids, liquids and gases and how they can change from one state to another. Remember to look in the useful information section to find more details about this half term and keep an eye on our school Twitter page.


Thursday 13th February

It doesn’t seem possible that next week is half term – and what a busy week it has been. We have worked really hard all week completing a range of assessments and we are incredibly proud of the children with some fantastic scores – Well done Swallows. We have finished our text Cliffhanger and have started Billionaire Boy and there will be a letter regarding an up-and-coming trip linked with this – cannot wait to tell the children.

Our topic will continue after half term and we look forward to seeing you back on Monday 24th February.


Thursday 6th February

This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week and we’ve been focusing on ‘finding our brave’, we’ve read different stories with brave characters as well as identifying when we’ve shown bravery. Tomorrow is Number Day where we will all be coming into school wearing patterns and numbers and participating in a range of activities before the parent café at 2pm and raising money for the NSPCC.

Don’t forget to keep updated with our twitter account – @AcademyMagdalen


Thursday 30th January

This week we’ve moved our Maths learning onto focusing on money and we’ve been really impressed with what knowledge the children have already. Next week we will be looking at some real-life problems around money including calculating change. Meanwhile in English we have started innovating our own instructions and Poppy has chosen to write instructions for Teacher Pie.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to Mr Taylor coming to help us develop our recorder sessions as well as continuing our science learning around States of Matter.


Thursday 23rd January

Another busy week – on Tuesday we had Tara-Rose and Tia represent our school for the next round of the cross-country finals and although they didn’t get through to the next round we are incredibly proud of both of them. We’ve continued our learning with multiplication and letters will be coming home shortly regarding access to Tackling Tables online – any queries come and speak to Miss Harding.

Our weaving patterns continue and hopefully these will be displayed up in a classroom shortly, we’ve also been learning about the Ancient Maya number system and will be using this during our QUEST lessons.

Tomorrow we have some children attending speed-stacking and looking forward to our next home-learning circle.

A fabulous week – well done Swallows


Thursday 16th January

We have had another awesome week in Swallows and have completed some amazing learning – have you seen the pictures on twitter of our Ancient Mayan classroom and some of us completing our next text maps. We are working hard to retell our instructional text ‘Beware of Boys’ and hopefully will be fluent with it in a couple of weeks.

On Wednesday we began weaving patterns into binca fabric as we found out that weaving was an important aspect of the Ancient Maya’s life. Hopefully we will be able to show you these in the next few weeks as they go up on display in the classroom.

Thanks also to Molly and Finley who bought in some delicious cookies linked with their home-learning, they were yummy!!!


Thursday 9th January

Welcome back – we all had a lovely Christmas break and have started the Spring Term brilliantly and eager to learn. This week we have begun our learning around the Ancient Mayas and made a temple in our classroom as well as salt-dough ‘jade’ necklaces. We’ve completed some amazing writing and thoroughly enjoyed our hook lesson where we sampled different soups. All children have now received a curriculum overview, and there is a copy under the useful information tab. Tomorrow, we will have our normal music session with Mr Taylor and develop our French skills too.


Autumn 2: Our Wonderful World: Part II

Our topic continues this half term but we are travelling from North America to South America focusing on a range of key rivers and making links to the water cycle. Children will be able to complete their learning in a range of different ways through QUEST Time. Our text for this half term will be Hodgeheg written by Dick-King-Smith and then to get us in the mood for Christmas we will also read The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher. We will be able to learn about journey stories by learning the text ‘Coming Home’, while in maths we will be focusing on developing our written calculation methods. Remember to look in the useful information section to find more details about this half term in Swallows and any questions please ask.



Friday 13th December

Wowsers – this week has been exceptionally busy, we’ve had: 2 Christmas performances, 1 Christmas dinner, a Christmas buffet provided by the Friends of School and even made Christingles among many other things. All children were fabulous during the performances of ‘Christmas through the decades’, and although we’ve had a high-level of absence the children excelled and were a real asset to our school – well done.

On Thursday and Friday we had mix-up days in our house groups to get us in the festive mood. Children completed a range of activities including: party games, making peppermint creams, learning about the Christingle, and designing their own Christmas dragons.

Next week is pretty busy as well – we have our Christingle and the termly celebration assembly on Monday 16th December and will be walking from the school at approximately 0900am – we hope you can join us.


Tuesday 3rd December

Please find our new Talk4Writing text all about Robins T4W report robin

Also we are busy practising our Christmas play which include these wonderful songs – please give them a listen at home so the children became more and more familiar with the tune and lyrics.   – Shaking Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone – Band Aid – Do they know it is Christmas – Justin Bieber – Mistletoe


We cannot wait for you to see our Christmas Performance on Tuesday 10th December at 2pm and 6pm


Thursday 28th November

This week we have started Christmas play rehearsals and the children are loving learning some of the Christmas songs – keep practising at home. Remember to bring in any costumes with names so we can start using these during rehearsals.

In maths we’ve continued to develop our knowledge of multiplication and division and tomorrow will complete an investigation to determine the differences between conductors and insulators.


Thursday 21st November

It has turned very cold this week so scarves, gloves and hats are out. We had our first Bedtime Reading Cafe last night, using Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and it was a great evening, so thank you to everyone that came and we hope to run a similar event again next term.

