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EYFS School Closure

We hope you are all keeping safe and happy. 

Hope you had a go at some of the activities we sent home for last week. Here are a few more ideas for you to try. Remember in EYFS our learning takes place through lots of play so everything you are managing to do with your child will be helping them learn.  Play some games inside and in the garden, dance around your kitchen and throw a ball or balance along a line in the garden. Do some art and craft, junk modeling or draw pictures.

Here are some ideas for you to try, make up a timetable for your days if you and your child would like to structure your day.

If you are able to, take some pictures and put them on Tapestry, we have loved seeing what you have been learning so far.  If you are having trouble accessing Tapestry please email the office who will pass it on to us.

Daily reading – Read and share stories that you have at home.

Phonics – Use the phonics sheets we send home to practice the sounds. You could hold them up individually like flashcards for the children to say or you say a sound and they write it down.

Have a go at reading all your tricky words. Write them down in your best handwriting, play hide and seek with them or make up a bingo game.  is free, they have some fun games that the children enjoy in school.

Have a go at making some playdough with the recipe below, make letters and words with the dough.

International Dough Disco - Amy Bradley | Amy Bradley

Writing Ideas

Create a Dairy of what you are doing at home each day, sing the days of the week song to get you started!

Write some instructions. They could help with some cooking or baking, talk about what you do as you make it then write some instructions afterwards.

Write a story, draw a story map or write your own version of Handa’s surprise, using your own animals and fruit/vegetables.

Write a list of all the fruit and vegetables people like in your house. Maybe you could help with a shopping list.

Maths ideas

Regular counting of anything they can find! Write down the numbers, which has the most/fewest?

Count the cutlery and plates when you help to set the table.

Counting toys/lego pieces/number of segments in an orange etc. children could add and take away as they eat raisins or other food for snack.

Measure out drinks, talk about full/half full/empty. See if they can tell you how much is in different containers in ml.

Weigh ingredients when baking using grams, write a list of what you need or write some instructions.

Measure how long objects are in your house/garden. Use some sticks or cut some strips to order longest to shortest.

Go on a shape hunt around your home, how many did you find? Talk about the shapes, how many sides, corners, are they curved straight?

Use the numicon shapes to add/subtract and write the number sentences to go with them. This is where we downloaded them if you need more shapes.

Here are a couple of good number websites with lots of songs and fun activities.


Stay safe, you are all doing fabulous.



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