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W/C Monday 16th March 2020

The Robins have been busy today working on their mental maths skills, tackling tables and practising measuring items around the classroom including themselves! We also revised the vowels of the alphabet and and the ‘br’ sound in phonics. We played netball in our PE lesson on Monday afternoon.



W/C Monday 9th March 2020

W/C Monday 2nd March 2020

W/C Monday 24th February 2020

The Robins were back from the half term holidays in fine form, they had there first ‘Toasty Monday’ practising mental maths skills and setting great scores when tackling tables. Some of the year 2s were practising SATs. The class also were matching sentences to pictures using their phonics skills during English. We had an assembly about Fair Trade products as it’s the start of Fair Trade Fortnight. In the afternoon we played netball and practised chest and bounce passing.


W/C Monday 10th February 2020

The Robins were adding maths on Monday using number lines and dice. Some of the children were doubling and halving numbers using dice to determine amounts. In English we wrote a description about something we could see. Lots of children had great ideas! In the afternoon we went into the hall where we practised our movement and balance techniques.


Thursday 6th February

This week we have had fun exploring number value. We enjoyed using our knowledge of instructional texts and our mathematical measuring skills to follow instructions and make crispy cakes for the NSPCC number day. Next week we will be making our traps to see if we can trap the elusive dragon… 

W/C   Monday 3rd February 2020

On Monday the Robins described Mufasa from the Lion King, we found out this was Miss Coopers’ favourite film! Lots of children said that he has huge, sharp teeth and soft fur! It’s Children’s Well being week and we talk about different types of feelings, lots of the children were able to show there happy, confused and surprised faces, but not matter how hard she tried Daisy could not pull an angry or sad face as she’s always so happy! We finally made a list of things that made us happy or sad. In maths we practised our adding skills using bead strings if we needed them.




W/C   Monday 27th January 2020

On Monday the Robins were busy learning all about China, we looked at the Great Wall, Flags and where in the World China was and compared it to England. We found where different counties were on maps. We know what the Chinese flag looks like and how many stars it has. In Maths we conducted a survey of the most favourite animal of the Chinese Zodiac with the Year of the Dog being the most popular. The Robins went to ask the cygnets as well as some of the staff around the school. We then made bar charts to show our results. Well done Robins.

Friday 24th January 2020

This week we have been exploring instructional texts. We have focussed on the key features of instructional texts; particularly time connectives (first, next, then etc) and enjoyed following instructions for making jam sandwiches and learning how to trap a dragon. Next week we will be writing our own instructions.

This week we have been learning about multiplication. We have been sorting objects into sets and then counting in 2’s, 5’s, and 10s to find the total. We have been learning about how multiplication is the same as repeated addition. We will continue to learn about multiplication next week.

Topic/ QUEST challenges
We have been learning about the importance of colour in festivals such as Chinese New Year. We have all enjoyed learning the Chinese Zodiac Story and retelling it to our friends using pictures and stick puppets. We have also worked as part of a team to find a way of ‘reaching the island’ without ‘falling into the water’.

Many children wanted to learn about Chinese writing so as the week went on we discovered and used Chinese symbols to write our own names. We also used a search engine called ‘kiddle’ to find out facts about China.


Monday 20th January 2020

The Robins all made jam sandwiches today, there were more than a few experts… needless to say they were all eaten up!

Friday 17th January 2020

Monday 6th January 2020

The Robins had a good first day back and enjoyed telling Mr Dowers what they had been up to over the holidays. We have been looking at time and days of the week in maths and thinking about what we do at different times of each day. After break we wrote about the fantastic presents Santa had brought the children and the very early times some of the children were up on Christmas morning!


Gymnastics Tuesday 19th November 2019

The Robin’s were in the hall today for a Gymnastics lesson with Mr Dowers. They played ‘Stuck in the Mud’ as well as balancing with some extra challenges to make it very tricky! At the end lesson the children demonstrated some fantastic forward rolls…  


Friday 4th of October 2019

“I like my new class, and I like it when we mix with the Cygnets next door.” said Betsy.

“I’ve enjoyed doing maths, it’s fun having a challenge.” said Daisy.

Dominic says “I like school because we learn everything everyday.”

Brian said “I like working hard in Robins.”

Logan said “I like playing outside with my friends.”

Ivy said ” I have enjoyed learning the Little Red Hen for English.”

Leighton says “I’m happy we can now go in the new garden.”

Harry says “I like having a sticker chart at school.”

Jackson says “I like doing GO Noodle everyday and I like learning my spellings and adding numbers.”

Ollie says “I like playing on the bikes with my friends.”

Alfie says “I like learning how to write.”

George says “I’m happy to have a challenge and like choosing harder challenges.”

Riley says “I like learning times tables, reading  and spellings.”


















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