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Welcome to Owls – KS2 – Years 5 and 6

Mr Raynor and Mrs Hyner are the main adults in the classroom, trying their best to help your child grow up to be a brave, strong, respectful and resourceful person. Magdalen Academy is a wonderful school with amazing pupils. As children at the top of the year groups, it is Owls job to be role models and support the other years with their learning as they learn themselves.


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Thursday 26th March

Fractions – They can be tricky. Start by knowing what one is. How they are part of a whole. Know that you have one and the split it into equal parts. Then you can get some of those equal parts – like in 3 quarters or two thirds where the numerator is more than one. Find fractions of shapes and then amounts. Move on to equivalent fractions and then we can add and subtract them. I’ll make some videos about multiplying and dividing fractions later on.

Here are some resources.

Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-2-RPS-Equivalent-Fractions-1 Year-4-Spring-Block-3-Step-2-VF-Equivalent-Fractions-1 Fractions WR unit and non-unit fractions fractions—Comparing-fractions-of-amounts T2-M-103-Equivalent-Fractions-Worksheet T2-M-409-Equivalent-Fractions-Worksheets

Monday 24th March

This is obviously going to take some getting used to. I’m in school on Wednesday and when I’m not I have plenty of work to do. I am going to keep putting resources on here, and I have my own YouTube channel where you can watch lessons.

Here are some of the resources I have mentioned. Please use Twitter @Academy Magdalen for more.

Both will heavily support with writing and one is specific to mystery and suspense.

PT3.4 Toolkit Progression Guide

mystery and suspense ideas

Take care guys and please contact us if you need anything.

Monday 16th March

Well I was right…it was a busy week. That you to all who dressed up in sportswear and climbed for Sports Relief. Thank you to all who bought wrist bands and a massive thank you to anyone who collected sponsorship money.

Everyone one joined in science week well. The rising water with fire was particularly good. Keep enjoying science.

Next week year 6 are going to go through a mock SATs, so they know exactly what it will be like and I can see if there is anything I can do in the last couple of weeks to support them passing or doing even better than that. Year 5s are going to carry on learning. We are looking to fill in any gaps we can know so we can start year 6 right.

Keep it up guys and let’s enjoy our time until Easter.


Monday 9th March

We have had a lovely couple of weeks. This will be a busy week, with science week and Sports Relief happening in the same week.

World book day was great with children dressing up and bringing in their book to go with their costume. Owls are still working hard in maths and it would be great if they could have a go at White Rose’s problem of the days. These can be found on Twitter.

Spellings, reading and times tables are really important for your child. They are all improving but we need your support at home to keep them improving. They come home with their spellings, are welcome to choose a book from our library or read their own from home and they all have a working tackling tables login.

Thank you for all your hard work.

Monday 17th February

You should be very proud of your child at school. Owls are getting better and better with each half term. Their last piece of writing was collectively brilliant as they are getting better at finishing their pieces of work. On their arithmetic papers they are completing more and more questions as well as getting more of them correct. Some children are even getting 33/36 and although progress is the most important thing, it is great that some children are getting so many questions correct. Every child has completed their QUEST challenges this half term; showing me that they are improving their skills and knowledge in subjects across the curriculum. Next half term I’m expecting even more. I would like a story as good as their last piece of writing, more children getting 30/36 correct on their arithmetic tests and QUEST challenges completed with even higher quality.

As I have said – your child is getting better and better and is in a great place to push on and really reach their potential.

Monday 3rd February

Only two weeks left of this half term now. This week we have; written a whole story to finish the story – The Three Brothers, completed another experiment in science – finding out which material is the best insulator and learnt more about converting units of measurement.

We have Number Day coming up on 7th February – Friday. All money is for the NSPCC so we are asking for a pound from each child and we will be selling biscuits made by the children during the day.

Owls class are really impressing me with their attitude and behaviour at the moment and if they can keep it up they are all going to be successful.

Monday 27th January

We have finished a week of tests for all Owls. I’ve been telling the children that ‘test’ is not a dirty word. They help me know how the children are getting on with everything they have learnt since they started their schooling journey. It also helps me know who might need extra support and what they need extra support with. Tackling tables online will be a great support for their maths; reading everyday or as much as possible and reading a wide range of material will support their reading and writing skills. The home learning sheets they bring home will support all their skills in a more creative way and link the learning between school and home.

Even though we had a week of tests, we were still able to perform a couple of science experiments that can been seen on Twitter. We learn about timelines and chronology and had time to complete Harry Potter themed challenges.

Monday 20th January

Another fantastic week in Owls class. We’ve started learning our new story ‘The Three Brothers’. This is a short story told by Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. The children have been sent a copy of the script and map home to learn. The better they learn it, the more it will help them with their writing. Remember, the more they read, the better writers they are likely to become. We have completed our learning about perimeter, area and volume; so ask your child anything about finding the perimeter of any shape, the area of a rectangle or triangle and the volume of a cube/cuboid. We have started our QUEST challenges. These are tasks across the subjects that children can do in any order. Many children have already completed a lovely chalk drawing or designed their own wand (which they will get to make). The children have some assessments this week to see how they are getting on with their learning.

Note: The children will need to dress up in numbers on the 7th February for number day.

