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Monday 10th December

What a busy week it has been with the Christmas play! You’re children have done a great job learning their lines (if they had some), learning the songs and joining in well with pulling the Christmas play together. In the middle of all that, Robin’s class have been making their own stories based on Babushka, which they will be writing this week. They have also learnt about shape and how to tell the time. It was great to see some of them at the Christmas fair and we now look forward to our plays on Tuesday, the pantomime on Wednesday and Decoration Day on Friday. Look on twitter for more immediate notifications.

Monday 26th November

What another busy week in Robins class! We have tried our hardest to learn the story of Babushka, which involved Mr Raynor and Mrs Woolnough dressing up as a king and an old lady. This week we’ll be thinking about how we can change the story to write our own. In maths, we have cemented our  understanding of multiply and divide. For some children it was about learning about what the symbols mean (x, we call lots of and ÷, we call shared by), although they have lots of other names but for others we learnt about what happens when we multiply or divide by 10 or 100. Quest time has seen lots of independent learning completed and two children have received chance cards for completing lots of challenges. This week sees the children really get to grips with the Christmas play, learning the songs and/or lines.

Monday 19th November

We have had a great week! This has been largely due to being able to make Fifteens (the biscuits the children made for Children in Need) and getting to wrap a Teddy in different materials and dunk him in water to find out which of them were waterproof. This was as well as learning about multiplication, division and adjectives. The children watched PJ Masks as part of their learning and listened to a counting in 3s version of ‘Up town funk you up.’ Then there is all the fantastic learning I have seen in the QUEST room and during our Tuesdays home learning circles. What a great time Robins are having! Let’s keep it up!

Monday 5th November

This week has seen our visit to King’s Lynn. The children had a brilliant time walking around the town, learning about the different buildings and sharing their thoughts and ideas. We have then written a recount; learning about the importance of editing (looking for and fixing mistakes) and re drafting (writing it again with the mistakes fixed). We have also been swimming and managed to fit in learning about subtraction. Just another week in Robin’s class!

Monday 29th October

It has been an exciting week in Robin’s class as all our maths and English learning has been taught through different subjects. In art and design we practised different patterns and found the rule to know which one came next. We also wrote captions for our own pictures. In design and technology we wrote evaluations about Lego; what was good about it and what could be even better. Computing was all about different directions in algorithms; left, right, forwards,backwards, quarter, 90 degrees, and how to create one. In geography we compared King’s Lynn to Paris and looked at our compass directions. Lastly, in history we began to learn about the Great Fire of London. What a busy week we had!

Friday 21st September

Welcome to our first blog – Robins Class got into the swing of their Talk4Writing story by acting out a quest where we had a look around the whole school and found a strange room! We made some lovely potions using measuring in maths during Roald Dahl Day (last week). We also had a lot of fun singing different songs and watching different videos including; baby-shark and King’s Lynn in the 1950s and 1960s.


















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