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Welcome to Owls – KS2

We are the Owls and we respect each other. We are kind, helpful and happy children.  We are eager to learn new things, we approach our learning with enthusiasm and show great resilience when faced with challenges.

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Summer Term 2 – Around the world in 63 days – Part II

Our final half term of this academic year and it is quite a long half-term too – 7 weeks and 3 days so lots of opportunity for learning. Carrying on with this topic children will be able to learn more about the continents of Europe, North and South America and Asia through QUEST time. Our English will also continue using our class text all about San Francisco to help write our own non-chronological report. While in mathematics we will continue to develop our written methods and also look at properties of shape including angles.

All children have received the curriculum overview and home learning linked to our topic – both of these can be found under the curriculum information tab.

Friday 19th July

On Wednesday the Owls had a calculator session solving arithmetic sums and following clues.




Thursday 11th July

What a busy week we’ve had, making pizzas, playing water games, calculating wages and writing our own stories.

Thank you to everyone who came to the fair we had a great time despite the weather.

Next week is our last full week and we have our zoo trip which we are all excited for.


Tuesday 9th July 2019

Today we made the tastiest Pitta Bread Pizzas! Thank you Mr Dowers.










Thursday 4th July 2019

It has been a gorgeous week with sunshine more or less each day. Yesterday, we had our annual Sports Day, where all children were split into their different house groups and participated in different activities including: hockey, tennis, football and hurdles. Well done to the winners – Green 1 who scored the most points.

Tomorrow is dress-down day as we prepare for our summer fair, as well as our first round of auditions for Magdalen’s Got Talent and we are all looking forward to seeing the different talents our wonderful school has.

Remember to hand in your zoo letters if you haven’t already.


Thursday 27th June 2019

What a busy few weeks we’ve had – sorry for the lack of class blog updates.

This week we’ve started planning our own travel guides using our learning from the talk4writing unit focusing around San Francisco, we hope to get these finished by the end of the week. We have also spent some time preparing for our sports day next week  – we  hope you can join us on Wednesday 3rd July at 09:30am and we are keeping our fingers crossed for no rain!

In mathematics we’ve been developing our knowledge of statistics and on Friday will look at pie-charts. Don’t forget the home-learning country challenge – any questions please ask.


Friday 7th June 2019

Welcome back to the Summer Term – our very last half-term of this academic year. This week we’ve had the pleasure of being taught by Mr Dowers and Mrs Hammond. We have learnt lots more information about San Francisco and began learning about angles in different shapes along with lots of other things. This week we have also had a book fair in school which many children were able to purchase books from – keep your eyes peeled for new books in the classroom too.


Summer Term 1 – Around the world in 63 days!

During the Summer Term our topic is titled ‘Around the World in 63 days’ (that is how many full days we have in school until the summer holidays!) During this topic there will be opportunities to learn about the different continents, currencies of the world and key landmarks associated with particular countries. The topic will be taught through QUEST (Questioning, Understanding, Exploration, Skills and Theme) Time, where children will be able to choose their own learning independently through a series of challenges.

In English, we will begin by focusing on a persuasive writing in particular a travel guide linked with San Francisco – the children will learn to retell this text and apply to their own writing. Science this half term, focusing on a unit titled ‘Animals including humans’ which focuses on the physical changes that humans go through from birth to old age. All children have received the curriculum overview and home learning linked to our topic – both of these can be found under the curriculum information tab.


Thursday 23rd May 2019

Wow – what an incredibly busy week and we still have 1 day to go.

We have had Health and Wellness week this week focusing on keeping healthy including having a healthy mind. On Monday, we had our annual federation Olympic sports event which was a huge success and we look forward to seeing who will receive the ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place next half term. Tuesday was a much quieter day but on Wednesday the Year 6s visited London, which was an exciting and memorable day watching Wicked and visiting numerous famous sites of London, while the Year 5s also attended a cricket event.

It has been a busy an enjoyable week and remember keep your eyes peeled for updates to the gallery and remember to follow the school on twitter @AcademyMagdalen

Have a fabulous half term


Friday 17th May 2019

This week has been SATs week for our Year 6s – they have started each day with a positive attitude and strived to achieve their very best. We are all incredibly proud – well done. To celebrate their hard-work we enjoyed a fish and chip lunch yesterday and today we are having a special sporting day with a visit from Paralympian Sean Rose.