Monday 13th January

Here we are then in another new year; 2020. I am really happy with where Owls are at the moment. This has been a brilliant week where they have shown me their ability to listen, work as a team, keep the classroom tidy, complete tasks, use technology and join in with all the things we are doing. Every minute counts now; especially for, but not limited to, the year sixes who have SATS coming up in May. There are lots of different things happening now to support all the children the the class to be the best they can be as learners and academics. We are all engaged in guided reading, quick grammar tests, spellings, arithmetic booklets and more individual/group learning will be starting this week. If you would like to know more about the extra support your child is receiving, please ask me at any point before or after school. Harry Potter day was brilliant and the children loved making their own Harry Potter film trailers. Sci-Fri was another big success and the video of what we did can be seen online.

Please carry on encouraging your child to put as much effort into their leaning as they can.

Monday 30th December

For the loyal readers of Owls blog, apologies for the length of time between the last update and this one. What a great ending to the term. The Christingle, plays, dinner, decoration day and lots more fun. Owls class are maturing all the time and I’m happy with where we are starting in January. Now is the time to put in lots of hard work and effort in order to achieve the best we can.

On the day we get back, we are having a Harry Potter day. Please dress up! It would be amazing to have as many wizards as possible with full wizard uniform, wands and maybe even broomstick. You did all receive a list of things you would need. This is a non-uniform day for Year 6 but it is a Harry Potter day.

Happy New Year! I’ll see you very soon.

Monday 11th November

Week 2 has come and gone. The children have enjoyed lots of their normal learning; maths, English, science, history etc. We had a great time at Tag Rugby on Wednesday; the children did us all proud. 3 Owls also went to play dodgeball at Lynnsport. We have done a good job at learning our new story for Talk for Writing. This coming week their is a hospital visit for year 6. On Monday we will have the 2 minute silence for all those who gave their lives in war.

On Wednesday there is an activity morning with me. All ages are welcome. We are going to make a self propelling car.

Here we go again.

Monday 4th November

Another week has soon passed us by. Owls class have worked very hard on their timetables. They have learnt about many new things: inheritance in science, timelines about Victorian transport, e-safety, body parts in French and more. Hopefully your child is coming home and telling you somethings about their day.

This week we have got Tag Rugby (Wednesday) for chosen children and dodgeball (Thursday). It is the beginning of barvember; look on Twitter or ask Mr Raynor for more on that. You can also google it.

Let’s have another great week.

Half term Photos

Here are some pictures of things we have done this half term.

Monday 21st October

One half term down, 5 more to go. When we come back it will be all hands to the pumps. We have cross country, dodge-ball and tag rugby soon after we come back. You’re child have already have a letter or they will get one soon. There has been lots of good work completed this half term and I look forward to getting back into it after a break.

Keep up all the hard work.

Monday 14th October

Another busy week has passed us by. Thank you to all who came to the church for the harvest festival. The children were brilliant. We are now learning how to write non-fiction writing; a biography about George Stevenson. We are getting closer to the end of Clockwork by Phillip Pullman and we are learning more and more French. We are now confident at adding and subtracting and we will practise using the inverse this week.

There are two things happening this week in OWls. We are in Norwich for a science visit on Wednesday afternoon and 4 children from Magdalen are representing KWEST at Hillcrest in football.

We are planning our jar lesson this week so if you haven’t, please bring in a glass jar.

Here is the script we are learning. The better the children learn it the better their writing will get.

George Stephenson

Monday 7th October

What a busy time we’re having at the beginning of the year! Owls were amazing at the Victorian school and loved every minute. Each one of them got into character superbly. When ma’am said stand up, they stood up; when she said sing louder, they sang louder. They have now had a great experience of being Victorians, not just learning about them. See the gallery for pictures. There was another visit for some children as they went to play handball to experience a new sport with children from St Germans and other schools at Lynn Sport.

Back in the school, the children have shown that they can add and subtract using formal methods and they have all written a story. I was very impressed! This week we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at the Harvest Festival.

We would also like each children to have a glass jar as well for a lesson.

Thanks for reading.

Monday 22nd September

Another lovely week. Full of Power Points, maps, Victorians, recorders and circuits. Rounding in maths and describing in English. It’s been a lovely week and the children are doing the school proud. Pass on the praise for me.

Here is the Power Point from the Meet The Teacher Meeting on Wednesday. Any questions about anything, ever, please ask.

Meet the teacher

Application for Digital Leaders are due in on Wednesday 24th September. Congratulations to 4 OWls children who are going to be playground leaders.

Let’s have another brilliant week and lets keep improving all our skills in every subject.

Monday 15th September

Owls have done a few things this week. We have had interviews with Mr Raynor to find out how we feel about the class and what we can do to be a good team player. Some children want to be Digital Leaders or Playground Leaders. Others are happy to be classroom monitors. They have all agreed that they need to be role models for the rest of the school. We have looked into a mystery box, only to find a tea bag. We have started learning our new story. The link is below to find a copy of the story. We have learned about place value in numbers up to 1 million. We have been given our home learning and our first set of spellings. We have looked at Sir Jon Everett Millas (an artist) and played some drawing games. We learned a little about the Victorians already. We have had a good time swimming and playing a game with strawberry shoelaces. We look forward to the second full week and hopefully our digital leaders will be writing the next blog.

Sandy Cove 2

The start of a new era

This is the first entry in our weekly blog. It is my intention for the children to complete them each week. I’m very excited to start a new year and see where the children end up at the end.

There are already a few things to be aware of.

Within the first few weeks there will be a meeting in the classroom where parents can come to discuss the year and meet their new or not-so-new teacher. So please look out for a date.

There is swimming and PE on the first Thursday back so please bring in the appropriate kit.

Tuesday 1st October – Visit to Great Cressingham Victorian School.

More information will be available very soon but our first topic is going to focus on the Victorians.











































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