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Autumn Term 2:

Home Learning Leaflet

Click the link to see a copy of the home learning leaflet. How many points will you earn?

Aut 2 – home learning


7th December

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, we have begun to go to town on the decorations in Cygnets Class. We have made Christmas Tree decorations with salt dough, baking them in the oven until cool and they are now beautifully painted.

The children have created their own fireplace for the role play area, and we even have a sleigh to take Santa and the presents around the world!

The children are all continuing to make amazing progress with their reading and writing. This week the focus has been on writing their own versions of this half term’s Talk for Writing story “Alien’s Love Underpants”.

We have also been preparing our entrance hall for next term, with the children creating some absolutely beautiful winter scenes.

We have a very busy week next week, with our Christmas production on Tuesday afternoon and evening; the school visit to see Sleeping Beauty at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange; Christmas Decoration Day on Friday morning (please come along and join in!) and finally our school Christmas Dinner on Friday, too.

So rest up, everyone, as you’ll need lots and lots of energy for the week ahead!

Have a lovely weekend!


30th November

We are having such a busy time in Cygnets Class! On Monday we had a a visit from Bethany and Benjamin who helped us learn how to be safe in the car … and make sure we always sit in our car seats and click our seat belts!

Throughout the week we have been practicing our Nativity, and by Friday we knew exactly what we are doing and even tried on our costumes! Thank you to all the children (and mums and dads) who have been learning their lines at home as this extra effort has helped the narrators become really confident. We look forward to sharing our performance with you on 11th December.

We had a very exciting end to the week with some of us finishing school early and heading to the Magdalen Village Christmas Fair! There were loads of fantastic stalls: tombola, raffle, a painting stall and cakes, and even a chance to see Father Christmas. I hope you all told him what you would like him to bring you for Christmas! A huge Thank You to the Friends of Magdalen for organising the school stalls, all of which raise money for our school.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


22nd November

This week we have been enjoying lots and lots of cold weather and making sure we wrap up warm and wear our coats! The children have had a great time exploring in the outside area, making models to represent different musical instruments, and someone even turned these into a pair of binoculars! By the end of the week the play developed even further, with the children creating their own den and washing line for clothes. We will be continuing this next week and will be making some proper camp fire food!

In the classroom, the children have been exploring numbers and continuing to work on their talk for writing story. The children have been innovating the story, and by the end of the week had rewritten their story map to include these changes. We will hopefully have these recorded and uploaded to Tapestry so you can see the children performing these online.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


15th November

We have had another amazing week in Cygnets class! Firstly, we have been learning the story of Rama and Sita and filmed ourselves retelling the story of Diwali.

Outside, we have had lots and lots of fun making big holes in the mud! We love a bit of digging!!

In maths we have been learning to count carefully, using Numicon and other counting resources. The Year 1s have continued to practise writing number sentences and REALLY understand the link between the numbers 1 to 10. On Thursday we had a maths challenge: Do larger numbers have more number bonds?

We have continued to learn the story, Aliens Love Underpants in Talk for Writing. This week we filmed ourselves retelling the whole story using our story map to help us. Now we have begun to change parts of the story to make it our own!

Finally, today we dressed up in spots and stripes in order to raise money for Children in Need. We had a brilliant time!

As usual, we are carrying on with phonics. Some of you may wish to try a super online resource called Teach your Monster to Read – it’s brilliant!

Next week we have even more things planned, including preparing for our Christmas performance and some other paint related Christmas activities!


9th November

We have been exploring lots of British festivals over the last couple of weeks. Mia and Skye’s mum and dad brought in loads and loads of pumpkins, so we had great fun playing with these, scooping out the middles and even using the seeds to practice our counting!

We made some sparkler and firework biscuits with icing and sprinkles, and, at the end of the week, we learned about Remembrance Day and the reasons why we wear poppies. We worked together to make a huge poppy which is now hanging on our washing line in the classroom.

This week children also received a paper copy of the curriculum overview for this half term. Below is a link to the same document – if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Fathing, or Mrs Hammond.

Cygnets – Curriculum Info – Underpants 2

Our new text is Aliens Live Underpants by Claire Freedman



Someone left lots of underpants in the classroom! Do you know who left them there?!

Friday 5th October

So much learning and exploring has gone on this week in Cygnets class. We all had great fun in the Ice Cream Shop, making marvellous concoctions with shaving foam, sprinkles and real strawberry sauce – delicious! Our Year 1s have been making our sand sloppy and runny and even turned some of it blue with some paint; some imagined we are superheroes (Superman is their favourite as he can fly!). The Early Years children have been exploring shimmering, shiny things by making bracelets and pictures using glitter and lots and lots of colour. The play dough has been turned into some lovely pink biscuits and some children worked with Mrs Carpenter to make a big apple tree – come and see it in our covered area. We ended the week with a BANG with a visit from a Christian Puppet Show, and Mrs Bandy and Mrs Carpenter have created an amazing Space Station role play area ready for even more learning next week!


Friday 21st September

This week we have held our first maths meetings. We have been learning to count to twenty and put numbers in the right order. The year ones have been sorting objects to count them – there has been some amazing 1-1 counting!

The year ones have been learning to shade using different techniques like cross hatching and stippling. You can see our drawings on display in the hallway.

Today we have been making some really big bubbles and gave a very muddy baby a wash.

We have retelling the story ‘Whatever Next’ and have drawn a story map to help us. We drew a huge rocket with chalks in our outside area and made up a story about landing back on Earth after a trip to the Moon!


Friday 14th September

Cygnets Class have been very busy getting to know each other and our new teachers, Mrs Farthing and Mrs Hammond. We have all settled in very well.

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day today. Mrs Hammond dressed up as the Enormous Crocodile and shared the story with us. She also shared some food so that we could understand the words: chewy, bitter, crunchy and sweet. Most of the class dressed up as characters from our favourite Roald Dahl stories. We then had fun when some of our parents came to the afternoons reading cafe.

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