Next week is another busy, busy, busy week with Health and Wellness week – remember packed lunches and PE kits for Monday as we have our annual Federation Olympic Sports Event at Lynnsport.


Thursday 9th May 2019

A 4 day week this week due to the bank holiday but we’ve still managed to squeeze lots in. We’ve continued our QUEST learning focusing on the continent Africa – some of us have developed our map reading skills by recognising key places such as the Sahara Desert and Mount Kilomanjaro, while others used maths skills to calculate arrival times based on flight times and time zones and there were also opportunities to improve our reading skills using the just-so-story ‘How the rhinoceros got his skin!’

Our Year 6s continue to work hard ready for next week – keep up the hard-work. We are incredibly proud and know that next-week you will give the SATs your very best effort.

Don’t forget your 50ps tomorrow for the bake sale at school which is raising money for Mrs Carpenter and Miss Harding who will be completing the Moonwalk (26.2 miles walk) in aid of Walk the Walk charity.


Thursday 2nd May 2019

Wow – what a busy week we’ve had.

On Tuesday the Year 6s attended Crucial Crew at King’s Lynn fire station where they learnt lots about staying safe on the coast, the impact of posting photographs and comments online and what to do if you experience a fire among manner other things – all children were engaged and were good role-models for our school. Well done Year 6 – photographs are in the gallery.

On Thursday we had a waste free lunch due to local elections, which also meant we had to have PE outside which was spent developing our cricket skills. Tomorrow, we will begin our new science unit and continue to work on our maths arithmetic skills.


Thursday 25th April 

Welcome back we are now in the last term of this academic year – doesn’t seem possible!

We have started our new topic by learning lots about Canada and India in particular the Taj Mahal and we even made flat-breads too. Tomorrow, we are off to St Germans Academy for a sparkly start event where we will learn lots about different countries.

Don’t forget the curriculum overview and new home-learning has gone out – if there are any questions please ask!


Spring Term 2 – It’s not fair!

This half term our topic continues with ‘It’s not fair!’ focusing on chocolate especially the production, marketing and the confectionery industry in the U.K. The topic will be taught through QUEST (Questioning, Understanding, Exploration, Skills and Theme) Time, where children will independently access a range of challenges – we will then share our learning at the end of each session and also present our learning at the end of the half term. We cannot wait for our up-and-coming trip to Cadbury World that links with our learning.

In English, we will focus on recounts as well as developing our inference skills when reading. In Science we are looking at properties of materials and will compare different materials and select the most appropriate material for different purposes. All children have received the curriculum over – this can be found under the curriculum information tab.


Thursday 4th April 2019

We made it to the last week of term – only tomorrow to go!!

This week we’ve been learning about ratio and proportion in mathematics, while in English we’ve written thank-you letters and newspaper reports in relation to our trip to the Cadbury World. Tomorrow, we have our Easter Service at the church and look forward to seeing you there.

We come back to school on Tuesday 23rd April and in the afternoon we have special Friends of School cafe where the winners of the Easter bonnet competition will be revealed.


Thursday 28th March 2019

Our visit to Cadbury World last week was definitely the highlight of the week – although we had an early start it was a day to remember. We all saw and smelt real cocoa beans, got to see how Cadbury make their chocolate, attempted to temper our own chocolate and even had a 4D experience. It was a fantastic day and something that many children will remember for a long time.

This week, we’ve continued to use our trip to enhance our learning by writing recounts, and the Year 5s designed their own Cadbury style theme park too. The Year 6s have finished their assessments and have performed incredibly well and their achievements were celebrated with hot chocolate and cakes on Wednesday.

Next week is the last week before the Easter holidays – please don’t forget to join us at our Easter Service next Friday!


Thursday 21st March 2019

It has been a busy week but we are all so excited about our trip to Cadbury World tomorrow. It will be a fantastic opportunity for children to share their learning around chocolate production and see first-hand a chocolate factory in action. We look forward to sharing our experience with you next week.

Well done to the Year 6s who have started their next round of assessments – keep up the hard work.


Friday 15th March 2019

Today we have had a mix-up science morning in our house groups – we were able to learn about light, investigate friction, make slime and find out which side of our brain is more dominant – a superb morning and this afternoon we will conclude the day with a special National Science Week assembly.

