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Friday 4th of October 2019

“I like my new class, and I like it when we mix with the Cygnets next door.” said Betsy.

“I’ve enjoyed doing maths, it’s fun having a challenge.” said Daisy.

Dominic says “I like school because we learn everything everyday.”

Brian said “I like working hard in Robins.”

Logan said “I like playing outside with my friends.”

Ivy said ” I have enjoyed learning the Little Red Hen for English.”

Leighton says “I’m happy we can now go in the new garden.”

Harry says “I like having a sticker chart at school.”

Jackson says “I like doing GO Noodle everyday and I like learning my spellings and adding numbers.”

Ollie says “I like playing on the bikes with my friends.”

Alfie says “I like learning how to write.”

George says “I’m happy to have a challenge and like choosing harder challenges.”

Riley says “I like learning times tables, reading  and spellings.”


















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