In class, we’ve started writing our own innovation journey stories using our class text ‘Coming Home’. Meanwhile in Maths we’ve moved onto multiplication and division and tomorrow we will look at developing our written methods. On Wednesday in science, we’ve started investigating circuits and recognised the differences between incomplete and complete circuits.

Letters will also be coming out linking with our up and coming Christmas play.


Thursday 14th November

We have had a lot of rain this week which has prevented certain jobs being completed in the new garden area, but we have started to plant some new bulbs.

Meanwhile in class we have been continuing to develop our knowledge of addition and subtraction and some children have been able to move their written methods on. We have started reading The Christmasaurus and we all really excited so far. In English, we have continued to learn the story Coming Home and will be writing diary entries next week.


Friday 8th November

This week we made our own bird feeders and wrote the instructions on how to make them as the start of our next English unit focusing on the ‘Coming Home’ text. We’ve also started our new QUEST activities and will be learning about the water cycle, South American countries and key features of the rain forest among many other things in the next few weeks.

Next week, there is a special activity morning with Mr Raynor on Wednesday, so please sign up in the school office.


Wednesday 30th October

Wow – what a busy first few days back we’ve had.

Some children attended the first round of cross-country yesterday with Tia, Tara-Rose and Kayden getting through to the next round – well done. We’ve also started reading our class text and are already sharing our knowledge of hedgehogs and hibernating during some of our class circles. on Thursday we are making bird feeders to link with our new class text and on Friday we will be learning all about Day of the Dead for a sparkly start.


Autumn 1: Our Wonderful World: Part I

This half term we are focusing our learning on the continent North America with a geography focus. Children will learn about differences in physical and human geography in the United States of America, recognise key words associated with climate and get to learn about the Titanic through our text ‘Kaspar the Prince of Cats’. In our science we will be focusing on sound and are looking forward to an up and coming class trip to Norwich Castle linked with this – more details to follow. In maths we will be developing our knowledge of place value and begin to recall some of our times table facts. Take a look in the useful information section to find more details about this half term and remember if you have any questions please ask.


Thursday 17th October

We’ve had a very busy week and are really looking forward to our American Afternoon tomorrow – we hope to see you there. In Maths we’ve been focusing on adding and using our knowledge of place value, while in English we’re read about the Statue of Liberty and used our reading skills to retrieve key information.

Tomorrow we will also see the winners of the pumpkin competition – there are so many good entries.

We hope you have an amazing half term and if you are stuck for ideas – see what information you can find out about the Day of the Dead festival.


Thursday 10th October

Yesterday we had our annual harvest service and the children performed Buffalo Nation brilliantly and shared their learning around Thanksgiving. Thanks to those who have donated for our food collection which will shortly be making its way to King’s Lynn food bank. We did have three children not able to attend the Harvest Festival as they were representing the school at a netball event, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Next week we will be handing out the home learning badges out so please make sure any home learning is in by next Thursday.


Thursday 3rd October

The weather is certainly getting colder and we are noticing the leaves falling off the trees, this must mean we are getting close to Halloween and half-term. Our school has been very lucky to receive a fantastic donation of pumpkins and we are holding a carving competition so if you have not collected yours then please speak to the school office, we are looking forward to seeing the entries on Friday 18th October.

Yesterday, we had an awesome trip to Norwich Cathedral looking at light and sound. We will update with photographs soon.

Next week we have our Harvest festival and look forward to sharing our learning with you.


Thursday 26th September

This week we have enjoyed some wonderful home-learning including a wonderful Mississippi Mud Pie from Poppy and delicious waffles from Kevin. We are continuing to perfect our retelling of Buffalo Nation and the children have started to think about the new characters they are going to use to create their own story next week. We’ve completed numerous maths meetings this week and are developing our counting and ordering skills. Tomorrow we are looking forward to another recorder session with Mr T and our fourth swimming session.

We have started looking at Thanksgiving ready for the up and coming harvest festival so bonus home learning points if you can find out information about the annual Thanksgiving Parade in New York.


Thursday 19th September

Another fabulous week with lots and lots of amazing learning. We’ve been working really hard in maths looking at number lines, counting up and down, partitioning and have started to develop our reasoning skills too. In English we are becoming much better at retelling our class text ‘Buffalo Nation’ and look forward to sharing it with you at the Harvest festival. We’ve been lucky to have brownies and cookies bought it and the children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing all aspects of their home-learning. Please remember to bring in reading records every day and home-learning should come in on Thursdays.

Thank you to everyone who came for the Parent Welcome Meetings this week – below you will find a link to the Parent Welcome Meeting powerpoint and any questions please ask.

Swallows class parents meeting


Friday 13th September

Wow – we’ve finished our first full week and what an amazing week we’ve had. We have begun learning our class text ‘Buffalo Nation’ and have even wrote poems about buffaloes. Today, we enjoyed our first music session and completed our second swimming session. We’ve enjoyed sharing Mollie’s delicious American Themed Cakes and no doubt there will be lots more amazing home-learning next week.


Friday 6th September

We’ve completed our first few days of this academic year and what an amazing few days we’ve had – well done Swallows. We started looking at our topic ‘Our Wonderful World’ and made our own sky-scrappers for our own New York City skyline as well as dream-catchers and tee-pees for our Talk4Writing text ‘Buffalo Nation’. All children have now gone home with a curriculum overview, and home-learning and spellings will be coming out next week along with dates for the parent welcome meetings.






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