During the week we’ve also learnt about the area of triangles, how to calculate the volume of shapes and even written reply letters offering advice in the subjunctive voice. A fabulous week in Owls.

Have a good weekend – see you next week!

1 week and counting till Cadbury World


Thursday 7th March 2019

This week we have lost the glorious sunshine, which has been replaced with rain and wind. Hopefully we will see the sun again soon, but we did manage to enjoy pancakes on Tuesday – yum yum!

Although today is officially World Book Day we are looking forward to celebrating our day tomorrow, where no doubt there will be lots of interesting characters. Keep your eyes on the gallery as we will update with lots of pictures through the day. In English this week, we’ve started looking at the text Pete’s return which is a recount and relates to last half-terms text – we are already really interested and have started learning about the process involved in making chocolate. In maths we’ve moved on to looking at measure especially focusing on converting units of measure and tomorrow we will link our maths learning to World Book Day.

Don’t forget those costumes and books for tomorrow!


Thursday 28th February 2019

This week has just flown by and we have crammed lots in including: identifying the properties of different materials; recognizing key facts associated with Sikhism; and improving our arithmetic knowledge and skills. Some children have even represented the school at a football competition. Tomorrow, we are going to apply our new knowledge of Sikhism to make a class non-fiction book, and continue our maths learning around algebra.


Spring Term 1 – It’s not fair!

Reduce – Recycle – Reuse: Our topic this term is all about sustainability and fair-trade focusing on chocolate production and the rain-forest. We will start the term by learning about what fair-trade is and how importing and exporting relate to this. To also continue the engagement we will have a Together Day a with children from Year 5 and 6 from Wimbotsham and Stow Academy and St Germans Academy – during this day we will look at the role of solar and wave power thanks to Kevin from the Solar Shed as well as learning a sustainability song and making fair-trade paper beads. Topic sessions will continue to be taught through QUEST time.

Linked with this in English we will learn to retell the portal story ‘The door in the woods’ where the main character Pete is transported to a rain forest – please find the text under the tab ‘Curriculum Information’.


Thursday 14th February

This week has been assessment week and all children have tried their very best and we were able to celebrate with some cakes yesterday. Even with assessments happening we’ve been able to write recounts, learn about the active and passive voice and start to prepare mini-presentations about our QUEST learning. Tomorrow, we are learning about water resistance and will be plotting our own graphs before sharing our mini-presentations with others.

Have a fantastic half-term and see you on Monday 25th February



Thursday 7th February

This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week so we’ve had several special assemblies focusing on different aspects including the importance of a balanced diet, exercise, sleep as well as e-safety. Throughout the week we’ve also ran the daily-mile which we discussed during house-circles with many children keen to make it a regular event.

Also this week, we’ve been able to complete our hot writes and finished our learning on percentages. Today, we completed a science investigation into materials and air-resistance based on the plans from last week. Next week, is the last week before half-term and it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve nearly completed another half-term.


Thursday 31st January

Well we’ve nearly reached the end of January and what a cold week it has been so far. This week despite some of us suffering with colds and things we’ve done lots and lots of learning. In English we innovated our own portal/rainforest stories while in maths we’ve used our knowledge of percentages to calculate increases and decreases and also missing values. Tomorrow is our Number Day – so don’t forget we have our Maths Cafe at 2pm and we are looking forward to seeing lots of parents, family members, carers etc.

Earlier today we started to get ready for Number Day and enjoyed making coconut mice where we had to scale-down a recipe. Have a look in the gallery for some pictures – they look really scrummy so no doubt will help raise money for the NSPCC!

Hopefully see some of you tomorrow!


Thursday 24th January

Another week nearly done-and-dusted. This week we’ve been learning about the positive and negatives associated with palm-oil and also the pledge that the supermarket Iceland made which we used to write a balanced argument. In maths we’ve finished our learning around decimals and have moved on to percentages and tomorrow we will be focusing on finding percentages of amounts.

During QUEST time some children have been locating the different rainforests of the world and also using their maths skills to calculate the ingredients needed for a number of chocolate bars when given ingredients for only 1. In science we undertook an investigation to determine whether there was any link between Newtons and Kg – and do you know what, there is….


