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The Magdalen Academy, St Germans Academy and Wimbotsham & Stow Academy Policies

The Academies as part of KWEST has a wide range of policies which are approved by the Trustees and the LIT. Policies address the practical implications of how to achieve the our vision and cover most aspects of school life.

Contact us if you would like to discuss these policies, or to ask about any of our other policies.

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M, St G, W&S Safeguarding Policy Appendix 5 School Closure Covid-19 April 2020

 KWEST GDPR Compliance Statement


BF Accessibility Policy 16

KWEST Admissions Policy Statement

M, St G, W&S Attendance Policy

Covid19 Amended Behaviour Policy Summer 2020

Behaviour Policy with Anti Bullying

KWEST Business Continuity Plan Dec 2019

KWEST Charging & Remission Policy 

Cluster Calculations Policy 2016

KWEST Charging & Remission Policy

BF Code of Conduct

BF Collective Worship Policy Mar 15

KWEST Complaints Procedure

BF Confidentiality Policy

Academy Privacy Notices

KWEST DBS Check Policy & Procedure

BF Drugs Policy Mar 15

BF Equality Statement and Objectives

BF EYFS Policy 

KWEST First Aid Policy

BF Food Safety Policy

BF Governor Visits

BF Code of Conduct for Governors

Health & Safety Policy

M, St G, W&S Asbestos Policy

M, St G, W&S Manual Handling Policy

Information Security Policy

BF Internet and E-Safety 

Intimate Care Policy

BF LAC Policy 

BF Learning and Teaching Policy

KWEST Letting Policy

Lone Working Policy and Procedures

BF Marking Policy

KWEST Mental Health & Wellbeing Statement

M, St G, W&S Mobile Phone & Camera Image Policy

BF Monitoring and Evaluation Policy 

M, St G, W&S Nappy Changing Policy

KWEST Educational Visits Policy Statement

M, St G, W&S Educational Visits Protocol

Relationship & Sex Education Policy

BF Staff Leave of Absence Policy

P&V Helpers Booklet

BF Prevent Strategy and British Values Jun 16

Primary Curriculum Code of Practice

BF Publication Scheme

M, St G & W&S Safeguarding Policy Oct 2019

BF Safer Recruitment Policy

SEND Policy

BF Smoke Free Policy

BF Supporting Children with Medical Conditions 2015

KWEST Whistle Blowing Policy & Procedure

BF NQT and Staff Induction Policy









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