Friday 18th January

Another very busy week in Owls Class – we’ve started practicing retelling our class text ‘The door in the forest’ and the story can be found underneath curriculum information tab so you can practice at home. In math’s we’ve looked at decimals and towards the end of the week started to make links with fractions and decimals. Meanwhile we have also started our QUEST time and the children have already started to design their own chocolate bars, create posters and leaflets on the rainforest as well as learn about chocolate production.


Thursday 10th January 2019

We’ve nearly completed our first full week back at school after the Christmas Holiday and we’ve squeezed in so much! We’ve had an introduction to fair-trade and learnt about how this relates to import and export and we will continue this learning tomorrow during our Together Day – check next week for photos. During English we’ve also started looking at ‘The door in the woods’ and used this to complete some short-burst writing – instructions to look after an abandoned orangutan and a rain forest description. Meanwhile in maths we’ve started focusing on decimals including multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Home-learning has also gone out this week along with the curriculum overview – both of these can be found under the curriculum overview tab.


Autumn Term 2 – We’re going on a Quest Part II

Our overall topic continues this half term focusing on World War I in particular a local history focus. The children will continue to learn about this area through QUEST time as well as a class trip to the Stories of Lynn Museum. During science we will continue to develop our knowledge of Earth and Space looking at how beliefs have changed over time due to scientific evidence.

A curriculum overview has been sent home but an electronic copy is also available under the curriculum information tab.  If you have any other queries or questions please do not hesitate to speak to me (Miss Harding) and keep on eye on our weekly blog.

Thursday 13th December

What a very busy week…

On Tuesday we had our Christmas performances – one in the afternoon and one in the evening. All parents and family enjoyed Christmas 1914 and some lovely comments were made despite a slight technical issue in the evening performance. On Wednesday, we had our last swimming session and also went to the King’s Lynn pantomime (Oh yes we did!). Today we’ve had sports coaches in and the Year 6s finished off their assessments. Tomorrow, is Christmas Jumper Day as well as Christmas Decoration morning (hopefully we will see some of you) and Christmas lunch – oh and it is Miss Harding’s birthday too! A very, very busy week – next week although is only 2 days will be busy preparing for the Spring Term.


Thursday 6th December

This week we have focused on our Christmas performance ‘Christmas 1914’ and we are really looking forward to the performance next week but we still have some practise to do. Even with the play practise happening we’ve been able to learn about co-ordinates, complete our Christmas plates for the village hall competition and some of us are even participating in a swimming gala today.

This time of year is so busy but we’ve been really lucky in Owls class as we have a very special book advent calendar – some children have already had their turn and everyone else is looking forward to seeing what book they receive. Ask your children about this – they are all really excited by it!

Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday at our performances at 2pm and 6pm


Thursday 29th November

The last week in November – doesn’t seem possible that we can begin our advent calendars on Saturday! This week has been full of lots of different learning activities. On Tuesday we were able to consolidate our fraction learning by solving a range of different problems all linked with the decoration of a new classroom. This week we’ve also been working really hard to write out hot-write articles based around the Christmasaurus (our class text) – Isabella was even awarded the Wall of Excellence for her story.

Next week will see us really focus on our Christmas play – don’t forget the performance will be on the 11th December at 2pm and 6pm.


Thursday 22nd November

This week we started reading through the Christmas play script – I know it seems a little early but our performance of 11th December will be here before we know it. The Christmas play this year relates to our learning of World War I and follows the story of different families and their roles within the war.

Yesterday we went swimming and we were able to continue to work on our front strokes – some of us will be competing in the up and coming swimming gala in early December too. Meanwhile today we continued being active during our sports coach session which focused around key athletic skills, again for an up and coming event.

Next week sees our Christmas Fair and a Yr6 trip to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.


Thursday 15th November

Yesterday we had our second swimming session but for some it was their first due to previous sporting events. We also started designing our Christmas cards (I know, not even December yet!) which will be sent off and then parents and families will be able to order them online – details to follow.

We’ve continued our learning around fractions and used our recent learning on newspaper articles to write our own news scripts linking with the terrible fires in California (children’s choice). Children also went home this week with letters for log-ins for a new PiXL timestable app to support their times table knowledge – the school ID is MG5884


Thursday 8th November

This week has been another busy week, but the highlight has definitely been our trip to the Stories of Lynn Museum focusing on World War I. We learnt all about the trenches, the uniforms soldiers had to wear, looked at letters from the soldiers and we even marched to the World War I memorial at Tower Gardens. Keep your eyes peeled for photographs of the trip in the next week or so!


Thursday 1st November

Welcome back to our blog – first of Autumn Term 2. This week we’ve started learning a new text in English ‘Aliens are coming’ which is a newspaper article which links with our learning from last half term. We’ve also had our first swimming session and have started our learning around fractions in mathematics.

New home-learning has also gone out for this half term so please ask if unsure! Next week we go on our school trip to the Stories of Lynn museum and look forward to sharing the day with you.


Autumn Term 1 – We’re going on a Quest part I

As we are now running Quest Time all day (please ask your children or a member of staff if you would like to know more), this means that children will be able to be immersed in their learning around the topic. This half term we are focusing on World War I and the reason it started. Children will be able to learn about the local impact as well as learn about remembrance and take part in the British Legion Poppy Display competition.

Our English and Science lessons focus around Space and the children will have opportunities to complete a range of lessons to enhance their knowledge of our Solar System. Please find the curriculum overview under the tab ‘Curriculum Information’. If you have any other queries or questions please do not hesitate to speak to me (Miss Harding) and keep an eye out for our weekly blog.


Thursday 11th October

The weather this week has been just glorious and fingers crossed it will last especially for the Academy KWEST Event tomorrow at Lynnsport. The children have been working hard and rehearsing different scenes which we will then perform in front of the other schools within the Trust – we are all very excited and look forward to sharing some pictures from the event.

In maths this week, we’ve focused on division and using multiplication facts to solve problems and many of us were able to apply our reasoning skills. We’ve also been practising for the Harvest festival and are looking forward to that next week. Lots of things happening so keep on eye on the website and don’t forget the newsletter!


Thursday 4th October

Another week nearly completed. Well done to all children in Owls, as they have worked really hard all week completing a range of assessments – we will use these assessments to look at the next steps and areas for development. Each and everyone should be very proud of themselves for trying their very best.

Also during this week,we had our first practise for the KWEST event next week and continued our learning around World War I. Home learning has been rather impressive as well – Vitor built a rather impressive solar system. As an extra activity this week (remember an extra 2 prize tickets) can you write down two of your favourite books and what happens in each book and why you like them – I can’t wait to find out what books you like!


Thursday 27th September

We’ve nearly completed another week and it has been a week full of lots of learning ranging from looking at adverbs to using our knowledge of inverse to solve subtraction and addition problems. During QUEST time children have been able to develop their knowledge of World War I and some children have even started creating models of trenches. Today, we’ve continued learning about the solar system and hope to finish our posters soon.

Thank you to those children that returned the home learning activities this week – it is always a pleasure to see your learning that you do away from school. For some extra prize tickets this week can you write down 10 number sentences that make 100 with 3 numbers per number sentence e.g. 55 + 33 + 12 = 100


Thursday 20th September

We are now firmly into the swing of learning in Owls Class although this week we’ve had a classroom move due to an unexpected situation involving the school conservatory. Despite this, we’ve been able to transfer all furniture and displays to our new classroom and no learning time has been affected.

This week we’ve also started our QUEST Time, and children are enjoying independently learning about World War I while also having opportunities to work in small groups when learning Maths and English.

Thank you to those parents who came to the ‘Parent Welcome Meeting’ – if you missed it please just come and speak to me about any queries.

Home learning, reading records and spellings will be going home tomorrow and again if there are any queries please do not hesitate to come and see me. This weeks bonus home learning focuses on our Science topic and is worth 5 points: Research NASA and Cape Canaveral try and include at least 7 sentences/facts – Good Luck!


Thursday 13th September

Welcome back to Owls’ Class Blog – we have now been back at school a week and have already been very busy with our new learning. Our new topic this term is ‘We’re going on a Quest’ which links with World War I. Things have changed as we have moved classrooms and as Magdalen Academy has gone to three classes we now have Year 5 and 6 in Owls.

Tomorrow is Roald Dahl Day so we are looking forward to seeing all the fantastic costumes associated with books by the famous author. Parents are welcome at 2pm tomorrow for our first Reading Cafes and we’re looking forward to seeing you. Next week we have our parent welcome meetings as well to discuss the learning for the term. Keep your eyes peeled for reading records and new home learning.











































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